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Wii U Version of Mighty Switch Force! 2 Rated By PEGI

Posted by Andy Green

Following in its predecessor's footsteps?

Mighty Switch Force! 2 was let loose into the 3DS eShop last month and there have already been murmurs about the 2D platformer making its way to the Wii U in the same way its predecessor did.

WayForward's creative director Matt Bozon recently said the studio would certainly look into the prospect of making a HD version for the Wii U and it appears that could be happening sooner than people think as a home console adaptation has been rated by PEGI, the European ratings board.

Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition was released on Wii U at the same time the system launched in many regions. This is by no means an official announcement from WayForward but it is a big indication Patricia Wagon's second adventure will be heading to Wii U in the future.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you download Mighty Switch Force! 2 from the Wii U eShop? Let us know in the comment section below.


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Mahe said:

It's a great game on 3DS, and should be great on Wii U as well.



manu0 said:

FY WayForward! You couldn't have announced that with the release of the 3DS version?



19Robb92 said:

Awesome, I was hoping for a HD version. I bought Hyper Drive Edition, would be nice to own both for the same platform!



banacheck said:

I own the first one on the Wii U and i would buy the 2nd one also, as it a great platformer but there is one thing thay need to add leaderboards.



luminalace said:

I have enjoyed the 1st Mighty Switch Force on Wii U more than the 3DS version so I will be happy when the sequel comes too!



Shambo said:

Retail-bundle both, and add a few bonus combined co-op levels, PLEASE! I don't like this digital-only market AT ALL... I need the joy of actually picking my games up, seeing my collection grow...

Surely you can take the Mighty series to the next level by now?

I'd buy a disc of both MSF games on WiiU or a cart with the Mighty series for ds(i) or 3ds day one! But as soon as you release this on eshop and convince me to 'double dip' AGAIN, which you WILL because I LOVE the games, you'd technically make me TRIPLE DIP by granting my wish...

So I need to know: is there any chance of a retail bundle ever happening?



manpretty said:

Good to hear. I had it the original on the 3DS, but didn't feel like getting the sequel on it again as I much prefer playing things on a large screen.



Gate_Shikimuri said:

People, calm down. We don't know if they will do that yet.

"WayForward's creative director Matt Bozon recently said the studio would certainly look into the prospect of making a HD version for the Wii U"

"This is by no means an official announcement from WayForward"



WaveBoy said:

meh, the sequal just doesn't seem different enough to warrant a purchase from me. it's the type of game that i'd probably check out of i had absolutely zero other 3DS titles to play. i want to see Wayforward tackle another classicVania sequal, or a new Contra!



sinalefa said:

I am of the kind that will wait for the Wii U release, as I did with the first one. Considering the sprites on the Gamepad don't look as good as the ones on the TV screen, and thinking the 3DS screen is smaller, makes me want to wait.

Besides, I would rather get the credit for the Wii U Deluxe Promo.



MetalKingShield said:

I prefer to play them on handheld, but I think WayForward could miss out on a lot of sales if they didn't make a Wii U version too.

Really enjoyed Mighty Switch Force 2, by the way. I took time out from Animal Crossing to complete it!



FineLerv said:

@deathlysneer "Great! I'll be looking forward to the AUS/NZ release in 2017"

Lol. You beat me to it! The first one was worth the wait but the wait was beyond a joke. Are we taking bets yet about whether we see this or Runner2 first?



Nazo said:

Damn it WayForward!
you wanna steal more of my money?!
.... yays lol



unrandomsam said:

All these Mighty Switch Force games play like tech demos. The best Wayforward games are done for 3rd parties or Shantae. They always make sure the controls are decent though so that is probably worth quite a bit.



unrandomsam said:

@DimetriWarrior They will probably do it when they can do it with very little cost or effort. Still feels like a tech demo. (unlike Shantae - all versions / Contra 4). Probably do it when they make a HD engine for someone else.



R_Champ said:


As much as I like WayForward, I hesitated for the same reason: would rather have it on Wii U and platformers aren't worth a double dip IMO.



WindWakerLink said:

The possibility of this game coming to the Wii U was the ONLY reason why I didn't get it for the 3DS.



Dynheart said:

Toasted the first game. I ate every bit of content up. I will be doing the same to this game once it's released. WayForward is awesome!

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