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Out Today: Fire Emblem: Awakening (Europe)

Posted by Damien McFerran

European gamers, for you the wait is finally over

North American 3DS owners have been enjoying Fire Emblem: Awakening since February, and Japanese fans have had the game even longer — since April last year, in fact. It's only now that European players are getting their hands on one of the 3DS' most accomplished releases, but games of this quality are certainly worth waiting for.

"It doesn't matter whether you've been strategizing with Marth since the NES days or only know him as the weird blue-haired guy from Super Smash Bros," we said in our review of the game. "Fire Emblem: Awakening's tale of heroism, colorful cast of characters and richly rewarding gameplay are sure to sink their talons in for a very long time."

Will you be picking up this title today? If so, cast your vote below to let us know.

Fire Emblem: Awakening is out in Europe today. Will you be picking it up? (94 votes)

Yes, I'll be getting a physical copy of the game


Yes, I'll be purchasing the title from the 3DS eShop


No, I won't be purchasing it


I'm interested, but can't afford it right now


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RetroGBHippie92 said:

I've never played a Fire Emblem game before, is this game gonna be open to beginners? I heard it has a easy mode, but I don't usually go for the easy mode when it comes to video games, just a bit unsure it's gonna be my kind of game.



Thexare said:

@RetroGBHippie92 It's probably the easiest Fire Emblem I've played on Normal, and it has the most detailed tutorials in the series. Remarkably newbie-friendly.



RetroGBHippie92 said:

@Thexare I understand the whole weapon triangle, is it easy to get a hang of once you understand that? I've never been brilliant at SRPGs to be honest.
@Bluezealand Already played the demo, I thought it was pretty good but the last time I attempted a FE game was when we got The Sacred Stones from the ambassador program, never completed it because I couldn't get past that chapter with the spiders and rescuing the children.

What do you think? should I pick this game up? I might play normal mode but with the option of not permanently losing characters, then I might play through it again but with that option off. It's hard to decide since i've never really played much of this genre, I guess they're an acquired taste, but however that comes about is a mystery to me...



Peach64 said:

I also got my copy yesterday from Tesco direct. I don't know why anyone buys new games at Game anymore. Online is cheaper and you get it early. Most places offe quidco cash back too.

I really hope this cracks the UK top 10. It's a tough sell, there's no brand recognition but it deserves it. Best game on the 3DS!



Hunter-D said:

My copy arrived yesterday from GAME. That Art book is also very nice.

The game is flat-out AMAZING!



Datasun_7 said:

I was really lucky and I've had my copy since wednesday. Now I understand why this got near perfect review scores



Nomad said:

Getting mine tomorrow. From every thing I've heard so far this Fire Emblem sounds better than Wii's Radiant Dawn, which I thought was great.



Doma said:

Got mine yesterday.. want to play it now but, i made the foolish mistake of buying Devil Survivor 2 on DS, only a week before. Luckily i'm nearly done with it.

@RetroGBHippie92 Buy. It.

@Peach64 For how much? i do truly hate Game, but the pre-order bonus forced me to use them. The book's quality is very decent, so no regrets.



Raptor78 said:

Recived my Pre-Order from Game yesterday... sure it was a £1 dearer than most other pre-orders but the free Art Book was definitely worth the extra. Ploughed through to chapter 5 and bought the full Champion Pack (£2.99) so at least im covered DLC wise for the next few weeks. Although part 1 of the Champion Pack is currently Free for anybody who isnt sure about getting the DLC.



Bulbousaur said:

Wish I got mine from ShopTo now, would have been cheaper because of shipping and they dispatched early... Oh well, at least I have it now, up to chapter 3, loving it already!



Kyoto said:

Yesterday I heard there were gonna be stock shortages at GameMania here in Holland (where I usually buy my games), so I downloaded it from the eShop immediately at 12 o'clock. And what a great game it is! Soooooo addicting.



Kohaku said:

Downloading now because Nintendo again failed with delivering (enough) physical copies. Nintendo wants to boost the sales of their own eShop it seems.
Not the first time that they didn't deliver (enough) copies at a release this year.



OverturePT said:

I would vote but there's no "Yes, I'll be getting the 3DS XL bundle with the game pre-installed".



Wii_Win said:

If you're willing to be challenged, then you will probably be OK. However, the weapon triangle is just one piece of the puzzle. Try the demo. If you can beat it on Hard, (It's the first 2 chapters, which are easy enough) you will probably be good, at least on normal.



avail said:

Well finding a physical copy in a shop in central London is proving rather difficult. No HMVs or Games have received it. Probably because they are very nearly out of business. Anyone else trying to purchase it in an actual shop?



JohnG said:

I have the 3DS XL on order from Amazon and it's not arrived today



Raptor78 said:

@datamonkey Once you have reached chapter 5 you are able to purchase and play DLC... you can then use unlocked characters in your regular campaign.



Lin1876 said:

Bought it on eShop this morning. Looked around for the best deal, but realised I'd only save about £5 and I'd have to wait.

It's amazing! Don't regret a penny of the £40 asking price,



BakaKnight said:

Bought my copy today at gamestop and got also the great artbook ^O^

Can't wait to start it, but I'm already playing other games right now... Oh well, meanwhile I have my copy ready and I doubt it will be left sealed for long XP



Weedy said:

It was certainly worth the wait.
Like you my copy arrived yesterday from Game, I stayed up quite late last night playing it and was a little late for work this morning! But now I ahve the whole weekend ahead of me, yay.



Henmii said:

My specialized shop says they get it next week, so I have to wait a little longer!



MeddlingIdiot said:

Bought a download code from GAME, which was £5 cheaper than the eShop. I also used my reward points against it so I actually paid £30.49 in total!

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