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Runner 2 Confirmed For This Week On North American Wii U eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Could arrive on 26th February, according to Gaijin

BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien — let's call it Runner 2 from now on — has no doubt been on the wish-lists of those that were fans of BIT.TRIP RUNNER on WiiWare. It looks to feature the same running and jumping mechanics, but with a new graphics engine, environments and characters.

Its confirmation for Wii U was a relief after it was known to be skipping Wii, and the recent assurance that it would arrive in February appears to have been kept by Gaijin Games, in North America at least:

According to the developer it'll arrive on Wii U and Steam first, which would mean it'll land on the eShop on 26th February. We've seen download titles arrive on the platform outside of the standard Thursday window before, so there's certainly every chance that it will hit the store on Tuesday. Unfortunately, it won't hit Europe quite yet:

The launch trailer for this is below, so how many of you are keen to download this one?


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KingDunsparce said:

Hurray! This will be my first eShop purchase (outside of $0.30 retro games )
I've been playing a lot of BIT.TRIP SAGA recently.



Zellybeanie said:

Woot! I'll be all over it the second it drops. Gimme!

Gimme gimme gimme (and maybe I could get the boyfriend off ZombiU for an hour or two).



Fingeldor said:

I haven't played a Bit game yet but this looks pretty good! Looking forward to checking it out on Wii U!



Auracle said:

I just got Trine 2, so I doubt I'll get this immediately. However, I'd to get it sometime.



sr388survivor said:

So tomorrow? Awesome! I've been waiting since launch for this game. I like that games don't seem to have to release on Thursdays. Makes for nice surprises such as this.



LittleIrves said:

Ooh, I do hope it's available tomorrow. Loving this early release for indie eShop games thing we have going on. Runner2 shall join Little Inferno (get it!) and Puddle (maybe get it!) on my list of initial Wii U downloads. If it's 1/2 as awesome as RUNNER, this is a happy happy day.



RoryLee said:

Yeah! I like that pickle looking character $14.99 seems pretty steep, but that game does look like alot of fun.



Zodiak13 said:

Glad to see more eshop on the Wii U. Not my kind of game, but glad for everyone who will enjoy it .



Everly said:

That same Direct stated that Zen Pinball would be out in February as well. Doesn't look like that is going to happen though.



sonic_brawler95 said:

Wow, nice! I'll be sure to download it tomorrow. The first Runner was my favorite part about Bit.Trip Saga.



Stratostar said:

For those on the fence about Runner2: Don't be. Runner2 is the first must-have eShop game.



naut said:

@ThomasBW84 Sorry! I deleted that comment right after I made it because I was in error. Can't believe you actually saw it! I was simply referring to Bit.Trip's tweet about the game being available in 19 hours. I thought this article was referring to this whole gig being a rumor but it clearly says "Confirmed." Like I said, my mistake.



DreamOn said:

@stratostar im on the fence with this one ive never played a bit trip game before. i have money for toky tory 2 on the eshop, should i spend that now (kinda really wanting a new good game) and try to get more for it later?



Knux said:

Funny on how I got a Wii U right before the day it releases...



XCWarrior said:

Meaning this week will be a good week of digital releases no matter what! Two weeks in a row, how about that?!



Farmboy74 said:

Nice to see our north american friends getting Bit Trip this week, but what about Europe? Are we to assume it will be in next weeks new release schedule for the European eshop? or will be later due to localisation issues?



Moonhillwat said:

On their website in the blog they say that it will only play with the GamePad and not the Pro Controller. A bit of a shame, but I'll get over it.



Odnetnin said:

@Stratostar You're almost right; it's the second (after Little Inferno). Methinks it'll be the first for players who value entertainment over art, which is perfectly fine. Either way you slice it, these are two of the best games of all time in my humble opinion.



lifer said:

@gaDronilDdos So far we actually got more games before the US on Wii U. At least Puddle and Zen Pinball 2 were here first, and both by a margin. IIRC only MSF came out first in the US, but that appeared rather quickly here too.



Obvious78 said:

Great! Another sidescrolling game which does not represents the graphical power ofd the WIi U. No thanks.



Beta said:

@Obvious78 Don't tell me you're one of the graphics gluttons... -_- Dude, graphics don't make the game, gameplay (and often stories) that make it! Besides, it's an indie title, not an AAA!



ThomasBW84 said:

The price should be $14.99, and as the tweet in the article shows us Europeans need to wait a bit. Darn!



A1234 said:

hopefully the first 5 seconds of the video is in the game. can't wait!



RoryLee said:

Trine 2 did that. But I found that game to be the weakest of the DL bunch. I find it very pretty.....and somewhat dull.



RoryLee said:

Downloaded it as soon as it hit the eShop. Its already addicting and I love that they now give you the option to change the difficulty setting. The game looks and plays great!

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