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Lead Designer On Watch_Dogs Has Parted Company With Ubisoft

Posted by Damien McFerran

Jamie Keen has joined EA

It has been reported that Watch_Dogs lead game designer Jamie Keen has left Ubisoft and is now working at EA Gothenburg — also known as Ghost Games. found the information in Keen's LinkedIn profile, which states he was lead game designer on both Far Cry 3 and the forthcoming Watch_Dogs. His profile states that he departed Ubisoft in February of last year, yet it also says he was working on Far Cry 3 during the latter part of 2012 — which suggests that his actual departure didn't occur until February 2013.

Hopefully this won't impact the development of what is shaping up to be one of 2013's most promising titles. Watch_Dogs is due to launch on the Wii U towards the end of the year.


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Bankai said:

@grimbldoo I know right? Those nice big wages and job security is such a stupid reason to work for a company like EA

It's much better to go to some random indie and not get paid for six months and watch your family slowly starve to death.



DreaddJester said:

Maybe he wants to go to a company where you can double or triple your money on a game by gutting half the finished game so you can later sell it as add-ons........



carlocunanan said:

EA isn't falling apart... Just because we don't enjoy what EA is going to offer in the future, doesn't mean they will collapse...



DreaddJester said:

EA is number one on my "game companies that suck" list due to their horrible practice of screwing the customer out of a completed game so they can make more money on a hacked up one. Only way I buy an EA game is if it's been out a while, has gotten incredible reviews, and I haven't seen or heard of too much about small content upgrades for $30.00+.

Sony is number 2 on my list........ If I got my way both of those companies would go belly up so we could get games produced by better companies that rememered how to treat their customers right.



GraveLordXD said:

@carlocunanan yeah because people will still buy their crap even tho they don't enjoy it. I like how they can miraculously turn every thing they put their hands on into %?#@ kinda cool trick if you ask me, maybe they're in the wrong businesses and should open up a magic show



pntjr said:

New Designer: So instead of hacking the city's central operating system, you will instead be a dog that watches things through the window! That's why it's called Watch Dogs, right?



TrueWiiMaster said:

Wait, what? EA is commonly hated among gamers for numerous reasons, including, but not limited to, microtransactions, releasing literally the same game multiple times, and way too much DLC. Of course they would prefer a good designer be with someone besides EA.

And this guy left Ubisoft to go to EA. Indie developers weren't even a part of the picture. I'd be surprised if he wasn't making a pretty comfortable paycheck as lead designer on games like Far Cry and Watch Dogs, so leaving the company for EA wasn't to keep his family from starving.



BakaKnight said:

Let's hope that he will had to EA games a way for hack the microtransictions system XD



Omarsonic9 said:

Happy News : He left Ubisoft!
Bad News : He joined EA

That's the stupid decision that someone would make.



banacheck said:


Sony is number 2.

Wow yes Sony is one hell of a company they sell your products that actually work, yes i know bad isn't it. At least a companys like Bethesda will actually sell you a broken port that why we gave them GOTY, but to sell you something thats works my god. At least EA,Ubisoft, Gearbox, Bethesda etc all have realistic dreams of selling products that will be patched day one, because of there excellent QA teams. Microsoft even did an excellent job of with the Xbox360 why on earth would you need to buy one console? when you can buy one yearly or even sooner. I'm with you get rid of companies that actually sell you working products, you'd be a fool not too right?



AlexSora89 said:

As crazy as this may sound, he should have stayed with Ubisoft.

Yes, even the company that backstabbed a console by delaying an exclusive in order for it to go multiplatform... it's still better than EA!



Chrono_Cross said:


Explain that last part. As for consumers buying EA's games but not enjoying them, that's a load of manure.


I wish you'd contribute to this news article with something other than your opinion.



DreaddJester said:

Yes Sony because time and time again they have proven that they are willing to put the screws to their customers to make more profit. I could care less about hardware, I care more about how I'm treated as a loyal customer. When I, as a loyal customer of many years, get shafted as though it didn't matter I tend not to keep giving that company money. It's that whole "fool me once" thing....

