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Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS Screens - Issue Three

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

DK SMASH!, balloon popping, Pit and Mega Man battles and more

Another week has passed, Super Smash Bros. fans, and Masahiro Sakurai has once again delivered new screens to entice us ahead of the 2014 (we hope) release. Some are funny, some reveal genuine information about the game, and all are delicious eye candy.

This week we have four Wii U screens and one for the 3DS. In terms of revelations about the games themselves, Sakurai-san has explained that in the current build Donkey Kong is "super strong", but that battle records will be assessed during development to balance out the roster. The Villager has two balloons — presumably to float back to stages when off the edge — that can be popped, and Pikachu's Thunder Jolt move isn't powerful enough to prevent Pit's Upperdash Arm attack.

We think there are some good'uns this week, and if you want to view the full Miiverse posts simply click on the date headings above each image.

2nd September

3rd September

4th September

5th September

6th September

As always we want to know what you think of these and which is your favourite; share your opinions in the poll and comments below.

What's your favourite Smash Bros. screen this week? (280 votes)

Donkey Kong pounds on the Bros. (check out the HD fur!)


Fox has had enough of The Villager's balloons


Mega Man, under fire from Pit, slides to safety


Mega Man waits for the Wii Fit Trainer


Pit and Pikachu go to battle


Um, I can't decide


To be honest, I don't like any of them


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User Comments (38)



DarkKirby said:

Mega Man waits on the bridge everyday at the same time to watch Wii Fit Trainer as she passes by on her daily run.



NintyMan said:

I voted for the Wii Fit Trainer's jog, and Donkey Kong would be right behind.

None of the pics from last week were really that interesting as far as new stuff, even though they are still a treat to see. However, whenever there's a long series of pics that don't show much, Sakurai likes to drop a bomb the next day to catch everyone off-guard, so hopefully something new will be shown this week.



Kirk said:

Those are all nice pics.

Some of the earlier ones weren't particularly impressive to me but I like all of those ones.

Hope this game actually impresses for a Wii U title and lives up to the hype when it releases.

God Wii U needs some big hitters, in every way.



SammyOfMobius said:

Guys, I think that pic of Mega Man watching Wii Fit Trainer run is a cutscene for Adventure Mode!



Gregor said:

If you will notice, they have decided to morph the villager and the balloon fighter into one character. Good idea Nintendo.



Dr_Corndog said:

Wish I could've read the captions that went with these, but some juveniles thought it'd be cool to knock Smashboards offline.



rjejr said:

Are all the Wii U photos on an angle b/c they are stills in the game? The Megaman trainer would be unplayable from that angle unless it was a "Punch Out" mode.



JadedGamer said:

@rjejr,my guess is that its a character intro.
My fav screen shot is DK,Its interesting how much RD their putting in making the characters balanced.Hope DK stays beastly seeing how slow he is.But I wish they would talk about the active role namco is playing in this game.I want to hear about the advances in online multiplayer



sinalefa said:

Nice to see Wii Fit Trainer getting some love, at least in the survey right now.

Megaman looks great in that one.



WaveBoy said:

Love the one with Mega man and the Wii Fit trainer!
Anyhoo, i thought Sakurai was going to do something new, fresh and exciting with SSB.4, because as is based on what has been shown it looks like an ordinary by the numbers sequal to SSB.Brawl



Freeon-Leon said:

@WaveBoy Maybe all that freshness is within the gameplay mechanics. The difference between SSB 1 and SSB Melee is like.. a lot, and they may not look that different.

Also, it's Sakurai! That guy can do it.



Caryslan said:

I like Pikachu and Pit do battle. Apparently, Pit will get some super armor with some of his new attacks. I'm happy to see that:)



WaveBoy said:


while the difference between SSB 64 and Melee may be pretty big, the difference between Melee and Brawl is a lot tinier, especially in visuals since the Wii was basically just a buffed up gamecube. I want more than just minor gameplay enhancements, they really need to think hard and do something outside the box.

Next gen HD graphics, HD resolution + true widescreen based on what has been shown seems to be the only thing new and that's a bit superficial i hope they at least bring back melee's controllable ninja-Air dodging. Brawl's is completely gimped...Plus, It's nice to hear that they've struck a balance between melee's faster paced gameplay and Brawl's floatier/slower paced gameplay. While I'd prefer Melee's, it's nice that they're increasing the speed past Brawl's.

If anything, they should do it up SSFII: Turbo Hyper fighting style and allow gamers to select different speeds.



UnseatingKDawg said:

So, DK's set to be super strong this time? I think I found my preferred character - I can dominate with him in Brawl.



Groosenator said:

I know it's the only pic that didn't reveal anything, but I gotta love the one on Skyloft's bridge. It's like something straight out of a movie.

Today's screenshot, featuring a plane flying through Wuhu Island, is even better than anything from last week, though.



Rafie said:

Who doesn't want to look at the Wii U trainer. Especially when she starts doing yoga. Mega Man keeps staring like that...he'll fry his own motherboard!



UrsulaWins said:

Those Graphics are on par with Zelda Skyward Sword; Which is to say genuinely subpar. i expect the graphics to jump to atleast mario kart 8 before launch



WaveBoy said:

Some of the screen shots look pretty spectacular like these two below,
but some seem to be only a marginal improvement over Brawl yet in HD. Mario Kart 8 i'd say is visually the most stunning Nintendo Wii U title yet! Odd how SSB.4 can't match it...after all, they're both running in 60fps



WaveBoy said:


Subspace was a never ending random nightmare of pure lifeless boredum.
I'm glad we won't be seeing something similar to it this time out!



Silent said:

@WaveBoy Its all about Appreciation. Your brain is used to the MK7 or the dirty Wii style. Now they look like animated toy go karts and I like it. Play SSBB and compare the images side by side.

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