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Video: Satoru Shibata Gives the Big Tour of Nintendo's Gamescom Booth

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

With some help from his old buddy Luigi

Gamescom 2013 is underway in Cologne, Germany, and to celebrate the occasion Nintendo has put together a tour of the booth, hosted by Nintendo of Europe boss Satoru Shibata.

We get a glimpse of the various systems and games on offer, and also of the "Nintendo Living Room", where a photogenic and happy host will chat with guests and do his utmost to entertain the public. Overall, with competitions and plenty of StreetPass opportunities, it looks like the big N is putting on a good show.

Check it out below, and perhaps like us you'll wonder how well Luigi can really use the GamePad with those over-sized gloves.

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DePapier said:

This guy is the localization master for Nintendo over there in Europe. I trust he will make some fantastic stuff for us with Japanese developers.



AdanVC said:

I believe Shibata is way more cool than Reggie. Plus, Shibata is doing a way better job in bringing games almost at the same time as Japan! W101 comes tomorrow on Europe and here in America we have to wait 3 more weeks!



Samurai_Goroh said:

After the Phoenix Wright impersonation, I must say I started paying more attention to what once seemed a dull Japanese executive. Plus, NoE is doing a terrific job localising games for us, many times way sooner than US. The promotions we've been having like Animal Crossing "bring a friend", W101+ Pikmin 3 download discount are great also.
Shibata knows what we like and want over here and does his best to deliver.



element187 said:

@AdanVC probably has more to do with Nintendo's strategy of trying to woo the European region. The Wii U is doing terrible everywhere, but its on life support in Europe.



Samurai_Goroh said:

@Rockmirth Have you never played a Pokémon game before? Pokémon games are traditionally released in two versions, the differences being the Pokémon species available in each. You'll need to trade with people with the opposite version to have all the Pokémon. But they're exactly the same game, so you don't have to buy both. People tend to choose versions over the legendary Pokémon on the boxart. If you liked Xerneas, you'll want X. If Yveltal is your thing, then Y.



ScorpionMG said:

@Tomires I think Mario 3d world looks great, And it's a safe move game from nintendo cuz they know it will sell good, until they bring out something like mario galaxy, but until then, we have this game & sonic lost world (don't forget other great games like mk8,bayonetta and smash!)

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