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Phineas And Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff Begins on 13th August

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

On Wii U, Wii, 3DS and DS

What do you do when you have a quirky, successful and relatively long-running cartoon on the Disney Channel? You release a video game, of course, with confirmation today that the Majesco-developed Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff will arrive on the Wii U, Wii, 3DS and DS in North America on 13th August.

That's not far away, of course, and fans of the show can look forward to a storyline featuring a number of favourite characters, with the two brothers seeking out cool stuff (obviously) for their collection while Agent P foils another fiendish plan from Dr. Doofenshmirtz. It'll be an affordable tie-in, too, with the Wii U version having a recommended price of $39.99 and the three other SKUs costing just $29.99 each.

It's an award-winning and popular show, so we expect there'll be a few fans interested in picking this up. A trailer released earlier in the summer is below, and gives a good idea of what it'll be all about.

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NintendoGirl said:

Woo!! I'm a HUGE Phineas and Ferb Phan. Although I wasn't really impressed with the first DS game, I'm really excited for this game. ♥



Jstar269 said:

Nice, nice. I might not pick this up, but this just makes Phineas and Ferb last longer really. The first time I heard Phineas and Ferb, I thought they were fish. lol Ah, memories.



TheKachoMan said:

Great show! I hope the game is good and I'll most likely buy it because my daughter will watch me play all the way through.



Jukilum said:

I love the show but I'm not confident that will translate to me loving the game.

@Undead_terror Most of the main character's heads are geometric shapes.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@Retro_on_theGo Yeah, there was even an in-joke in one episode where Buford pointed out that they've done more things than could be accounted for by the "104 days of summer vacation."



StarBoy91 said:

I certainly hope this one will be better than the Nintendo DS video game adaptation of Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension (which I thought was just okay; but oh so redundant and needed a lot of polish), but still this sounds exciting. I love Phineas and Ferb; it's my second favorite animated Disney show after The Weekenders!

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