That and if you keep up with Sony events they do some really weird things, like that God of War event where they slaughtered a goat, ate it's intestins raw, and had topless girls running around serving it. Uhh, yeah, that's........weird.

Bottom line for me is this: If you don't treat your customers like valuable assets to your company then your company is worth nothing to me.



banacheck said:

I could care less about hardware, I care more about how I'm treated as a loyal customer.

You do know Sony is a Console Manufacturer, Publisher & has a Dev Teams, just like Beathesda is a Publisher and has a Dev Team?

You not given any reasons why and how Sony screws there loyal customers? God Of War is a game any event promoting there game will have there game theme, just like Mario will be at an Nintendo event... werid?



GraveLordXD said:

@Chrono_Cross i was responding to someone else saying EA is not falling apart like I claimed they were which I know they aren't but wish they would. But basically what I mean is even tho most people don't enjoy the micro transactions and drm some people will still buy the game



DreaddJester said:

@banacheck Well it's getting a bit off topic now but how has Sony screwed it's customers. Let me count the ways.....
1. All of their MMORPG's are renown for kicking out a new "expansion" every 4 to 6 months which you have to pay $30.00 or more for to keep up with everything in the game in addition to your monthly game fees.
2. Star Wars Galaxies.... I think this one is self explanitory on how they royally screwed their very loyal customers.
3. EverQuest 2: Sold EQ2 in Europe to a less than trustworthy TV station (which had been hacked multiple times) looking to cash in on an MMORPG and then region locked the game in both countries after it had been open since the begining.
4. Had all Station accounts hacked into multiple times because of poor security methods. Most Station account holders had to get new credit and bank cards each time to avoid their card numbers being sold online by the hackers. Sony did little in the way of repairing damage, gametime, or money lost to said account holders.
5. Charging $82.00 U.S. for a screw. No joke.
6. As of late, systems have been overly priced and out of range of your average gamer. I'm wondering how many of your kids you'll have to sell and fingers you'll have to chop off to purchase the PS4....

I could go on but there's the tip of the iceberg.

Oh and one last thing. I'm no animal rights activist or anything like that but you seriously don't find it a bit odd that they KILLED a LIVE goat at the event, scooped out it's steaming warm insides and had real topless women hand out raw meat for people to eat??? I mean, having Mario at a Mario game event is one thing, parading a live Yoshi onstage, killing it then eating it raw would be something completely different. However, admittedly, seeing Princess Peach topless could be a hoot! lol



AlexSora89 said:

@Chrono_Cross: Last time I checked, the comments' section's purpose included either opinions, thoughtful comments, or both. My quip wasn't unlike any of those that came before mine. My point still stands though - as I said in the newspost related to Miyamoto's potential retirement, art is the most important thing when it comes to game design: art, as in the freedom given to game designers. And Keen, as any artist in the industry, doesn't really belong to such game companies as EA or Activision - while game companies' main purpose is to make good games for money, EA and Activision only skip to the part where they get money. Which is unsurprising, considering EA are the same ones who suggested "microtransaction in all games" last week. There, are you okay with this explanation or is it still just a bland opinion?



Chrono_Cross said:


Replying to everyone is an unnecessary task.

while game companies' main purpose is to make good games for money

That's what both companies do. Whether you judge quality based on reviews or sales, both Activision's World of Warcraft expansions and yearly Call of Duty titles sell millions of copies. I'm going to assume you think those are bad, rehashed and include other cliche complaints but those games are fantastic because if they weren't, they wouldn't sell millions in the first month.

As for the artistic portion, no, not every developer has to innovate to make a profit. (Nintendo is guilty of this as well.) You're leaning towards freedom of speech, which is what Activion's studios act upon.

The gaming industry, much like the music industry, is an industry. Shocking I know, and the companies that make up the industry make a living off the games it publishes. Nintendo and Ubisoft don't make good games because it wants to please whiny, hormonal teenagers for self satisfaction, rather, it makes good, innovative games because those sell. High in demand.

As for micro-transactions, EA is losing money and has to make up for it in some other way. Simple as that.

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