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Detective Conan to Solve the Case With AR Cards on 3DS

Posted by Lee Meyer

The truth is in the cards

Chunsoft's upcoming 3DS adventure, Detective Conan: Marionette Symphony, will feature AR cards as a key gameplay component in solving various mysteries. Using the AR cards, a 3D Conan will appear and help the player if given virtual coins (though it's not clear if Play Coins are used or if the game has its own digital currency). The AR Conan will give the player hints and make expressions and movements based on the given case.

The majority of Detective Conan games have been exclusive to Japan. The franchise, which also includes anime and manga, focuses on the titular detective, who was turned into a child after being poisoned; Detective Conan: Marionette Symphony will hit Japan on 25th April.

Are you familiar with Detective Conan? Would you like to see more of him in the West, or perhaps more games that use AR cards in different ways? Let us know in the comments.


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Tasuki said:

Very familiar with the anime although its called Case Closed here in America, I have the first two seasons on DVD and use to watch it all the time when Adult Swim had it on a few years ago. One of my favorite of all time. I just wish they would bring the games out here.



Late said:

I've read manga and I quite like it although the story seems to move really slowly.



DePapier said:

It's been years since I haven't read that manga but I remember it being awesome. But then came Spiral... And then came Death Note... Code Geass...



Windy said:

I played a version of Conan on the PCEngine that was pretty cool. I will probably get this to try out the AR card gameplay. The PCEngine game was a sidescrolling platformer



KAHN said:

first time hearing anything about conan. i'll have to google him or something.



hamsterfactor said:

I've been a fan of the manga for more than 10 years now, though lately the series is reeeally showing its age. I still also watch the movies and everything, though - the 17th movie will open around the same time this game is released.

I'd be interested in the game if it had decent-ish reviews, although I really doubt they'll start localising Meitantei Conan games now.



Beta said:

Another awesome title that will never get localized… ;_; I WANT THIS! D’X Kaito kid, you will be missed, my dear phantom thief! T.T This was one of my favorite childhood anime, ironically XD



BakaKnight said:

I'm still buying and following the manga here in Italy, over 70 volumes and still I love the serie as the first day, probably much much much more X3

Too bad till now the only game that came here is the horrible Wii one, but this sound much much better, the AR idea kinda remind me of how Conan help Goro solving the cases XD

If it's at least acceptable I deeply hope this game to come here in the west ^O^



shonenjump86 said:

I watch the anime when it came on Adult Swim. I collect the manga volumes now. Good long running series.



Shadowflash said:

Seeking the one truth, he looks like a child but has the mind of an adult. His name is, Detective Conan.
Sounds fun. I might get it if it comes out over here.



47drift said:

An absolute shame this most likely won't come here. It's a splendid series that you can just hop in and enjoy at any time, much like Lupin III. Would love to see how a game would play.



ueI said:

I've never heard of this, but it sounds interesting enough.



SheldonRandoms said:

My sister likes this Detective Conan person, if she were to learn of this, it'll make her sad that it's probably gonna be Japan only, but if they released it here, then she would buy it in a heartbeat.



DIALGA63 said:

So you play the entire game by scanning ar cards and virtual coins? Definitely not going to buy it if it comes to America.



totallykelliann said:

i would kill to have awesome conan games to play in the west!!!! im from the US and its hard to play any conan games when theyre only released in japan



totallykelliann said:

@Tasuki i agree! i have all of the dubbed case closed dvds and movies and i just wish the games came westward, as well as dub the remaining seasons (i know theres a lot but one of my fav things to do was watch case closed on adult swim and now i have to scour the internet to find subbed episodes :-// )

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