Many of you are quite possibly familiar with LEGO CUUSOO, the community-based site that allows fans to submit proposals for sets and figures that they'd like to see released by the famous company. The first step is earning 10,000 votes, at which point the idea is formally reviewed to see whether it's a possible inclusion in the real LEGO universe.

It's rather nice that enthusiasts can pursue LEGO dreams in this way, even if the end outcome isn't always perfect — a Legend of Zelda set earned the necessary community votes, but failed to make it through the approval stage. Another franchise familiar to gamers is now up for the test, however, with user Alatariel submitting a Mega Man project. Naturally it features various Robot Masters and looks like a lot of fun, though it would inevitably face the challenge of also gaining approval from Capcom.

The project has been online for a while but has recently gained some momentum, yesterday passing 1000 votes. It still has a long way to go, but such is its rate of approvals it's currently — at the time of writing — sitting 9th in the chart of last week's most approved projects. Considering the fact that last year its votes only arrived in small numbers, it's definitely picking up some steam.

Check it out on the project page; you can even throw a vote its way if you like the idea of some LEGO Mega Man to add to your collection.