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Pokémon Bank Pricing Revealed For Australia And New Zealand

Posted by Liam Doolan

A reasonable sum

Game, technology, and software pricing may not be such of an issue in certain parts of the world, but in Australia and New Zealand it is the complete opposite. Pricing is so expensive, in fact, that the Australian Government is currently looking into how to solve the problem.

With that in mind, this news will come as a relief to readers in those exact locations. Nintendo has finally released information about the pricing of Pokémon Bank in Australia and New Zealand on the official Pokémon X & Y website, and it is safe to say it will only cost a few dollars more than US and UK pricing.

A yearly fee to Pokémon Bank will cost AU$6.50 and NZ$8.50. Nintendo has even attached a statement to the pricing to explain why Pokémon Bank is a paid subscription service:

We have decided to implement a AU$6.50 and NZ$8.50 annual usage fee so our many users will always be able to use Pokémon Bank with ease. We wish to offer this service over the long term, which means management and maintenance will be necessary to ensure that everyone can store their Pokémon online and that the service will be compatible with future Pokémon games. The annual fee will support this maintenance.

Pokémon Bank will be released in Australia and New Zealand on 27 December 2013. Users who download and open Pokémon Bank by 31 January 2014 will be able to obtain a pass allowing them to use the software at no charge for 30 days.


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BenAV said:

$6.50 is pretty reasonable.
I originally didn't really know if I'd use Pokemon Bank considering I don't have any of the DS games to transfer Pokemon from, but based on the fact that my Pokemon X box is almost completely full at the moment, it could be a good investment.



Kyloctopus said:

The fact that you have to pay money is not reasonable.
I understand if it was a somewhat modest game in Nintendo's collection, like Fossil Fighters. However this is a game that must have made a major profit, and can pay for the servers themselves.



BenAV said:

Well, I guess if you think it's that unreasonable then you could always take opportunity of the free trial to transfer your Pokemon over to X/Y, and then never touch the thing again (well, until you might need it to transfer to next Gen or something).
I don't mind paying like $0.54 a month for this, especially considering it's optional anyway.



MAB said:

Remember me...


Iwata needs you to dig deep into those pockets mon



gspro15198 said:

Can't wait to download this. I was fed up with the awkward way previous gen pokemon had to be transferred and this solves all my problems. I just hope Pokemon holding items and ones who have learned TM/HMs can still be transferred.



jpfan1989 said:

My question is can I deposit from Gen 4 games or do I have to do the bs transfer 4hundred whatever Pokemon from HeartGold to White 6 at a time.



BenAV said:

@shinokami Full as in, I can probably fit about another 20 or 30 Pokemon in my PC in Pokemon X before I have to start releasing Pokemon or transferring them over to Y or something, so about 30 full boxes in X.



Bliquid said:

Oh, look!
A cloud service! That stores data in remote servers!
But i thought Nintendo couldn't do it because they are so small and they have no money!
So a console independent account is around the corner!



shinokami said:

@BenAV Like I said, I have over 50 boxes. 43 of the are filled with pokemon thanks to me MMing shiny versions and I have seen people with over 130 boxes. There is no known limit



Brother_Jolteon said:

well i was excited for bank, but now that iv breeding is easier, i dont really see any need to transfer anything except the missing mons or mons with special moves that cant be obtained in XY. i love the new iv breeding mechanics, i win more battles than i did in B2, although there is still the rage quitter factor, i think ill start recording my matches to catch the rage quitters in the act. lol sylveon is beast!



sinalefa said:


Exactly what I was thinking. Hopefully this bank is successful so this may help them to see that many fans want something similar for their hard earned game purchases.



SNESuperior said:

I don't care how small the fee is, it's unreasonable to charge players for features that were free with every other game. If you want the extra storage space that's cool, but I shouldn't be charged just to port my Pokémon over. Still so disapointed with Game Freak. I hope someone can figure out a hack that'd allow us to port Pokémon for free, y'know, like it should be in the first place.



SNESuperior said:

And it saddens me to see how many people are so complacent. It's not the price, it's the principle. We're heading down a slippery slope here. Once they know people are willing to pay regular fees for stupid services the prices will only begin to climb. Mark my words.



audiobrainiac said:

They see that people pay for Xbox Live all the time. They're VERY aware of what people are willing to pay. They could start charging anytime they want for online play, but they DON'T.



SNESuperior said:

@BenAV I know there's the first free month. That's cool, and I'll be making use of that. But what happens when I decide I want to replay some of the older games later on and port my new 'mons over. Suddenly I'm required to pay a fee for a simple transfer? I've also got other things I wanted to do in Black&White with my prime team at my leisure. Now I've got to do all that before Jan. 31 to avoid paying. Yeah, it doesn't cost much but it's the principle. With this change I have to play my games on Game Freak's terms and not my own, like it used to be.



