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Spruced Up Version Of The Chaos Engine Could Be Coming To Consoles

Posted by Damien McFerran

Bitmap Brothers' classic shooter is getting a new lease of life

Fans of 16-bit gaming will no doubt be jumping for joy at the news that The Chaos Engine is getting a revival of sorts. Published by Mastertronic and overseen by original developer Mike Montgomery, the new version will be launching on PC, Mac and Linux this August — but we could see console ports, which means there's an excellent chance that the Wii U eShop could see the game, given Nintendo's strong relationship with indie developers at present.

Speaking to Digital Spy, producer Neil McKenna said:

We've looked very closely at it, but nothing is final on that yet. We're looking very closely at working with consoles, but nothing is signed at the moment.

Originally released on the Commodore Amiga back in 1993, The Chaos Engine was a critical and commercial smash hit and was subsequently ported to both the SNES and Mega Drive / Genesis.

This new version isn't a remake as such, but is in fact built on the Amiga source code. The visuals have been slightly touched up, and characters now move in 16 directions rather than 8, as was the case in the original game. There's also online drop-in, drop-out multiplayer and a more forgiving checkpoint system. Thankfully, hardcore fans can switch off the additional features for a true old-school feel.

Is this something you'd like to play on your Wii U? Were you a fan of the original game? Let us know with a comment.

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User Comments (29)



DESS-M-8 said:

PLEASE bring this game to Wii U, it's an absolute classic and the Bitmap Brothers greatest work.

Would love to see Speedball 2 and Z also



Ultra64 said:

And the award for the worst trailer ever goes to..............The Chaos Engine!!!



f_zul said:

Definitely interested in any kind of work from Bitmap Bros (or what remains of them).
Also - Z!



Ootfan98 said:

I have Speedball 2 on my Gameboy Advance SP. I still play it every now and then. Saves me getting my Amiga out of the loft.



LittleFuryThing said:

Loved this game on the Mega Drive. Two player was loads of fun.
While it's unlikely, I hope that a 3DS version is considered.



MrCharles77 said:

If they do a remastered edition with HD graphics and gamepad integration I would buy it...but I have the amiga version, if it's more of the same I'll skip it.



marck13 said:

I don´t know this one, but it reminds me of "Syndicate" from Ocean Software.
I still hope to find it or "Shadowrun" in the eshop some day..



OorWullie said:

I wasn't really a fan of the original,even played through it again recently to see if my younger self was wrong but it still doesn't really do anything for me.Speedball 2 however,now that's a different story.Speedball 3 in its original style with slightly improved gameplay and online leagues would be a dream come true



Big_L91 said:

the original was one of my earliest gaming memorys. i used to be terrified by the opening cut scene with the man turning into the lizard thing. i hope it comes to eshop it would be interesting to see how far i could get now.



Spideron said:

And the idiot award for not knowing the difference between a trailer and a teaser trailer goes to... Ultra64!



Assassinated said:

At first I thought this was a game engine, rather than a game, like Unreal engine or Frostbite Engine.



Dyltheman said:

lol love this game but that trailer! wow could it contain less information?!?! maybe if they took the name out.



unrandomsam said:

I love this game - Be brilliant if we finally got the 3 player version. (That was shown only on the Gamesmaster TV Program).



ogo79 said:

holy pulled pork!
hell yes id love to see this!
i have the snes and genesis versions. i grew up to soldiers of fortune. (chaos engine)
node activated!



macker33 said:

I had completely forgotten about this game, a spruced up speedball, alien breed and desert strike would be great too, As would a new syndicate game.



Balaclavab said:

I loved this game, used to play it so much with my dad when I was younger - I finished it from start to finish for the first time last year with him



Shiryu said:

@Ootfan98 ME too, Crawfish did a good job cramming all that awesomeness on the GBA. I usually play the Megadrive version, my Amiga blew a fuse quite some years ago sadly... I wish I owned the original Game Boy version...



Tarix819 said:

I REALLY want this game to come to Wii U!!! PLEASE BITMAP BROTHERS
Bring speedball 1 & 2 back also!

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