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Filtering Miiverse Content Is Easier With A New Update

Posted by Orla Madden

Cut out the unwanted posts

Nintendo has been busy behind the scenes updating Miiverse, including changes to make filtering content that little bit easier. A verified member of staff, Marty, appeared on the platform today to inform us of the new update.

You can now filter for 'Player Posts' in each gaming community. If you touch the option at the top of the screen you can just see those that have played the relevant game, and not those posting that have never played it. When you look back at your personal posts, meanwhile, your spoiler posts will now feature a special mark above the message.

Unfollowing someone is easier than before, with a button now on your follow list that allows you to do this instead of going onto a certain person's profile and clicking 'unfollow'. Lastly, before the update, when you blocked someone you were still able to see their posts across various community forums. This isn't the case anymore, as you can longer see them on any of the communities you visit.

What do you think of these changes? Let us know in the comment section below.

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gsnap said:

These changes are great. No negatives. If Nintendo keeps these Miiverse updates coming, it's gonna be amazing by the end of the year.



WarioPower said:

Nice update! It's great to see Ninty striving to make Miiverse better and better!



XXIV said:

Now we just need it for 3DS
We were promised it last year, Nintendo; don't break it :<



XXIV said:

Eh, that I can let go. I never used it anyway, and Colors 3D is perfectly adequate for any drawing I need to do



ultraraichu said:

Nice Nintendo. Stumping out trolls like they're Goombas and making the net more tolerable.



Tsuchiya said:

I've always wanted to see a player filter right from the start. Far too many people post irrelevant junk on Miiverse.

I've seen more informative gaming news scrawled on a toilet wall than in some Miiverse communities.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Honestly, I think they should just prevent people who haven't played a game from posting in that community in the first place. But this is something, at least.



Tsuchiya said:


That's a bit much. Anyone should be able to post in any community they wish. Ideally posts that are on topic and relevant though.

One little thing I'd like to see fixed is the 'owned' icon. Post a message in another community from another region and it disappears.

Overall, besides the silly doodles, Miiverse is a joy to use.



Weavius said:

I wish there were a filter to not see posts that use 'yeah' either typed or handwritten.



Kyloctopus said:

This is exactly what I wanted.
Now if we can get rid of Youtube and Netflix off the Warawara plaza.



Drobotic said:

I still think some posts that aren't even spoilers are being marked as spoilers,still.



Tsuchiya said:

@Whirlpool - Some way of customising your own WaraWara Plaza would be good. Selecting the communities that appear when you switch on. I'd like to see it filled with objects like chairs, games etc.

@Weavius - Nice idea. Some handwritten posts are just total nonsense.

@Drobotic - The Mass Effect 3 community is rife with spoilers posted by over excited newbs. Some way of adding a bit of detail to the exact nature of a spoiler would be something I'd like to see. Most spoilers aren't even spoilers. They're just doodles most of the time.

Maybe flagging a spoiler under the tag of 'Boss Battle' or 'Easter Egg' would be more efficient.



KingDunsparce said:

@Tsuchiya That spoiler classifying idea of yours is great! For example, I prefer not to look for Easter Eggs until I have beaten a game and looked for them so a specified spoiler for that kind of thing would be great.
As for the updates, I'm loving them, keep 'em coming!



TheAdza said:

Does this update fix the freezing problem I keep having? I read that changing the settings to English only fixed the problem but my Miiverse keeps freezing every time I go into Miiverse. Having to hard reset my Wii U is something I would prefer not to do.



fylth said:

Being able to specify the type of spoiler would be nice, would help you know if it would be a spoiler for you specifically. I would also like a way to mark a post as a help topic so I can either filter them out or just see them, would tidy things up a bit



Tsuchiya said:

Just posted that spoiler tag idea on Miiverse. You never know, it may appear one day!



Wonder_Ideal said:

Excellent changes. Thankfully I haven't run into many obnoxious people, but this will drop the chances of meeting others further.



TLink9 said:

The update seems overall nice. Just small little baby steps Nintendo.

Also I noticed an error in the article, it should be "no longer" instead of just "longer"



DerpSandwich said:

It isn't a way to prevent "yeah beggars" from showing up, but at least I can hide them forever now. I suppose there will be something pretty satisfying about blocking unsavory folk and not having to see their stupid posts ever again.

Kudos to Nintendo for rolling out the updates so quickly though, right?



NintyMan said:

Occasional updates like this are nice, and Miiverse will only get even better as more features are tweaked and added. A big one I would love would be a thread of every post or drawing I "yeahed" so I could have an epic gallery of fantastic Miiverse drawings.



kurtasbestos said:

Nice idea... I kinda wish I could do that on Nintendo Life when someone posts a comment like "I have no interest in this game" or "I don't own the relevant system so I don't care about this news" on an otherwise interesting article.



Burning_Spear said:

My goodness, with filtering enabled, will there be any posts remaining in the Funky Barn community?



Tsuchiya said:


I filtered the European Ben 10 community and I think I counted 5-6 actual owners. This is a problem. Too many people posting crud. This isn't Flipnote. So 2000+ people felt the need to post absolute bowls about a game they don't own. Nice.

The Funky Barn community is embarrasing.



Dr_42o said:

"who wants to play pictionary on wii u, add me, lol... " no, seriously.. i want a pictionary app, or community..



daveh30 said:

Excellent, this should take care of all those "what is this game?" and "Is this game worth it?" posts. now if we can just do something about the kids begging for Yeahs.... If you agree, click Yeah!! lol



GiftedGimp said:

I'm happy with miiverse, its good that I know my kuds, although I restrict them from posting they can see posts without fear of something untoward popping up.
I Like the way communities can't be spammed but when you need to make longer posts than the character limit allows you can by carrying on what your saying as comments in your post.
I think the majority of people who do complain about miiverse are those wanting to spam communities or post things they really shouldn't.



RetroGBHippie92 said:

I think these updates are handy and stuff like this is what improves the overall userability. I'm happy for any improvements.



RetrogamerFan said:

@Tsuchiya, Burning Spear: I also looked at some of the communities and was surprised by the low number of posts from people who actually owned the game. Although, when the Owner filter is applied, it looks like it also limits the search to posts that are no more than 2 weeks old, so there are more owners of the game who posted earlier, but probably not many in some cases.

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