Nintendo has been busy behind the scenes updating Miiverse, including changes to make filtering content that little bit easier. A verified member of staff, Marty, appeared on the platform today to inform us of the new update.

You can now filter for 'Player Posts' in each gaming community. If you touch the option at the top of the screen you can just see those that have played the relevant game, and not those posting that have never played it. When you look back at your personal posts, meanwhile, your spoiler posts will now feature a special mark above the message.

Unfollowing someone is easier than before, with a button now on your follow list that allows you to do this instead of going onto a certain person's profile and clicking 'unfollow'. Lastly, before the update, when you blocked someone you were still able to see their posts across various community forums. This isn't the case anymore, as you can longer see them on any of the communities you visit.

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