SNESuperior said:

@audiobrainiac My point exactly. XBox was one of the "pay for on-line" pioneers. Now it's considered "normal" to pay for that stuff. At the electronics store I used to work at I'd regularly see suckers come in and purchase Microsoft points for $50 or more just so they could use the bloody on-line features. That's a slippery slope that's already happened. I'm warning about the one that's going to happen with Nintendo.



Bliquid said:

@SNESuperior : i'm more or less with you on this.
I'll add that i'll gladly pay the required 50€ per year for online features and 4+ monthly free games + various discounts for PS Plus, while this service doesn't deserve a single cent per decade.
Even the greedy Apple offers 5 gigs cloud storage for free.
Also, they won't make much money out of this, as only the "core" Pokemon audience will use this.
Or know how to.



KTT said:

@SNESuperior Well, in previous generations you was forced to buy another system to move your pokemon, usually in quite awkward way. I had always had incredible problem with moving pokemon within games and the only solution was buying a second system.
Now you pay about 5 USD PER YEAR, for ONLINE SERVICE, and you are ensured that no second system is required to transfer your precous 'mons. 1) it's cheap (I thought it will cost about 12-20 USD per year, or 5 USD per month), 2) servers must be somehow maintained.
You have "equivalent" for borrowing the second system in a free month trial. No big deal.



SkywardLink98 said:

I still hate this feature. I don't care for the cloud storage, I just need to transfer my pokemon, and since this is the only way, I'll be paying for a feature I'll never use. Luckily they have that free trial



shaneoh said:

My god, that actually is a reasonable price, are they sure they haven't left out a few zeroes anywhere?



RestlessPoon said:

@SNESuperior I'm sorry, but you're being a huge baby. Nintendo never offered this kind of service for Pokemon. You had to have two DSs and two games to be able to "transfer", and that was just trading over. Here, they're making it so you don't even need a second DS. You just upload them to the bank, and start a new game or whatever it is you want to do. There is literally nothing bad about this deal. There's a free month for the complainers like you to move your Pokemon and never have to worry about it again. And if you can't afford $5 a year, I think you should be doing something other than playing video games.



MadAdam81 said:

@SNESuperior The only sort of games woth similar features would he MMOs that charge $20 a month...
While it's perfectly fine for you to find it a waste of money, many many more will find it fantastic. I will use the trial period, and I doubt I will need it after that, but if I did I'd rather pay $5.80 on that than horse armour dlc.



MadAdam81 said:

@RestlessPoon It's clearly not about being able to afford it - many can afford to buy a coffee for the same price but won't because they can have it much cheaper at home.



MadAdam81 said:

@SkywardLink98 This cost adds new content to X and Y and covers the server management for it. With MMOs, you generally still have to buy the new content on top of your subscription.
Other games would sell in DLC form each of the unavailable Pokemon, including legendary Pokemon for $10 each, and many would be happy to pay.



SkywardLink98 said:

@MadAdam81 You don't generally buy content. They give free and paid content. World of Warcraft adds new dungeons, SWtOR has more content for free, etc. They have expansions (paid) and updates (covered in subscription). Heck, GW2 doesn't even charge you for the updates. MMO's also run an entire game off of the server, all this is doing is letting you have cloud saves, something free with a lot of other games (Arkham City, FF7, Half-Life 2, etc.) I must've missed it, can you link the source of the new content? All I was aware of this adding was a way to store pokemon online, and according to bulbapedia that's all it's doing.



MadAdam81 said:

@SkywardLink98 Many free to play or even pay to play allow you to spend money to get unique characters you can't get any other way. That's what Pokemon Bank provides for X & Y, as well as every new Pokemon game yet to come out.
That price and it gets you access to many Pokemon you otherwise can't get, and allows transfers between game without the purchase of another entirely new system.
If they also let you use it to allow you to upload your own Pokemon to titles like Pokemon Rumble and a new Pokemon Stadium or any other non-traditional Pokemon game, it will add more value to the service. Of course, there are still plenty who wouldn't get their money's worth.



SkywardLink98 said:

@MadAdam81 They can't be obtained but are on the files. You are paying for access, not content, and the only reason it gives access is because they removed the 2 system transfer from previous gens forcing me (and other like me) to pay to do something we could do for free in previous generations.
I have no interest whatsoever in cloud storage, I just want my previous pokemon, something I didn't need to buy another service to do previously.

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