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Tue 23rd October, 2012

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Jock_Nerd commented on Fake Commercial for 'The Nintendo App' Stirs D...:

A lot of people's comments are based on the assumption that the video is promoting Nintendo to sell their games on mobile. To these people: read the description of MarioLinkSamus' video:

"This pretend app is never selling any games to be played on the smart device. This free app contains free demos (like the Masterpieces in Smash Bros. - did you notice the countdown timer in the upper-right?).

Please respect Nintendo’s decision not to make its games playable on any devices other than their own and I personally don’t expect nor necessarily want them to change that stance. I have a love for Nintendo and wanted to have fun while improving software/editing skills."



Jock_Nerd commented on Miiverse Gets a Fresh Update for Wii U and 3DS:

Something is missing still from Miiverse. I like coming back to Miiverse to see and read Smash updates. I'll also read some posts on Super Metroid and view art from Art Academy, but other than that, I don't really post or care to read much of what others post.

I don't have the answer yet, but I believe a forum-like approach (topics with latest/most comments on top) would help. Also, the ability to post short videos would be great, too.

Anyone else have thoughts?



Jock_Nerd commented on Smash Bros. Director Pushing Himself "To The B...:

It almost sounds like Sak's about to die over this decision. Remember everyone, it's just a game. Whatever decisions are made, are made. Have fun with it either way.

(If you're reading this Nintendo, you know, downloadable characters and game updates can solve a lot of heartache and headache.)



Jock_Nerd commented on Super Smash Bros. Won't Feature Cross-Platform...:

Didn't expect cross-platform play so this news doesn't surprise/disappoint me. I did expect cross-platform compatibility, though, and that's what we're getting. I expect/hope a lot of stat tracking shared... hopefully to a cloud.



Jock_Nerd commented on The Story of an Abandoned Mega Man FPS, Maveri...:

Looks OK, but I'm not convinced it would have done enough different to stand out from other FPSs. Yeah, the dash attacks and execution cuts are new, but those ideas alone wouldn't have been innovative enough to make this game stand out from other FPSs in my humble opinion.



Jock_Nerd commented on First Impressions: Little Inferno:

Mr. Reed, you are a gifted writer, but with all due respect, I got almost nothing from this article in terms of Little Inferno's gameplay (the most important aspect of any game). How do you burn things? What is the challenge? What makes it fun?