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Pokémon X & Y Nearly Had a Feature To Translate Pokémon Cries

Posted by Katy Ellis

"Stop force-feeding me Poké Puffs!"

October is just around the bend, which means you'll soon be able to try out the intriguing new features tucked away in Pokémon X & Y, such as Pokémon Amie and Super Training. But what about the features that didn't quite make the final cut?

We recently spoke with Director Junichi Masuda and Designer Hironobu Yoshida to talk about what to expect from the upcoming release and Masuda revealed a secret feature that had previously never left the boardroom:

Of course I have a lot of ideas every time around, so quite a few of them didn’t make it into the final game... But one thing that I wanted to put in that didn’t quite make it was a translating machine for Pokémon cries, to find out what they’re saying.

The feature would allow you to interact with your Pokémon - when the selected 'mon made a noise, text would appear telling you exactly what your little critter was saying. Unfortunately, the Pokémon Translator never made it into X & Y due to localisation issues and the pressure of the same day worldwide launch of the game:

I really wanted to put that in, but then thinking about the amount of text that we would have to include, with now over 600 Pokémon, it would be a really big task.

When asked if this feature could appear in future games or even as a stand-alone app, Masuda said he was hopeful that one day he would be able to make the Pokémon Translator a reality.

Would you have liked to have seen the Pokémon Translator in Pokémon X & Y? For more exclusive comments on the upcoming 3DS title, keep your eyes peeled for our full interview write-up.

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chaos_ said:

I think it would have been a cool feature but it won't really be missed



DarkKirby said:

If all Pokemon could be understood with a translator they'd pretty much be Digimon at that point.



Emblem said:

I'm cool with not understanding them, makes it better in a way. Last thing i want is "Pika pika pika" to translate to "feed me you cheap donkey i'm starving here.".

Off topic, Katy do you know if Nintendo are doing anything at the London Comic Con in October?



ShadJV said:

Canceling my preorder, this an outrage!!!

But seriously, I don't think I want to know what my Pokemon are saying, they're probably cursing my name for pulling them away from their families to stuff them into small containers and force them to fight for my profit. Not to mention forcing them to breed repeatedly while discarding any newborns that don't meet my standards.



Ibrahim77X said:

Why do we still have cries? Can't we have the anime chatter? (ex. pika pika?) In the trailers showing off Pokemon-Amie I hear Pikachu sound like he does in the anime!



Arcamenel said:

@Ibrahim77 Pikachu is one of the few Pokemon that keeps its name in all languages, having to record individual cries for over 600 Pokemon in as much as (5?) or so different languages is a lot.



Superconsole said:

@Emblem They're down to attend London MCM Expo in October, and always have a demo stand full of handheld/console games, would be crazy for them not to bring X & Y along.



Retro_on_theGo said:

That would have been great! I co p,steely understand why it couldn't make the cut though. That'd be a lot of work.



Metalslime said:

When I read this article's title, my mind went straight to a premium DLC feature that would give every pokemon a proper cry instead of that 8-bit noise they have. Seriously, I would pay for every pokemon's cry to be downloaded onto my 3DS and play in-game. Like, pay money. Gamefreak, are you listening?!?!



KTT said:

@Ibrahim77 No and for the last time no. 1) to many languges, 2) game is the canon here. Anime advertise the game, not the game advertises anime. Hence it is the anime that should take from the game, not otherwise. In that way we may as well want Thunder Armor appear in gameplay, 3) some pokemon sounds just outrageous, imagine how Dialga would sound in Pokemon Amie (GRROOOOAA), or how about Arceus (Thou shall offer me PokePuffs!) 4) Some pokemon vocies changes beteen movies (Tyranitar), and some pokemon takes their voices straight from Godzilla's Kaijus, 5) Pokemon cries sounds simply more natural (yes, even the 8 bit ones) and it's fun to recognise critters by their cries. Since generation 1 each of them has their own, CHARACTERISTIC, cries (aside Rhyhorn and Charizard or Goldeen and Caterpie etc) and this adds unspeakable charm to them.
Pikachu isn't that a big deal since it already used its "anime voice" (or 8-bit equiwalent) in a main series game (Yellow), and it's the one of few pokemon that has the same name eveywhere and everywhere sounds the same.



Emblem said:

@Superconsole Thanks thats awesome, i'll have X by then but its my first comic con in the UK (despite living in london lol) and i didn't see Nintendo on the Expo website so wasn't sure if Nintendo would be there.



Kirby3ds said:

you know more i think about it, the Pokemon games our so morally wrong. as ShadJV said, the whole process is kind of rough on the pokemon.... meh i am sure ill forget about it once i start playing it



RantingThespian said:




Zombie_Barioth said:

Thats video game/anime logic though, of course it doesn't make sense in the real-world. Besides, the way people play it and how it was meant to be played are two different things. You could consider mass-breeding conservation for example.

A translator would be interesting but I don't really care about it. Besides being too much work I don't really like the idea of them talking outside of Mystery Dungeon-type settings. I'd rather have voices done like the stadium games if anything.



ljb88 said:

does anyone know if the cries are still 8-bit? or are they more akin to the cries from the anime?



DarkNinja9 said:

i think its a stupid idea i dont need a pokemon telling me some random crap as if it was another town person in the game <.< stay with the cries or at least how they are in the anime where they say the names >.>



LordJumpMad said:

I could care less about what my pokemon have to say to me.
Pokémon should battle, not be heard.



DaveGX said:

A translator Huh? Who honestly would need all the extra interactive stuff? Why couldn't they just convert their voices into what they should actually sound like as opposed to the old electronic-sounding midi or whatever the extension would be at this point? Seem to have no trouble doing so in the TV series.

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