Disney Infinity Banner

With the approaching release of Disney Infinity and incoming news of more play-sets (featuring Toy Story and Mickey no less), as well as mobile apps, it’s easy to lose sight of the small action figures at the heart of this new franchise.

Of course the game is hugely important, and the quality of experience in both the Campaign and Toy Box will be make or break elements, but for younger gamers the toys still loom large in how much fun the whole thing is.

To that end Family Gamer TV has set about testing the full set of Wave 1 Disney Infinity figures, opening the lot in a Christmas-like frenzy. Whether or not you have kids, and no matter how much of a Disney fan (or hater) you are, it’s interesting to see which of the figures were chosen first.

Top of the bunch were the Cars characters, whose lovable heft and winning designs were hotly fought over – what better measure of a toy than how many arguments it can cause? Then came the Incredibles figures, here the point being that having the whole family opens the door to all sorts of play-time scenarios, while Syndrome tops the set off as the perfect Villain.

The first two videos are up today, but be sure to subscribe to FamilyGamerTV if you want to catch the rest as they go live this week.