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8-Bit Titles Nuts & Milk And Mach Rider Hitting Japanese 3DS eShop Next Week

Posted by Damien McFerran

500 Yen a pop

Nintendo has confirmed that two new 8-bit titles are coming to the Japanese 3DS eShop next week.

The excellently-titled Nuts & Milk was in fact the first third-party game for the Famicom, and launched way back in 1984. It's a curious puzzle / platfomer hybrid which involves linking up Milk with his girlfriend whilst avoiding the unwanted attention of her rival suitor, Nuts. Also released on the MSX platform, the Famicom version offers an exclusive level editor.

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Mach Rider is another early game for the 8-bit system, having been released in both North America and Japan in 1985. Taking its name from a toy produced by Nintendo in 1972, the game is set in a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic future and involves blowing up enemies with your motorcycle's machine guns. It would seem that the 3DS version will include the ability to save user-designed courses — something which wasn't possible in the original Famicom / NES release but was added to the 2007 Wii Virtual Console iteration.

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Both games will launch on July 17th and will cost 500 Yen each. The lack of a western release for Nuts & Milk back in the '80s means that the game is unlikely to see the light of day on 3DS consoles outside of Japan, but Mach Rider's status as an early NES title means we should see that shortly.


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MAB said:

Hopefully one of these days/weeks/years they will release the best Mad Max styled game on WiiU VC or as a 3DS Megadrive classic

OUTLANDER - Megadrive



SaKo said:

I wish Mach Rider was a 3D Classic... It would've been awesome!



KingMike said:

It was possible to save data in Mach Rider, but it required a data cassette recorder that was only released for the Famicom.



JGMR said:

Never seen that Mach Rider (PAL) box-art before. Very nice. And, I guess that this version was released earlier due to the "black Nintendo Seal of Quality"...



unrandomsam said:

Crisis Force is the Famicom game that should come to the West. (Ideally as a 3D classic with the sprite flicker removed but it is brilliant anyway so ...).

Crystalis would probably be good as well but might as well be the Gameboy Color version. (Nintendo ported it the original was SNK).

TG16 (Even though it is still 8 bit with a very similar cpu spec to the gameboy color / NES has stood the test of time much better than the NES / Famicom). Bet Konami won't invest the very small amount to make an emulator. (Even though it was announced at launch). Stuff like Lifeforce is god awful on the NES compared to the TG16 (Salamander).



ogo79 said:

ive got that nuts and milk game, for those that havent played it honestly its not a big loss.

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