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Heavy Fire: Black Arms 3D Blasting To The 3DS eShop Next Week

Posted by Damien McFerran

Duck and cover

Teyon has revealed that Heavy Fire: Black Arms is marching to the 3DS following its tour of duty on WiiWare.

Heavy Fire: Black Arms 3D will hit both the North American and European 3DS eShops next week — that's August 15th, in case you were wondering.

Black Arms follows Heavy Fire: Special Operations, which also made the leap from WiiWare to 3DS as Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D. We didn't think much to it when we reviewed it back in 2012 — but perhaps Black Arms 3D will be different.

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smashbrolink said:

Rail shooters aren't as popular a genre as they once were, so I don't expect this to sell well.
The one that did best recently was Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, and that was because it had a few unique aspects to it.
Well, that and Kid Icarus, but I digress; this just feels too plain. I doubt it'll get any attention.



ToniK said:

Also The house of the dead: Overkill and Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles were fun and critically somewhat acclaimed. Not to mention the awesome Dead Space: Extraction. So it's not dead yet as a genre.

But of course those were all for Wii and obviously worked great with the remote. The future of the genre is certainly unknown.



Savino said:

Rail Shooter can have a new life on WiiU... People just need to be creative!



Shambo said:

@ToniK I was going to say the same thing. Years from now, my Wii (U) will still serve for rail-shooting through zombies, mutants, robots, terrorists (ghost squad),... As well as other games of course.

Btw: love Hotel Dusk and Last Window! Now there's a loss to gaming... I miss Cing



Moose_4 said:

Why don't NAMCO just put time crisis on wii U, i always thought they would put them on wii but have missed an opportunity.



Sir_Deadly said:

@smashbrolink To be quite honest, i didnt feel like Sin and Punishment: Star Successor and Kid Icarus: Uprising were really on-rail. For one u could still move around in the screen in both games and move around on the freely on the ground in Kid Icarus. Plus you could see the person your are playing. Although the last onrail shooter i enjoyed was Dead Space Extraction, not many strike my fancy. Soo i dnt think it was quite dead yet.



Lionhart said:

@Assassin87 I played some of Sin and Punishment on a Wii system in GameStop and I certainly agree that it isn't your average rail shooter. The game was crazy awesome and I certainly plan to buy Sin and Punishment once I buy a WiiU system that is if the WiiU does play Wii games. All these new consoles don't seem to be backward compatible.



Sir_Deadly said:

@Lionhart Yup, they play Wii games but i has to go into a different chip set for the Wii. So you would have to go into Wii mode i believe!



Windy said:

I really liked the last 3ds version and will pick this up at some point. The Rail shooters have been alot of fun on 3DS. Now make us a version of Panzer Dragoon!!!!!!



Windy said:

@Nictendo64 ***Scratches Head*** It leaves me perplexed as to why there is no FPS on 3DS with online Multiplayer Play. A Game like Halo or Call of Duty would sell systems. I'm not a fan of the FPS but I know it's the worlds Favorite genre. I just don't think Nintendo wants this type of Genre on their system. Crazy since all they would do is make money.

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