It's now been confirmed that Roger Craig Smith will play the main role of Batman, with Troy Baker as The Joker. As this game is set in a younger Batman's world, we can expect Kevin Conroy to either fill another role or, alternatively, as a narrator of an older Batman looking back. Either way, the Caped Crusader will have a new voice.

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Just a few weeks ago we reported that Kevin Conroy wouldn't be returning for Batman: Arkham Origins, with the suggestion being that the developers were seeking a younger voice. He's now confirmed, at Dallas Comic Con, that he is involved, citing a non-disclosure agreement that meant he previously wasn't allowed to talk about the project.

Conroy has been the voice of Batman, in cartoons and various video games, for around 20 years, so it's not beyond the realm of imagination to say that as an experienced voice actor he'll be able to adapt to voice a younger Batman. It wouldn't be the same, frankly, if Batman didn't have that distinctive deep voice, even if it's lightened a touch for the new tale.

Good news for fans of Conroy's portrayal — of which there are many — and you can hear him talk about his career and the games industry in the shaky-cam footage from his talk, below. Just below that, you can see last week's debut teaser trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins, which shows Batman battling with Deathstroke.

[via eurogamer.net]