While not a system-seller in its own right, Miiverse on Wii U is, for some at least, a major part of the console that can absorb as much time as some games. By blending popular features from a number of social platforms with its own "communities" structure, Nintendo has setup a thoroughly decent and charming network full of quirky comments and surprisingly good illustrations. Once Miiverse goes mobile, it'll really be golden.

A rather clever decision by Nintendo with this platform was to set it up as a web browser-based service on the system, rather than a closed "app"; that basically means it can update Miiverse easily and at will, which it's certainly been doing. Since launch we've seen plenty of improvements such as the abilities to select favourite communities, the emergence of "authorised" developer accounts and official region-specific users that announce new updates. The latest set of changes that came into effect yesterday are designed to ensure that browsing is speedy and more convenient — posts with lots of responses will only show 100 comments at a time, and communities are structured into new categories and are easier to find via the search function.

Regular YouTube creator NintenDaan has produced a short video, below, showing the tweaks you can find on the platform.

[via youtube.com]