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Castle Clout 3D Brings Medieval Destruction to the 3DS eShop on 30th January

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Will cost $4.99 in North America

Selectsoft and Teyon are both prolific developers and publishers, and have teamed up on a new title to arrive in North America this week — Castle Clout 3D; the former is the primary publisher. This is a physics based action game where you utilise a trebuchet to fire projectiles and destroy enemy castles.

It'll draw obvious comparisons to the Angry Birds titles, though this game style is extremely common — CastleStorm on the Wii U eShop is perhaps a more solid comparison, albeit this 3DS title seems more focused on the core action-physics angle. Castle Clout (minus the 3D) was previously released on home consoles, and with the 3DS version Selectsoft promises "150 levels, vivid 3D effects, new foes, special weapons, and a “hot seat” multiplayer mode", with a custom castle builder also included.

It arrives in North America on 30th January for $4.99, no specific European date or price has been given yet. The trailer is below, so let us know what you think.

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astros75 said:

I'll wait for the reviews just to make sure there's no gameplay or control issues, but im definitely interested.



Seren77 said:

The small amount of physics in the destruction seems to be letting this one down.



vattodev said:

@linktothepichu I loved castlestorm, but this one seems to lack the strategy and tower defense side of castlestorm, focusing only on the angry birds mechanics.



EverythingAmiibo said:

I wonder which game influenced this? Regardless, 'Urban Trial: Freestyle' was a DIRECT copy of the 'Trials' series, but was an AMAZING game!



Shane904 said:

Teyon seems to be hit or miss. Some games are pure garbage, others are pretty good. I wonder what this will fall under...



Windy said:

I'm going to wait out a review. If it had online multiplayer I probably would just buy it. I'm starting to think that ship may have sailed with the 3ds. Nintendo and 3rd Party Devs just don't seem interested in doing a good online game for 3ds. I'm talking full on full fledged co-op or Head to Head play such as MMO's and FPS games or Racing games. Well we do have Mario kart and Animal Crossing. They tried with Heroes of Ruin but just to darn short.



TG1 said:

I'm interested in this one. The original Castle Clout is what Angry Birds cloned, so I'd like to see what started the whole craze.

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