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Another Study Claims Playing Wii Can Benefit Surgeons

Posted by Andy Green

An hour a day keeps the doctor away

Way back in 2008, while most of the world was getting to grips with the wonder of the Nintendo Wii, a group of researchers was looking into how the system could help with important medical procedures.

That's right, a US study discovered that surgeons performed their duties much more effectively and efficiently after playing on the Wii for an hour beforehand. Apparently, playing some Wii allowed them to 'warm up' before having a poke around in patients' innards.

Now a new study has emerged confirming the very same thing: surgeons who spend an hour a day playing Wii perform better in the operating theatre.

This time it was the University of Rome that conducted the study, which saw some postgraduate surgeons play an hour a day for a month, with another short-straw drawing half missing out.

Surgeons that had been playing Wii scored much higher as a group in simulated tasks designed to test the skills needed for laparoscopy, or keyhole surgery, than those who did not. Laparoscopic surgery involves inserting a tiny video camera into the body.

The report, found in the scientific journal PLOS One, said that using the Wii could become a "helpful, inexpensive and entertaining part of the training of young laparoscopists in addition to a standard surgical education based on simulators and the operating room".

It should be said that the games used were Wii Tennis, Wii Table Tennis and High Altitude Battle. No sign of Trauma Center, which feels like a bit of a missed opportunity.


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Raylax said:

I've worked in a hospital long enough to know that surgeons (or indeed all other medical staff) would never, ever have time to play Wii for an hour before anything. Nor us admin staff, for that matter.

Really, this report is a bit like proving that firefighters are better at fighting fire if they play a game of monopoly before heading out to tackle the blazing inferno. Interesting (I guess?), but of use to precisely nobody, ever. Especially if your house is on fire



SneakyStyle said:

@ #3 That doesn't mean it ain't true. Not all hospitals are over-run. Some are just poorly managed.



DarkKirby said:

Before we know it we'll have virtual reality training for everything.

Then androids, then androids to do the work for us, then androids who refuse to do the work for us anymore.



steamhare said:

@raylax That is a bad metaphor. Firefighters have plenty of time to start a game of monopoly, If they had to finish the game, though, the metaphor would totally work.



Tsuchiya said:

I'd have jumped out the nearest window if I'd been told that prior to my operation.



RevolverLink said:

"Don't worry, ma'am, your son is in very good hands. His doctor cleared every level of Trauma Team on Specialist difficulty."



WiiLovePeace said:

What's high altitude battle? :S Never heard of it. & I presume they played Tennis from Wii Sports & Table Tennis from Wii Sports Resort but you never know, they could've been playing a crappy 3rd party rendition.

Edit: Maybe they mean Sword play from Wii Sports Resort. This report doesn't seem very scientific since they can't even label the games that were played & then specify which mini game was played within said game.



Pixelrobin said:

Wait, Sword fighting games help surgeons with surgery?????? It makes you think what they do while you're asleep......................................................



Grodus said:

They must have not been updated on all the video games the could've used, otherwise they definitively would've used Trauma Center!

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