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Video: 3D Streets Of Rage's "One Punch" Mode Is Surprisingly Entertaining

Posted by Damien McFerran

Perfect for newbies, too

3D Streets of Rage has just hit the Japanese 3DS eShop — where it's known by the Japanese title of 3D Bare Knuckle — and it features a mode where your character can kill enemies with a single punch.

While this makes the game incredibly easy, it doesn't remove any of the enjoyment — in fact, it's surprisingly addictive when you're playing out of the house, as it means you can kick some serious arse Fist of the North Star-style when you're travelling to work or have some time to spare in-between meetings at work.

You can see the mode in action towards the end of our video below. There's no word on when this game will be coming to the west, but Sega has confirmed that it intends to bring all of its 3D Classics titles to this part of the world.

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Reverandjames said:

That's immense! As a Hardcore Streets of Rage fan, I would love to try this mode out for something a bit different



WinterWarm said:


What'd Japan do to make it the frickin' video hub of the world?

They have everything. Including Link underwear.



Weedy said:

This will probably be the first 3D classis I buy when it comes out in EU.
One Punch mode looks to make for some great Speed Run competitions.



Garo said:

That mode's probably the only way I can ever beat the game on Mania.



Macarony64 said:

I wish Sega would bring those games here too! I wand my ecco the dolphin and hang on.



CrazyOtto said:

@MrMario02 Sega started in Hawaii, but the main headquarters moved to Japan shortly afterwards. They're first console (the SG-1000) was only released in Japan.



Dpullam said:

I'd love to have all three Streets of Rage games available on my Nintendo 3DS. I also had quite a lot of fun playing the Streets of Rage Remake fan project that was released a while back. There is a good amount of content in that game.



Windy said:

GO SEGA! GO SEGA! I am buying every 3d classic that sega brings out. I hope they keep bringing 3d classics to the 3DS! Come on Outrun! I'm crossing my fingers Sega sells a ton of 3d Classics so that it might keep them going on developing for that format. They have a bunch of games I would love to see as 3d Classics. Shining in the Darkness would be an awesome 3D Classic and one of the best RPG's on the 3DS



Gioku said:

If they made it so that you also only took one hit to defeat... that could be interesting...



Knuckles said:

I'll play through this mode, once, and after I beat Mr. X on Hard. Come on Adam Hunter, we' ve got lots of work to do.

@Gioku No, just no. That would only be for Masters. Sometimes I still get thrown around in some levels, and I've played the game for years on my Genesis!



ogo79 said:

look at that guy in the pic staring at adams butt. with a pooper like that, who would be focused on fighting?



shonenjump86 said:

It would be cool if the enemies actually exploded like in Fist of the North Star. Just kidding. I wish Sega would make a new Streets of Rage though.



unrandomsam said:

@Gioku That would be better. One hit per life. It is not particularly hard to start with doesn't need to be made easier.



ogo79 said:

whats funny is i cant tell a difference from the original...
let me know???



DESS-M-8 said:

@WinterWarm Nintendo and sega are Japanese companies, as are square Enix, Konami, capcom, etc etc etc hence the country that makes them would understandably promote and supply locally before globally for ease and cost.



DESS-M-8 said:

@MrMario02 nope. It's a Japanese company. They were American started as a supplier of electronic to the armed forces, it was soon taken over by the Japanese as a software and hardware developer. Any offices remaining outside of Japan are subsidiaries. Sega are most definitely Japanese. Yuji naka, yuzo koshiro, you Suzuki are some notable names that have been synominius with sega. Do these help to point toward the companies nationality?



DrDaisy said:

If you don't mind playing as a girl, One Punch mode effectively makes Blaze the best character.



kurtasbestos said:

I've never been a real fight before so it's a little hard to say, but I'm pretty sure that someone who can obliterate a phone booth with a single punch could very easily take me out with a single punch, too.

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