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Video: Latest Miiverse Update Continues to Improve the Platform

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Socialising on Wii U gets easier and quicker

While not a system-seller in its own right, Miiverse on Wii U is, for some at least, a major part of the console that can absorb as much time as some games. By blending popular features from a number of social platforms with its own "communities" structure, Nintendo has setup a thoroughly decent and charming network full of quirky comments and surprisingly good illustrations. Once Miiverse goes mobile, it'll really be golden.

A rather clever decision by Nintendo with this platform was to set it up as a web browser-based service on the system, rather than a closed "app"; that basically means it can update Miiverse easily and at will, which it's certainly been doing. Since launch we've seen plenty of improvements such as the abilities to select favourite communities, the emergence of "authorised" developer accounts and official region-specific users that announce new updates. The latest set of changes that came into effect yesterday are designed to ensure that browsing is speedy and more convenient — posts with lots of responses will only show 100 comments at a time, and communities are structured into new categories and are easier to find via the search function.

Regular YouTube creator NintenDaan has produced a short video, below, showing the tweaks you can find on the platform.

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Wiidsguy said:

I would really like the ability to "yeah" other people's comments. Even if it was only for post that I start.



19Robb92 said:

Categorization was very much needed. I'm glad they added that, it was starting to get a bit overwhelming with new games being added all the time.



Giygas_95 said:

I know a lot of others probably feel this way too, but it'd be nice if they'd raise the 100 character limit per post up to maybe 300 characters. Sometimes it's a little annoying not being able to fit all my thoughts into one post. Or I have to make multiple comments to get all my thoughts in on a post.



Folkloner said:

Other much needed changes:

1. A tag or hashtag system so you can follow trends
2. Increase 100 character limit
3. Enable gameplay video posting for regular users
4. Opt in - Out out option as to whether or not you
want to receive notifications from other users who
comment on posts you've yeah'd/commented on.
5. Additional colors and drawing tools
6. Decrease Activity Feed load times.
7. A system to challenge bans or post deletions,
or at least allow you to present your case.
8. Profile Page designs. These could be unlocked
after a certain number of posts, yeah's given, time
spent in the app etc and could be in the guise of
various Nintendo characters/franchises.



Nareva said:

If they maintain the rather small character limit on posts, which certainly needs to be increased, they definitely need some kind of hash tag system like Twitter. They should at least increase to 144 so with the upcoming mobile app it will be possible to cross post on Twitter.

@P184 I agree. Those are all good ideas.



SkywardLink98 said:

While improving the Miiverse on Wii /u is nice, all I want right now is for it to hit the 3DS.



PorllM said:

They should at least make it so you can keep typin past the 100 character limit and it will automatically split your text into 100 character comments instead of having to click post, wait, then click comment just to keep typing mid sentence. The character limit would be harmless if they did this.



Beta said:

@P184 Genius! I support 100% such ideas, those would make the Miiverse a perfect Nintendo community and more awesome than it is right now



DePapier said:

@Five-seveN I think they should make it to 300, but they should do so by segmenting comments that are 300 characters long into 3 comments one after the other. Like:
bla bla bla (100) = comment 1
bla bla bla (100) = comment 2
bla bla bla (100) = comment 3
I don't really know how to explain it better out of the blue, but that's my idea.



DePapier said:

@P184 On that point 3 that would be great especially in Smash where we can save game videos. They should make it so we can post our own Smash video from the Smash servers to Miiverse for all to enjoy those Falcon Punches.



Exile20 said:

@P184 Leave the character count as it is. Miiverse isnt a forum to have meaningful conversation. There are many forums to do that and the Wii U has a broswer so do it there. Miiverse is for giving quick replys or encouragements to people that beat a level, etc. Not talking about discussion heavy topics.

I also do not like the tag system where anyone can create them. This isnt twitter either. Leave the tag system to game/application created ones like Mario and Tvii.

Let Miiverse be its own thing.

There other ones are great.



NintyMan said:

Having a list of all the posts I "yeahed" was a huge improvement for me, because now I have an awesome art gallery. A quicker and easier way to post screenshots would be the next best thing.



Characterror4D1 said:

I want Nintendo to create a way to save your screenshots to the system memory so you can pull them up and use them late in Miiverse.



Giygas_95 said:

@DePapier Yeah that's what PorllM was saying and I think that would be much more convenient than having to write stop write stop write stop.



luminalace said:

I like this update. Sorting games, apps and special communities into categories makes it easier and the favourite communities button is easier to press too.



FineLerv said:

Please no hashtags. Kids annoy the hell out of me with that stuff.

Now, if they could allow me to categorise my channels on my Wii U I'd be very happy indeed.



Emaan said:

These changes are nice. They really need to dash the 100-character limit though. I can't recall how many times I've had to rethink what I was going to say simply because it wouldn't fit, often changing it to a post that was inferior. I'd also like to see the option of unfollowing posts, similar to how Facebook does it :3



FineLerv said:

@Emaan If they do increase the limit, I personally like the solution mentioned in previous posts where longer posts are just automatically split up. I've learned to be concise with my Original Postings but conversations on posts end up sounding like baby talk. Still, it's nice being able to click the feed and seeing everything everyone is saying with just a cursory glance.



SethNintendo said:

I agree with others on increasing the limit (200 would be enough). However, I don't want # or any other twitter crap. Don't even care about the follow feature and the only person I have marked for following is Miyamoto who has one English post.



Varia01 said:

I noticed how the communities were sorted on miiverse. It is pretty cool! Quicker loading times also help! I am also excited for the miiverse app. Could it possibly be coming to the kindle fire hd, because that's the touchscreen device I have. I am so annoyed when Apple devices get all the apps, and miiverse is the safest social network I know. I post an awful lot on miiverse, so I would really like for the app to also come to kindle fire tablets.



Jonas87 said:

Since all of the videos that admins post are through Youtube, they should allow us to record a game play video and upload it to a personal Youtube account for sharing on the Miiverse. They already let us save video of NSMBU challenges; why not let us share them!?



Chunky_Droid said:

"While not a system-seller in its own right"

Actually I think some people liked the idea so much they couldn't wait to get the Wii U and share news with their friends online. These people are limited, true, but people buy PS3s because they have trophies or 360's because they have achievements.

Weird, I know



SCAR said:

We will no doubt see more improvements, but I doubt a bigger color palette will be one of them. If anything, we'll see a drawing app for strictly drawing like Art Academy on 3DS, that you can post like a screenshot.
I think the limit is fine. I usually write the letters myself if I can't type the full message out.
Miiverse has alot of potential, and I'm actually surprised people enjoyed it for what it was day 1. It seems pretty barren IMO, but that can change.



SethNintendo said:

@Five-seveN not sure what # means on twitter considering I have never used the site. I believe they signify events suchs as a TV show. I suppose Nintendo has "events" in the form of communities and polls on certain shows through TVii. I just don't like how twitter msgs are typed (especially msgs that have bunch of #). Main reason why I am exposed to twitter is through shows that put a twitter feed on the bottom of the show. Was watching a ghost adventures show (not big fan myself) with friend and the twitter feed was so annoying. I made my friend change the station.

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