Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Zelda
Image: Nintendo

Remember back in the early days of the Tears of the Kingdom marketing when we thought there was a chance that Princess Zelda would be a playable character? That never happened (obviously), but if the recent rumour mill is to be believed, then the Hylian monarch might get her shot in the spotlight yet (thanks, My Nintendo News).

This all comes from the Twitter account PapaGenos — not a formal leaker as such, but the source of correct information on the Metroid Prime Remastered shadow drop and Mario vs. Donkey Kong for Switch in the past.

A recent post from this account seems to hint that a game with Zelda in the starring role might be on the way soon enough. True, this could be nothing more than a post praising the princess' TOTK design, but as some in the replies were quick to point out, hidden capital letters within the text spell out "THIS IS A HINT". Hmmm.

It's no confirmation — far from it, in fact — but it sure is an interesting idea. What would a game with Zelda as the hero even look like? Would it be a Link reskin or something new? Are we talking about a mainline entry or a Hyrule Warriors-style add-on?

One thing that we do know, is that it all seems pretty unlikely. Just last week, Nintendo revealed the Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition, so an announcement of another game in the coming weeks feels like a stretch too far. Then again, the Big N also confirmed that a June Direct will be bringing us reveals a-plenty this summer, so there's perhaps a chance there. Maybe.

Honestly, Zelda as the main character is something that we'd love to see, but we'll be keeping our expectations sufficiently tempered for the time being.

Would you like to see a game with Zelda as the main character? What do you make of this rumour? Let us know in the comments.

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