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Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure to Save the World on 24th September

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

In North America, anyway

Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure is the next entry in the popular franchise coming to both Wii U and 3DS, which will be the only gaming platforms aside from PC to enjoy the title. It also see the series dive off into licensed territory for the first time, as it begins an assumed campaign to build a similar portfolio to that enjoyed by the LEGO games.

Still, applying our zany imaginations to the DC Universe of characters does sound like fun, with over 2000 characters promised, including 130(!) Green Lanterns. Warner Bros. previously announced a Fall release, but has now confirmed 24th September as the day it'll land in North America. There's no news on Europe, and considering the continued absence of Scribblenauts Unlimited in the area after its last-gasp withdrawal earlier in the year, we're not sure what to expect; we'll try to find out what's happening in both cases.

In the meantime, this is one to look forward to in North America. Below there's also a pretty infographic of the various Superman characters that can be used, as the Man of Steel is all the rage right now.


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deKay said:

But when is Scribblenauts Unlimited coming out? We still haven't got that yet



DualWielding said:

@Bulby You can always import from Australia, that would be a first lol..... jk I really don't get it why its not being sold in other pal territories if the version exsist



edhe said:

When I preordered my WiiU back in November, I was planning to get the original at launch. It was pushed back to February, then TBD. For months, until Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate, I didn't have a single game I wanted to play on my WiiU console. ZombiU came with the console, but I tired of that.

Then, it was released on steam (prior to that, lots of discussion on the forums about how "F###IN NINTENDO IS BLOCKING THIS GAME IN EUROPE ON PC! ARRGH!!!!") at £20 WITH all the Nintendo characters that were supposed to be the selling point for the WiiU version (the moderators can't be bothered to remove them any more). Then it was put on sale for £5. That was one of the easiest decisions I have ever made.

Nintendo of Europe have killed the Scribblenauts Unlimited release. We still haven't heard a damn thing. As such, I'm sure as heck not going to buy this new one on the WiiU either.



CrazyOtto said:

I thought Scribblenauts Unlimited came to Europe on June 28th? Unless that was only for mainland Europe.



ThumperUK said:

The fiasco relating to Scribblenauts withdrawn release in EU is a clear example of just how incompetent Nintendo of Europe is. Despite many many people, and gaming websites/magazines/etc asking (not to mention retail outlets), they have been unable to give a really simple answer to the question "is it coming out in Europe and if so when".

This is not rocket science, if Nintendo themselves can't be bothered to release games for the WiiU, then who can blame third parties from deserting the system? In most other companies heads would have rolled by now for the WiiU launch & first year fiasco, and the damage they are doing to the brand and to loyal customers.



hYdeks said:

@deKay wow, I actually didn't know the Wii U/3DS version of Scribblenauts Unlimited didn't make it to Europe, weird Oo I'm pretty sure Australia goes off the PAL region also, so you could just buy the Australian version, that or buy it on PC :s >>

@MrSRArter seemingly they only got the PC version, not the Wii U and 3DS version, weird huh?

This game looks awesome, but I still need to play Unlimited, which I will probably pick up next month, just before the sequel



Shambo said:

"In North America, anyway"... more painful than it should be, for us Europeans...



Big_L91 said:

this games one thing that really gets me mad! i would of bought this pretty much straight away if it came out on time. now i wont be able afford either with all the big games coming later this year.



3DGamer said:

I like DC but I wish they had a mix of DC and Marvel so I can help Spider Man my favorite super Hero.



F4LLEND4RK said:

I'm still waiting for Unlimited On the Tesco website it says it's coming 30th December. I know that's an unconfirmed release date but it could be an estimate... I think?



cdude said:

Wow. Im excited for this one because im a dc mark, but the nonrelease of the first really sucks for the blokes and birds. Im sure someone will make excuses for them, but Nintendo's stupidity is almost awe inspiring at this point. im sure you guys dont need my commentary, but it really is no wondee wiiu sales are terrible if you guys arent even afforded one of the reasons to get one, even tho its a rather small reason.

If it makes you guys feel any better, the game on wiiu is a bit more restrictive than what was seen in the ds releases. Its fun, dont get me wrong, but if youve played the prior games it really is pretty much the exact same thing in a better looking package--minus some of the spawnable violence.

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