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3D Streets of Rage (3DS eShop)

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In the grips of a vicious crime syndicate, this once peaceful city has become a centre of violence and mayhem.

Amidst this chaos, three young police officers are determined to tackle the problem head-on. Taking control of one of three ex-officers, use their special hand-to-hand combat abilities to take down the syndicate and save the city.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Street smart

When Nintendo secured the domestic conversion of Capcom's Final Fight for its newly-launched SNES console way back at the dawn of the '90s, it left many Sega fans utterly distraught. Cody, Haggar and Guy's coin-op escapade was the hottest ticket in...

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Moon said:

In light of the 2nd wave of 3D classics, I just wanna let everyone know how good this game is. It's even better than playing on the Megadrive(!)

Although, if you wanna play 2p, you both have to DL the game.

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