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Fossil Fighters Roaring Onto 3DS Next Year

Posted by Liam Doolan

Far from extinct

Nintendo’s RPG dinosaur series Fossil Fighters looks to be making a return next year with a new game in the series slated for 3DS.

According to Nintendo Everything, the 3DS version is said to feature improved visuals, a lowered camera perspective, and movement in third-person. Players will also be able to select from a male or female protagonist at the beginning of the game; details regarding the storyline are still unknown.

The original Fossil Fighters was released in Japan, North America and Australia. The sequel Fossil Fighters: Champions followed with a Japanese and North American release; European releases have been strangely absent over the years.

Will the eShop possibly save the day and allow the new Fossil Fighters to be released simultaneously in as many regions as possible? Let us know if you’re optimistic about a more global release with this new entry in the series.


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Pinecallado said:

This series always looked interesting to me. I might fianlly get into it if they decide to localize it to north america.



Void said:

I'm the only one that liked these games aren't I.



GamerZack87 said:

Uh-oh...I'm worried that there won't be a chance for Aussies and Kiwis to train Vivosaurs again...and that Europeans will not have a chance at all.



rjejr said:

I think this game was the last demo I DL from the Wii DS service.



Icefreak45 said:

Wow, um, I'm pleasantly surprised ! I really enjoyed the first one, didnt pick up the second one, but if this one is good I'll pick it up. Honestly I thought Nintendo would leave this series behind once it transitioned to the 3ds. (I'm really happy about this XD.)



squirrelguys said:

The graphical style of the first one turned me off even though I did play it, the rainbow people with no knees made me uncomfortable.



SMW said:

I played the demo of the latest one and loved it for fossil parts. Collecting, digging and cleaning the fossils. Didn't care for the RPG or fighting, but hey, I just tried it because of my fascination with paleontology.



2Sang said:

Man seriously the 3ds just can't stop producing good games, I can't remember a time where a handheld dominated this much since the early gba era.



haniwa said:

I've liked the games and really really enjoy the concept, but I hope they could rehaul the battle system into something more generic JRPG-ish. I'm not fond of the point-based attack requirements. The inactive allies stat bonuses/decrements could be retained, but just doing away with the points would make it a lot more enjoyable, maybe even making it feel like Rotation Battles in Pokemon.



Zodiak13 said:

I never played the originals, but I hope it makes it to everyone. I may give this a shot unless NL tells me its really bad



Senate_Guard said:

I though this looked interesting when it first came out on the DS. Seemed like Nintendo's answer to Dinosaur King, a horribly underrated show.



Artwark said:

Never heard of these series So I'll get this one for sure if I can. Also does this game have any story where you need to play the other games to understand it?



Blue_Yoshi said:

I always loved Dinosaurs and I never really new this series existed up until a while ago. I didn't even know it was Nintendo published either.

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