October is just around the bend, which means you'll soon be able to try out the intriguing new features tucked away in Pokémon X & Y, such as Pokémon Amie and Super Training. But what about the features that didn't quite make the final cut?

We recently spoke with Director Junichi Masuda and Designer Hironobu Yoshida to talk about what to expect from the upcoming release and Masuda revealed a secret feature that had previously never left the boardroom:

Of course I have a lot of ideas every time around, so quite a few of them didn’t make it into the final game... But one thing that I wanted to put in that didn’t quite make it was a translating machine for Pokémon cries, to find out what they’re saying.

The feature would allow you to interact with your Pokémon - when the selected 'mon made a noise, text would appear telling you exactly what your little critter was saying. Unfortunately, the Pokémon Translator never made it into X & Y due to localisation issues and the pressure of the same day worldwide launch of the game:

I really wanted to put that in, but then thinking about the amount of text that we would have to include, with now over 600 Pokémon, it would be a really big task.

When asked if this feature could appear in future games or even as a stand-alone app, Masuda said he was hopeful that one day he would be able to make the Pokémon Translator a reality.

Would you have liked to have seen the Pokémon Translator in Pokémon X & Y? For more exclusive comments on the upcoming 3DS title, keep your eyes peeled for our full interview write-up.