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Zen Studios Would Love To Make An Indiana Jones Themed Pinball Game

Posted by Andy Green

You'd better get running, Indy

Zen Studios released Star Wars Pinball onto the Wii U eShop last week - the latest in its series of pinball titles - and we rather enjoyed it as we explained in our review.

The developer is behind such titles as the free to play Zen Pinball 2 for the Wii U eShop and Marvel Pinball 3D on the 3DS and it was recently asked how it would feel about making a Ducktales or Indiana Jones themed game on its own forums.

In response, the community manager Bobby Loertscher said the following:

We're just focusing on Star Wars and Marvel stuff for now. We'd love to do Indiana Jones, though!

So there you have it, maybe Indy could make an appearance in the future, but it seems Zen Studios is sticking to Star Wars and Marvel for now. Perhaps it will bring Marvel Pinball to the Wii U eShop in the future - it's been available on PSN and Xbox Live arcade for a while now.

Would you like to see an Indiana Jones set of tables from Zen Studios? Let us know in the comment section below.


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ScorpionMG said:

the moderator on zen pinball 2 teased us that there might be a new pinball game, or maybe something not even related to pinball!



TheJosdude said:

I don't think Marvel Pinball will come to the eShop as ZP2 is mostly Marvel tables anyway...



SamuraiShyGuy said:

Don't we already have all the Marvel tables? (And please, no more Marvel tables.) Nintendo themed tables, please. And an Endor table full of adorable Ewoks!



RantingThespian said:

It's the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. I want a Doctor Who themed pinball game. I know there is an actual one, and I have played it (though it only deals with the first 7 Doctors, so it was probably made sometime between 1989 and 1996), but I know Zen Studios could make one awesome Doctor Who machine, one worthy of the Time Lords.



dizzy_boy said:

All of the tables from zen and marvel pinball on the 3DS made it onto zen 2.
Anyway, I'd love it Zen made tables for mario and sonic, they'd be cool.



Cosats said:

Their tables are excellent but there are four issues:
1. Leaderboards don't load most of the times (and this applies to the new Star Wars Pinball as well, which means they need to consult Nintendo, Ubisoft and every other company that has implemented steady Leaderboards on Wii U so far),
2. Music goes randomly from dolby/stereo to mono,
3. Non Latin Mii names are not recognized on leaderboards,
4. The intro music is extremely loud compared to the volume level of the rest of the game.



sleepinglion said:

Yep, we've already got the Marvel tables =) I'd love an Indy one, though I'd prefer an 80s movie classics pack with films like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Spaceballs, The Goonies... just to name a few ideas.



MadAdam81 said:

There already is an Indy inspired pinball table - El Dorado I think. Dr Who, TMNT, Futurama, Sonic and Mario are all great ideas. I'd love to see a Power Rangers one as well, as it would also sell well in Japan as Super Sentai.
For those who don't like pinball, if no more pinball titles or dlc tables are released, they won't be replaced with non-pinball games instead.



Kohaku said:

I prefer the original Indiana Jones pinball table like the tables in Pinball Arcade. Would be nice to see those tables on the Nintendo systems also, so I don't need to buy them on the PS3.



RetrogamerFan said:

Would welcome more tables from Zen as i really like some of the tables on ZP2. I just wish Zen (or Zen & Nintendo) could resolve the leaderboard issues. Chasing down high scores is one of the things that makes Pinball so addictive. I've put off buying the Star Wars tables, for now, because of this issue, which really spoilt my enjoyment of ZP2.



ROB98374 said:

PLEASE make the Indiana Jones tables! As I have already said on Miiverse, I'll buy the first 100 tables if they make an Indiana Jones table. I'm talking about the $3 tables, not the $10 packs.

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