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Silicon Knights Working On Various Legal Issues

Posted by Lee Meyer

Precursor Games controversy continues

Developers Silicon Knights and Precursor Games have been wrapped up in questions and controversy since the announcement of Shadow of the Eternals, Precursor Games' "spiritual successor" to the seminal GameCube horror adventure Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.

Speaking to Game Informer, Silicon Knights chief financial officer Mike Mays clarified that while art assets used in Shadow of the Eternals were sold to Precursor from Silicon Knights but Precursor's Denis Dyack - who was once head honcho at Silicon Knights - was not among the buyers.

Mays also noted that Silicon Knights is "mostly working on legal issues" and wouldn't comment on the studio's current employees or any potential projects.

Precursor Games is currently using Kickstarter and its own website to fund Shadow of the Eternals, which is planned as an episodic Wii U eShop title. Support has been slow, which could be due to Dyack's involvement in a lawsuit between Silicon Knights and Epic Games that resulted in a court order for Silicon Knights to destroy any and all projects that used Epic's Unreal Engine 3.

Have you supported Shadow of the Eternals? If not, what's holding you back? Let us know in the comments.


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JaivfromONM said:

Well I hope that Silicon just let Precursor make the game, and hopefully let them re-use the sanity effects



Dpullam said:

This game has some interesting potential. I look forward to seeing it in action closer to its release via a gameplay demonstration assuming it reaches its kickstarter goal.



Wyvernqueen said:

So Precursor does own the assets who cares if Dydack now works for them that changes nothing they still own the assets Dydack working there should not negate the sale.



Chomposaur said:

can someone tell me what happens to the money that was raised on the their website, i mean if it does not get funded what happens to the $150,000 raised



TrueWiiMaster said:

"Silicon Knights chief financial officer Mike Mays clarified that while art assets used in Shadow of the Eternals were sold to Precursor from Silicon Knights but Precursor's Denis Dyack - who was once head honcho at Silicon Knights - was not among the buyers."
What? If Silicon Knights sold the art assets to Precursor, the company, it doesn't matter who's in charge. The company Precursor now owns those assets and can do as they see fit with them. Or am I missing something?



PS4WiiU said:

the funding goes sloooooooooooooooowwwwwww, it's better to forget about this game, no sane person will give them money



Marshi said:

This game and its development just get more and more fishy...As much as id love to see this game I will NEVER fund a kickstarter.Too many what ifs.



Einherjar said:

Like many others said: Something smells pretty fishy about the whole thing. I wouldnt count on it ever seeing the light of day. But a pretty stupid move on their part: Buying art assets and still making the project dependent of kickstarter funds. If they dont reach their mark, they woulndt get th emoney to make the game plus, they would have spent money on art assets that probably never get used.



BraveBold5 said:

Too bad this game is receiving so much controversy Percursor Games do not deserve to be treat like this Their team is just fabulous
The team behind this games is doing everything to make this game come true, and are always in touch with the people who supports them
Really hope this games reaches Wii U



Ren said:

if you look at both campaigns they show the exact same amount of money having been raised so far; I don't think they are separate fundraisers as this site has reported, but it is odd that they can have their own site showing it as an independent fundraiser if it's actually a kickstarter campaign.
Still if this is the only place I've heard of any of it, I have doubts it will raise so much that quickly. It's just an unrealistic goal. Raise 100k or something then find the rest later, or you'll never reach your goal; Kickstarter is not a church collection plate.



TimoteiWest said:

Selective quoting is bad.

What happens if you do not reach your goal UPDATED?

Our financial goal is a flexible one. All contributions will go directly towards the development of this game and making it a reality. We are committed to making this game, however, if it becomes apparent that we cannot raise enough to develop this project then we will refund all pledges.



nik1470 said:

Two words.. Too human. Originally planned for the PS1, then 2 and it was finally released last generation over a decade of development and it was a mess.



Pod said:

I have supported Shadow of the Eternals.

I want to see Denis get back to doing what he does best, rather than wrangle paperwork for several more years.

This is also the way for him to go about it, as neither he nor big publishers stand to gain much from cooperation as things look right now.

I trust he's learned from his mistakes this time around. Harboring a brainchild like Too Human for so long, ending up with suits breathing down his neck every waking hour as it became a AAA 360 poster project, with the awful backlash from its reception, and the following lawsuit has all got to be hard on a man's psyche. But he gets back up, and I admire that.



DualWielding said:


It also sounds weird to me, the only thing I can think of is that it is some sort of legal matter, like they need it to be a real sale for legal reasons while if the former head of the employer was working for the buyer a court may rule it a simulated sale and declare it void.



MeloMan said:

Man, so many issues. I hope all this gets ironed out better than it's currently panning out...

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