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GameFly Slaps June 30th Release Date On Game & Wario In North America

Posted by Damien McFerran

Retailer outs possible launch day for Wii U title

Online retailer GameFly has given Game & Wario a June 30th release date in North America — ahead of any official confirmation from Nintendo itself.

The Wii U game was released in Japan at the end of March, and is the next entry in the popular WarioWare series, which started on the Game Boy Advance way back in 2003. It contains 16 party-style minigames which make use of the Wii U GamePad.

Until we get word from Nintendo itself it's wise to take this date with a pinch of salt, but retailers often have insider information so this could well be the real deal. While you're pondering whether to believe GameFly or not, make sure you check out our Game & Wario first impressions.


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edhe said:

I can't wait for them to release a proper WarioWare game. WarioWare D.I.Y 2 would be brilliant.

As such, I'm not particularly looking forward to this.



SilentHunter382 said:

Well we will just have to wait and see when nintendo does release the real release date. Until then my wii u starts to collect dust (I know Monster Hunter 3 is out but the lack of extra spending money is low)



KeeperBvK said:

"The Wii U game was released in Japan at the end of March, and is the next entry in the popular WarioWare series,"

It's not really part of the WarioWare series. For one thing, the names are different, and what's more, this isn't about micro games, but about minigames. It's an entirely different focus. Just because there's Wario in there, it doesn't mean it's the same series.
Otherwise, you could also argue that this is another Mario Party, since Wario is in both Game & Wario and Mario Party.

I wish they'd just make another true WarioWare. The demo I played of this was just horrible.



Damo said:

@KeeperBvK Dude, it has all the same characters as WarioWare. It's part of the series. It even has some of the same minigames from previous titles.

From Nintendo's official site:

Wario and the Diamond City gang are back in a collection of all-new games that show off the versatility and unique capabilities of the Wii U console. Using only the Wii U GamePad, up to five players can take turns competing in games filled with the eccentric spirit of the WarioWare series.




LexKitteh said:

This isn't truly a WarioWare game, rather than playing through a large number of rapid MicroGames, this is more like regular mini-game compilation. I'm not all too excited either. But will be nice to have another game on Wii U finally.



edhe said:

Actually, I hope Nintendo continue to make WarioWare games as we know them, and that this isn't an attempt to reboot the franchise.

If this does mean the end of WarioWare's microgames, I hope we get to see a Rhythm Heaven D.I.Y installment (from the team that brought us WarioWare). You could create your own simple music (or browse a bank of tracks) and create your own rhythm games. That would be awesome!

But a more compleat, definitive WarioWare D.I.Y for the Wii U would be welcome.



Nintenjoe64 said:

A 30th of June release for this and no hint of Pikmin, Wonderful 101 or Wii Fit U doesn't bode well for the release schedule but maybe they're out sooner....

When the f is the next Nintendo Direct? We need them twice a month not once every 3 months



NintyMan said:

It's smart to be careful about anything that's not confirmed by Nintendo, but I can see this happening. I would've wanted it a little sooner, such as May, but we'll see.

And as far as whether Game & Wario is WarioWare canon or not, I believe it is because it does advance the series as far as characters go. 9-Volt's mother is clearly seen for the first time. Before, she was just a silhouette.

However, I would like a return to traditional WarioWare on the 3DS, and also revert to the original art style for the human characters. I'm doing better, but I'm still getting used to the black eyes.



MrGawain said:

June 30th is the last day of Q2. I would imagine Wario will arrive before that date, and the retailers are just putting a date in to drum up pre-orders.

I do agree a Nintendo Direct would cheer us all up, even if it just pencilled in some dates for us. Maybe next Wednesday?



Bluezealand said:

"June 30th is the last day of Q2. I would imagine Wario will arrive before that date, and the retailers are just putting a date in to drum up pre-orders."

^this. Plus, it is a Sunday.



rjejr said:

@Bluezealand - bonus points for pointing out it's a Sunday. The only downside to the theory is Gamefly is a rental company, not so much a retailer, so they don't have much to gain by taking pre-orders.

Could Nintendo launch this game within a week or 2 of Pikmin 3? I was starting to go w/ mid-June for that one after the Rolling Stone interview and TWs unwavering faith.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

I like some of the games, others I don't. This viewpoint, of course, is based on what I have seen in videos, as I have not played any demos of the game yet. I'm still quite unsure about this game. The one that really stands out is 9-Volt's game, which consists of micro games and pretending to be asleep so ones mother does not kick some butt. I need more information NL!!!!



Ren said:

this was probably the most unique use of the gamepad demo that I played way back at pre-launch events, might have made difference if it and 3 or 4 other good Nintendo games came out AT launch. Kinda late now, it'll hardly make me run out and buy a WiiU anymore, but I'll be curious to see how it fares.



Jukilum said:

As has been pointed out already, June 30 is just the last day of Q2. This is probably the same deal as sites like IGN listing a December 31 release date for games that are coming by the end of the year.



HeatBombastic said:

Excited for this. I find it funny how people are complaining about this in the comments. I just hope the release date is a little earlier than June.



XFsWorld said:

I liked the GBA WarioWare that I had got for free from Nintendo [3DS Abassdor]



NintyMan said:

If it's true that this may not release on June 30th, then it would release by June 30th. I still hope that it releases sooner than that.



Captain_Balko said:

WarioWare is an exceptional series, I'd say it actually used to be my favourite Nintendo IP as a kid. I will be getting this, no questions asked... well, I mean, unless it turns out to be terrible somehow, which I doubt.



Tony_342 said:

At this rate, it looks like Pikmin 3 won't be coming out until August or September. It just seems strange to me to think that we'll have another E3 before we see any of these "launch window" games that were shown off at last year's E3. That just doesn't seem right.



Neram said:

Don't retailers usually just put the 30th of whatever month the game is supposed to come out in, when they don't know exactly when it will be? Maybe it's just a tentative listing.



OdnetninAges said:

Until there is official word from Nintendo, I am taking this with a pinch of salt. I am pretty sure that this will be the next Wii U game to be released though, as all NOA is doing right now is translating it.

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