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Video: Holy PR Hype! It's a 17 Minute Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay Walkthrough

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Batman does his usual bat-like stuff

Late last week the news that Batman: Arkham Origins and Blackgate are delayed on Wii U and 3DS in Europe made some Nintendo Life staffers roll their eyes so vigorously that medical attention was required. Of course, North American gamers don't appear to have such a delay, so Europeans will probably be told to stop complaining or buy it on another platform; not ideal for the whole third-party Nintendo support angle, admittedly.

But still, for many Batman: Arkham Origins is arriving this week, and that could be a genuine source of excitement; we shouldn't forget that Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City are well-regarded titles. Even if Rocksteady isn't on development duty this time around, the strong foundations should have helped WB Games put together a rather enticing continuation to the Dark Knight's current gaming franchise.

With the release so close, a near-17 minute gameplay walkthrough has been released, in which Senior Producer Ben Mattes and Gameplay Director Michael McIntyre talk us through exploring the Bat Cave, beating up on fools and taking on a mission. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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Warruz said:

@jazzer94 im aware of this but that FPS doesnt drop , when you see lag in a recording its not youtube lagging. It seems watching the gameplay you see the game slow down several times , it being most noticeable right at the start with the gliding. Also it happens at the 9 min mark multiple times where you see it slow down and then smooth out again.



ricklongo said:

Could never get into Arkham City. It was one of those games that got me clueless as to why everyone liked it so much. So I'll definitely be passing on this one, no matter how glowing the reviews are.



Jellitoe said:

Which version is this from, I wonder.

And the drops in frame rate I think are on purpose. The other games due this to kinda accent the attack I believe.



ToniK said:

I wasn't too excited before but now that I remember the awesome gameplay of Arkham city, I must buy this. After some reviews, that is.
Hope it has more solid framerate though. The last bits of AC were quite annoying because of the awful fps'.



GraveLordXD said:

@Warruz I can't tell because my phones Internet is slow seems like everything is lagging to me but if it is the game I'm concerned because this isn't even the Wii u version
As long as the frame rate isn't worse than city I'll be fine might pick this up later on



Mommar said:

To be honest, it just looks like a reskin of Arkham City. There's nothing new here in the game-play department. The narrator trying to emphasize how "raw' Batman is at the point he knocks out that perp in interrogation is laughably stupid, it's no different from the other two games except it's not Kevin Conroy doing the voice acting.



Peach64 said:

I love Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, but I find games always tend to be a bit disappointing when given to other developers in order to get them out quicker. I know they still sold well, but there was a big drop in quality for me between the Ubisoft Montreal Splinter Cell games and the Ubisoft Shangai ones. Same goes for the Infinity Ward Call of Duty games and the Treyarch ones. I'll watch out for reviews but I'm not really expecting to get this anytime soon. Would love to be wrong to have another big game this Christmas period, but we'll see.



Dreamcaster-X said:

@Jazzer94 Yeah but I think I'm more excited because they're something different. This looks just too much like the 1st 2 Arkham games. I'm sure it'll be ok but I just finished the last one so I'm not super eager to jump back in already.



Jazzer94 said:

@Dreamcaster-X I can understand that, I might get the 3DS version if it gets good reviews or I like the look of the game from a walk through.



banacheck said:

probably be picking this up this week on the PS3, seeing as the development team is not Rocksteady this time around i'm surprised how well its turned out.



citizenerased said:

Having just beaten Asylum, I'm not ready for City - let alone this. But it looks great, navigating the environment looks very smooth.



Dogpigfish said:

Asylum is so great, but city was uh; a mixed bag. Hopefully this will be more like asylum, but from the looks of it, probably not. I want more Metroid prime style, a smaller open world with more depth.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@LDXD Only an idiot goes to a topic about a game series they don't like. He made it clear that he didn't like the series as a whole, which leaves the question as of to why he would even come here in the first place.



GraveLordXD said:

@BlatantlyHeroic maybe they are curious to see if anything has changed from the previous game who knows I do it sometimes and pretty sure you have as well at one point or another. Its just his opinion and that's why we are all here in the first place no need to get bent out of shape about it



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@LDXD He came, said he didn't understand why everyone liked Arkham City, said he wouldn't buy this either, and left. If he was checking it out he should have said so, but instead he presented himself as someone who never liked it and never will and just commented for the heck of it. That sounds a lot different than just stating your opinion about the features and why you dislike it. There are some responses that are socially unacceptable.



ricklongo said:

@BlatantlyHeroic Because... I have an opinion?

What I don't understand is people who cry 'trolling' at every comment that says something they don't agree with. I mean, do you really think comment sections would be better off with unanimous praise comments? What is this, kindergarten?



jrob23 said:

I played and beat Asylum on Xbox 360 and I bought but haven't played City on my Wii U. I loved Asylum so I am excited for City. I have to say. This game does NOT look very good. I don't know if it's the weak lips moving when he and Alfred are talking, or that a different team made it. But I have a bad feeling this won't measure up to the previous ones.



kevkeepsplaying said:

@BlatantlyHeroic No you're just clearly butthurt. Opinions exist, and this is an open community, he has all the right to say how he feels about a game, and you telling him his comment is "socially unacceptable" is really childish, if anything your comments at him are ridiculous. Let him think whatever he wants and let him say it, otherwise what's the point of having comments on these articles if we're just going to attack someone for not liking the subject at hand? He's not off topic, he's talking about it, that's all that matters. We are one big community and comments like yours discourage open discussion. I don't think that's what we need here.



kevkeepsplaying said:

I kind of regret not preordering it and I'm probably just going to end up snagging it off Amazon or something at some point next year, probably after I finish Mario 3D World.



Mallard said:

Will we be getting a review of wii u and 3ds anytime soon NL? or is there a stupid embargo?



Mr_Nose said:

Is anybody else troubled that we're seeing the very same Batman, and badguy animations that we've seen for years. Even the 'clutch your head when you get knocked down' guy is still here, Batman's combos, the animations for removing vents... And was the announcer trying a little too hard to create a sense of excitement?

Don't get me wrong, I love this series. I'm just a little cautious after seeing this. Not feeling the whole Nolan inspired cowl and suit, but I can get over that easily.



Captain_Balko said:

Extremely excited for this. Considering I haven't had an opportunity to play Arkham Asylum, and finished Arkham City: Armoured Edition some time last February, I've been itching for more Batman, even if it's the same game with a new story, new gadgets, and some new characters (well... new to the Arkham games, that is).

Also, Deathstroke is one of my favourite comic book characters, and the game is pre-ordered at EB Games so I get the bonus Deathstroke challenge pack, so this adds to the excitement. Time to get my Slade on...



Freakazoid said:

Hmm maybe i give it a try havent played one game of this series before lets see if this brings me into it

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