Pokemon Bank

Game, technology, and software pricing may not be such of an issue in certain parts of the world, but in Australia and New Zealand it is the complete opposite. Pricing is so expensive, in fact, that the Australian Government is currently looking into how to solve the problem.

With that in mind, this news will come as a relief to readers in those exact locations. Nintendo has finally released information about the pricing of Pokémon Bank in Australia and New Zealand on the official Pokémon X & Y website, and it is safe to say it will only cost a few dollars more than US and UK pricing.

A yearly fee to Pokémon Bank will cost AU$6.50 and NZ$8.50. Nintendo has even attached a statement to the pricing to explain why Pokémon Bank is a paid subscription service:

We have decided to implement a AU$6.50 and NZ$8.50 annual usage fee so our many users will always be able to use Pokémon Bank with ease. We wish to offer this service over the long term, which means management and maintenance will be necessary to ensure that everyone can store their Pokémon online and that the service will be compatible with future Pokémon games. The annual fee will support this maintenance.

Pokémon Bank will be released in Australia and New Zealand on 27 December 2013. Users who download and open Pokémon Bank by 31 January 2014 will be able to obtain a pass allowing them to use the software at no charge for 30 days.

[via pokemonxy.com]