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Video: A Rundown of the Disney Infinity Wave 1 Toys

Posted by Andy Robertson

It's a 'Toy Story'

With the approaching release of Disney Infinity and incoming news of more play-sets (featuring Toy Story and Mickey no less), as well as mobile apps, it’s easy to lose sight of the small action figures at the heart of this new franchise.

Of course the game is hugely important, and the quality of experience in both the Campaign and Toy Box will be make or break elements, but for younger gamers the toys still loom large in how much fun the whole thing is.

To that end Family Gamer TV has set about testing the full set of Wave 1 Disney Infinity figures, opening the lot in a Christmas-like frenzy. Whether or not you have kids, and no matter how much of a Disney fan (or hater) you are, it’s interesting to see which of the figures were chosen first.

Top of the bunch were the Cars characters, whose lovable heft and winning designs were hotly fought over – what better measure of a toy than how many arguments it can cause? Then came the Incredibles figures, here the point being that having the whole family opens the door to all sorts of play-time scenarios, while Syndrome tops the set off as the perfect Villain.


The first two videos are up today, but be sure to subscribe to FamilyGamerTV if you want to catch the rest as they go live this week.

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Gioku said:

Haha, this was pretty funny! What a perfect way to test them, eh?

Man, if i was a kid, and I saw that setup...



FiveDigitLP said:

Man, if only this would have waited to come out a few years from now. My wife is pregnant with our first, and as much as I'd love getting this just for myself, I think it would be much more worthwhile with kids.



ricklongo said:

As a kid I would go absolutely bonkers for this experience. For a version of this experience featuring 80's-90's Disney characters, that is.



Peach64 said:

I was never tempted to try Skylanders, but I'm a big Disney fan. If they bring out more sets featuring their classic animated stuff such as Alice in Wonderland I might get sucked in.



antonvaltaz said:

I would get this to play with my oldest boy (almost 4)... except he became terrified of Toy Story after he saw part of the first one, aged 2, at his nursery (it was the baby doll / spider thing). Now he won't have anything to do with anything which is, or looks like, a Pixar movie



RudysaurusRex said:

I wish they didn't use the live-action characters. It kind of breaks the theme. Actually all the movies these characters are based on so far, I didn't like. Bring in the Toy Story and Aladdin!



Wowfunhappy said:

I really wish the entry-point for this game (the starter pack) wasn't so darn expensive. I want to play it but I can't justify paying $75 for a game, ESPECIALLY one that also has tons of expensive add-ons.



Morpheel said:

I spy with my little ocotorok eyes that there are some Lone Ranger toys in there.




sr388survivor said:

"It's a 'Toy Story'"
I get it!
"With the approaching release of Disney Infinity and incoming news of more play-sets (featuring Toy Story and Mickey no less..."
Oh, now I get it!



Cevan said:

I'm really hoping they make a Ducktales pack at some point. It'd be so neat getting to walk around Duckburg playing as Scrooge, the nephews, Launchpad, and the rest of the characters.



Rerun said:

I just remembered, Disney owns both Marvel AND Star Wars. I can imagine a Marvel Pack with Secret Wars stages or Fall of the Mutants or the Dire Wraith invasion or any of the old crossovers.



XxGame_LoverXx said:

ducktales, tales spin characters, darkwing duck, and chip and dale rescue ranger characters would be so dope i



Zodiak13 said:

Thank goodness that I am unwilling to purchase products created by the company that the evil Walt Disney created. People always give me crap on these forums, but Walt Disney was a terrible person and created Education for Death: The Making of the Nazi for germany. To support Disney is to support a company founded upon anti-semetic and fascist principles. I have even had to give up Star Wars(!) post Disney even though it is my favorite (or was) franchise ever.



Slayer said:

Not very interested in Disney Infinity... it looks to me like a Disney clone of The Sims...
With Skylanders' character feature that made the Wii look great.

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