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Video: Nintendo Minute Highlights Its eShop and Wii U Favourites of 2013

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Nintendo Life also makes a very brief cameo...

Not too long ago we told you about the Nintendo Minute show kicking off its Favourites of 2013 with the 3DS. Since then two new episodes have emerged covering the eShop platforms and the Wii U, as it all builds up to the overall favourites that are yet to be published.

The eShop list in particular has plenty of diversity, and we even make a brief appearance in some video footage, even if our name is written as Nintendolife without the space. You can't win 'em all.

As before there's a Twitter contest for each video to give North American gamers a chance to win a musical Legend of Zelda chest; this was a pre-order incentive for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Is there a better way to carry DS and 3DS cartridges around? Probably not.

Check out the videos below and let us know what you think. We'll have our own features looking back at 2013, including staff and community Game of the Year awards, in the coming days; voting for the community choices will drop next week.

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User Comments (15)



Benjerocks said:

These videos are age-restricted on YouTube, how strange... I love their picks though.



OptometristLime said:

^ Undoubtedly a result of abundant caution, Mature game content oooo.

Aside: does anyone else find the eye contact between the hosts... incredibly awkward? The guy always stares to the left instead of engaging the audience.



kwandar said:

Ok - how could Deus Ex DC not have made the list for great WIi U eshop only games?



JaxonH said:

That Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate... I've never met a person who has played it (far enough to actually fight a few monsters) and doesn't love it. In fact, most people who play it end up hooked worse than a drug addiction. Seriously, I was going through MH withdrawls at work every day until I could get home and play it at night. Kept me up til 6am on multiple occasions. Even had to spend a few emergency vacation days to stay home and play the game. And I never miss work lol...



Setrodox said:

I can completely relate to being picky about the name and branding. It can be difficult because your logo looks more like "nintendolife" (no space and no capitalization), and the url is "nintendolife". One of those could be updated if you're worried about consistent branding.



DreamOn said:

I can't watch these anymore. They are a combination of just a tiny bit awkward, a tiny bit boring and a tiny bit lacking real personality. It's nice that they do videos but I have to stick with non-nintendo employee videos...unless t's reggie lol



element187 said:

@OptometristLime @Dr_42o TelePrompTer causes them to look away from the camera... It's a nerve racking thing being in front of the camera like that. I give them props for not locking up completely like the average person does



OptometristLime said:

If you've seen the video, I think you recognize the casual venue eliminates the need for a 'prompter. Besides, who would put a script ninety degrees right of camera?

Obviously this is just a minor note, as I think their chemistry is superb.



Genesaur said:

Good thing he still feels like a beginner after only a hundred hours in Monster Hunter. That's barely at high-rank.

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