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Renegade Kid Confirms Upcoming FPS Will Support Circle Pad Pro

Posted by Andy Green

Name, logo and key imagery to be unveiled at PAX East

Renegade Kid is a pretty busy developer at the moment. It's recently released ATV Wild Ride 3D on the 3DS eShop and has Mutant Mudds: Deluxe, Mutant Mudds 2 and a new first person shooter for the 3DS in the works.

That FPS is to be unveiled at PAX East with Jools Watsham, the developer's co-founder, writing about it on his blog:

Our 3DS FPS has been an especially challenging task that we thrust upon ourselves. Not only have we needed to get the playable ‘Atmosphere Demo’ in shape to show off, but there’s the fact that this is the reveal of the game to the world. No pressure there, right? This has forced us to finalize the name of the game, the game logo, and the key imagery that hopefully embodies the game theme at a glance.

I know that the world will quickly judge and decide whether we have successfully presented an appealing game or not in just few days, but personally I am feeling really good about the game.

Watsham has since taken to Twitter to share some more information with us all, namely that the game will support the Circle Pad Pro, which will be a relief for those anxious about the control scheme.

Are you looking forward to finding out more about Renegade Kid's upcoming shooter? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below.


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rayword45 said:

I'm not complaining, but this was announced along with the game.

I'm probably gonna use the CPP since there's no multiplayer.



Undead_terror said:

Don't have a cpp (don't want one either) so I will also be using the classic stylus control as well.



HeatBombastic said:

For $20 dollar the CPP ain't too bad of a deal. I'd love to play Kid Icarus: Uprising on the go without hurting myself after a while. Hopefully more games will be compatible with it soon.



Windy said:

@Jools your a good man! Im sure it will be just great. Thank You for sticking with 3DS I hope all goes well at PAX for you. Im not a Fan of 3d shooters last one I really played was Shogo which had heavy emphasis on Multiplayer play. Maybe this new game will give me a reason to jump on and play with a CPP



Parasky said:

I'm intrigued by this FPS for this. I managed to get a Circle Pad Pro for £5 at game too!



iMarkU said:

maybe he ment holding the 3DS itself. Since the 3DS itself is well...square. And the CPP has a much more natural fit.



AVahne said:

3DS's first FPS after over 2 years on the market! Good to see that's from Renegade Kid as well.



Rect_Pola said:

Oh yeah, that thing. That ugly uncomfortably designed bit of PR backpedalling. Pity I had to LOBOMOTIZE MY NORMAL 3DS when I got the XL.



Peppy_Hare said:

I have a feeling they are prepping the release of a new 3ds design. One with the second analog stick.



shinobi88 said:

Jools is the MAN. Stylus control was pretty obvious considerin the Circle Pad Pro hasn't even been released in the US for the 3DS XL. There just aren't enough CPP's in consumer's hands right now to make a game that only offers dual-stick control. Which is probably why we haven't seen any major first person shooter franchises like Call of Duty coming to 3DS. The big 3rd party companies are only used to dual-stick controls and they're too lazy to program multiple control schemes.

We're pretty much guaranteed two more 3DS redesigns over its lifespan: a 3DS with 2 sticks and a 3DS XL with two sticks. And the perfect way to unveil that 3DS with two sticks is to pair it with a Metroid Prime 3D announcement at E3 this year (hint, hint Ninty)

How bad does Nintendo of America BLOW?? Reggie, where's my XL CPP, Game Gear games, and Luigi's Mansion bonus stuff??



DaemonSword said:

Please, Renegade Kid, for all that is good in this universe: DO NOT let this game be a eeeeeevil COD clone in 3D. Innovate or at least pay homage to FPS shooters when they were enjoyable. Please.



Spleetal said:

@Nintenzo I think he meant that if kid Icarus allowed use of the CPP instead of using the stylus (don't know if that'd work never played it)



rayword45 said:

@shinobi88 That thing about big companies is false. They aren't investing because they don't see profit.

How were DS and even GBA FPS games made without any sticks after all?



AG_Awesome said:

Now in the meanwhile lets re-release dementium 1 and 2 with upgraded resolution, control schemes, and engine in a combo set or as 3ds downloads. Or at least part 2.



meltendo said:

Nintendo is pretty bad with the whole Circle Pad Pro XL release in the's not available here yet when you start a game in the 3DS version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, the game asks if you're using a CPP. I had to import one from China for $40. (Getting it next week)



DaveC said:

Too bad it is e-shop only, that will keep me from it. Locking a game to a single piece of hardware is ridiculous (not to mention EVIL).

As far as NEEDING a second pad for an FPS that is nonsense. Remember the DS, the GBA, the PSP, the N64, the PSX, none had 2 analogs (some had NONE) and all had MANY good FPS games. The "no FPS because no 2 analogs on 3DS" excuse is LAME!



shinobi88 said:

@undead_terror: ya, it might be a new IP, but Jools promised that fans of Dementium would dig it so I'm not expectin a game with rainbows and unicorns (though an FPS where you could ride unicorns would be pretty freakin sweet)

Does it make ANY sense that the DS, with its extremely limited graphics tech and memory, had at least 8 major retail FPS's (some of which were Xtremely high quality), and by comparison the 3DS, with it's very high quality graphics tech and decent amount of memory, will only have one stinkin eShop FPS by its 3rd bday??

Only way you can you explain it is that the 3rd parties either, A.) are boycottin makin a game that'll require a lot of dev resources until the 3DS has two sticks, or B.) the 3DS ownership skewing way towards casual/kiddie types scares anyone besides Capcom away from bringin hardcore games to the system. Option B don't really make sense considerin the DS had the exact same type audience and it got multiple CoD entries



Dpullam said:

I'm looking forward to seeing the reveal of this game. The circle pad pro isn't completely necessary but it is good to see it getting some support from select games.



WesCash said:

My CPP was collecting dust, so any game coming out that takes advantage of it sounds good to me.



The3DSisMINE said:

I still can't believe the 3ds doesn't have one yet. The closest thing we got is the RE games for the system.... or am I wrong. Is there a FPS for the system yet?



Gustoff said:

Waiting for more info on this one. Been waiting for a FPS to release for my 3DS. Finally!!! I currently am using the CPP for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, so awesome with the CPP controls. PAX East is from the 22-24th. I wonder what day they'll announce the info? By my luck, it'll probably be till the 24th. Here's to waiting...



Galactus said:

@Nardar Yeah this is getting crazy. I have yet to start my Nano Assault EX file because I am waiting on this thing.

Might just get the Japanese version on ebay. Anyone know if it works ok with the US XL?



DaveC said:


Yes locked, until you ask big brother Nintendo to let you transfer the game, which is a big hassle. This assumes that you have both units connected to the internet so ninty can watch ya', that you still have the original unit that has the game and hasn't been lost or broken. Then it is assuming that Ninty still supports the game and transfer, someday they won't and you will lose everything.

Locking games to a single piece of hardware sucks, people should boycott this until they do it right. It is WAY too restrictive, and just plain irritating. You should be able to transfer the game without the internet easily just like a cart.



Meaty-cheeky said:

Looking forward for this game.

I find it weird that there are no fast paced First Person Shooters on the Nintendo 3DS, since the 3DS can produce very beautiful graphics, and you can play them by either stylus-touch screen controls, or the circle pad pro.

It would be nice to have a good FPS game for my 3DS game library. The Nintendo DS had many FPS games why not the 3DS???

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