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Initial Run of Conception II Coming With a Bonus Disc

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Pre-orders to be bundled with joy

Atlus has announced an incentive for its upcoming 3DS title Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars. Apparently rampant innuendo just isn't enough for some people.

According to a company press release, the first run of Conception II will come in a special box and include a 10-track CD of game music composed by Masato Kouda. Pre-orders of both the 3DS and Vita versions from participating retailers will be guaranteed to receive the special edition. Suggested retail price in the U.S. will be $39.99.

Atlus also revealed a few more details about the game itself. The main protagonist of the game has been nicknamed "God's Gift" due to the power of the Star God he possesses. He will have the opportunity to create "Star Children," small warriors to use in battle, with seven different maidens depending on the strengths of his relationships with them. The first of these heroines is Fuuko, a classmate at the hero's academy; since it's an academy, of course, there will be a rival to deal with — the pompous rich kid Alec.

New screenshots from the 3DS version of the game are included in the gallery below. Will you be keeping check on its arrival next year? Let us know below.

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AVahne said:

Awesome, now to decide whether I want the 3DS version or the Vita version.



Rezalack said:

So.. what kind of game is this? I mean, I've watched some gameplay and it looks like an RPG.. but what ELSE is it? Seems like there is tons of dialogue. That and a grown man running around with a bunch of children battling stuff.



GoombaJMR said:

Thank god it's not a Harem, now I'll have an easier time convincing parents to get it!



FX102A said:

Preordered this morning for both consoles. The concept alone sold me. Maybe this will finally be the game that makes me open my US 3DS cos the doubling up is getting annoying and costly.



Spoony_Tech said:

Normally I'm all over an Atlus game but this is different. Ill wait to see how sim heavy this is first and how well it rates. Hope its good though.




It seems to be a dungeon crawler that you run around in w/ your children. So basically dungeon crawler/dating sim b/c you make babies w/ the girls. Seems kind of pervy...



Luna-Harmony said:

Darn it's all ways america that gets these edition's. we game here in the uk as well. Mabe if nintendo payed as much notice to the eu as they do the isa wiiu sales wouldn't be so bad.

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