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Video: BloodBath Gets Gory in New Trailer

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Due in November

During the summer we brought you the news that BloodBath is coming to the Wii U, a Hack'n'Slash title that pitches half a dozen gladiators against each other in multiple arenas.

The trailer available at the time was from way back in September 2012, and all we really knew about the game was its setting — "a dystopian future where you have to fight battles to satisfy the public's yearning for violence", of course. We now have a new trailer to check out which introduces the characters, promises five battle modes and confirms multiplayer battles that can be co-operative or competitive.

It's currently slated for a November release and is being published by UIG; the PC version appears to be a retail title, so we'll try and clarify whether this is coming to the Wii U on the eShop as a download-only release or as a retail title. Check out the footage below and let us know what you think.

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Captain_Toad said:

Sticking with madworld, Thank you very much. And even without comparing madworld.the game looks uneven and a tad limited and camera looks to be all over the place.



Diz93 said:

Eh. Sorry UIG, but this doesnt look very fun. Combat looks kinda sloppy, visually, not impressive or nice to look at, just looks like a big cluster F#%&. Also only six characters...



XCWarrior said:

Eshop quality trailer, so maybe for $10 that might be interesting.

But let me guess, Wii U doesn't have online, so no point.



Freakazoid said:

Well the concept of this game is really interesting but the footage shown doesnt promise much sadly...



Ultra64 said:

This looks like a it should have came out in 1996 on Playstation. Utter crap~



audiobrainiac said:

I don't want to be captain negative here, but most of the observations above my comment, i pretty much agree with. Hopefully it'll be more polished when it releases. And as a fan of any kind of fighting game, only 6 characters is pretty weak. There better be some unlockables. But again i WANT to stay positive until i play it. A demo would be nice.



ToniK said:

I see some potential. But if the whole game is about smashing faces then the combat should be really smooth, like straight from the streets of Arkham smooth. Also damage modelling would add to the "brutal" aspect a lot. Let's see.



DESS-M-8 said:

This looks ace!!!
Makes me think Bio Freaks mixed with Power Stone. I love games like this and I'm actually amazed it's coming to my Wii U!!

Also I would LOVE an eshop release of Splatterhouse 2010 from Namco. That game rocked, and getting another tongue-in-cheek gore game on Wii U to that calibre would be amazing



Shambo said:

Reminds me of that gladiator game on wii, before they screwed it all up just before releasing. Only a much less ambitious version of it too... so... I don't know.



Russel said:

@XCWarrior Wii U doesn't have on-line? Really? So How have Wii U CoD Ghosts players been playing On-Line Multiplayer Huh????



Russel said:

@XCWarrior Sorry Warrior I thought you were really implying that Wii U doesn't have decent online. After reading your comment again I may have read it wrong. If this is the case, then again I am very sorry!



XCWarrior said:

@Russel Quite alright, sarcasm sometimes not easy to read on the internet. Yeah, this would be way more worth it if it has online, but I get so used to it being gimped. Not a huge fan of COD, but appreciate the fact it has online at least.

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