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LEGO Mega Man Could Become a Reality

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Block Man isn't included

Many of you are quite possibly familiar with LEGO CUUSOO, the community-based site that allows fans to submit proposals for sets and figures that they'd like to see released by the famous company. The first step is earning 10,000 votes, at which point the idea is formally reviewed to see whether it's a possible inclusion in the real LEGO universe.

It's rather nice that enthusiasts can pursue LEGO dreams in this way, even if the end outcome isn't always perfect — a Legend of Zelda set earned the necessary community votes, but failed to make it through the approval stage. Another franchise familiar to gamers is now up for the test, however, with user Alatariel submitting a Mega Man project. Naturally it features various Robot Masters and looks like a lot of fun, though it would inevitably face the challenge of also gaining approval from Capcom.

The project has been online for a while but has recently gained some momentum, yesterday passing 1000 votes. It still has a long way to go, but such is its rate of approvals it's currently — at the time of writing — sitting 9th in the chart of last week's most approved projects. Considering the fact that last year its votes only arrived in small numbers, it's definitely picking up some steam.

Check it out on the project page; you can even throw a vote its way if you like the idea of some LEGO Mega Man to add to your collection.


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Tasuki said:

I would like to see this happen but given how people feel about Capcom right now I wont be surprised if this doesnt make it,



Bulbousaur said:

Looks cool, but if Zelda didn't make it through, I highly doubt this will. I would buy the Zelda ones and this though if they did come out.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Looks cool, but if Zelda didn't make it through, I highly doubt this will.

I agree, but I'm absolutely casting my vote for it. Stranger things have happened!



TheEmerlLad said:

The Times of building with legos have long past me. But this will be great for my Nephew! What better way to show your love for franchises.




I would like to see something like this pass, but I don't think it's mean't to be in all honesty. Not to be playing favoritism or anything on this subject, but I would have loved to see that cancelled The Legend Of Zelda LEGO project come to life. Personally imo, I don't see WHY that ever got canned by the fans? :/



Mk_II said:

The Zelda project got canned by Lego because it would have required too many custom parts (== tooling costs). If this project can avoid that, they could have a chance.



Yosher said:

Does everything have to be legofied these days? Ugh.



SheldonRandoms said:

I wish this would happen, and if Capcom were to see this, then maybe they would ask Traveller's Tales to make a Lego Mega Man game, now that would be awesome.

@Yosher, yes, everything must be legofied, just like everything is Ponyfied



NESguy94 said:

I totally forgot that I supported this. I would buy o many of these if it is real.



Raymen said:

@Tasuki OOOOOHHHHHHH!!1 HAH! seriously though I'd go with it, but Crapcom(forgot who made that, but hats off for you) probably will veto it



Whopper744 said:

Looking into Megaman but the Zelda franchise didn't get it? Come on, Zelda is much better in MY opinion.



KnightRider666 said:

This is the coolest Lego idea yet(Yes, even cooler than Zelda)! Think of the endless possibilities here... I'm going to go vote right now!



Jukilum said:

Cuusoo is designed for individual sets though, not whole product lines. In a similar previous situation they had the creator of the Modular Western Town project choose just one of the models in the project to go forward with--although it ultimately failed at review due to business conflicts, what with LEGO releasing a Lone Rangers theme this year and western sets having limited overall appeal.



FluttershyGuy said:

Maybe Mega Man fans will go for this, because they know this is about the only way we're going to get any new Megs material anytime soon?



Jukilum said:

Regardless of how you think it looks now, designers at LEGO design the final product to fit certain criteria.



TwilightV said:

Eh. Let me know if Legends or more preferably Tron Bonne gets one. Servbots just make more sense, y'know?

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