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Petition Started To Get Dark Souls II On The Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

Prepare to die, possibly?

Namco Bandai recently announced Dark Souls II, the sequel to one of 2011's surprise critical hits. Only the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions have been confirmed so far - there's no love for Nintendo players, sadly.

However, a group of fans is hoping to change that by petitioning Namco Bandai - and developer From Software - in the hope that they can convince them to port the game to the Wii U as well.

At the time of writing the petition sits at just under 3,000 signatures. You might assume such action is futile, but Namco Bandai has been receptive to this kind of approach in the past; a similar petition resulted in the original Dark Souls getting a PC release.

The Dark Souls series follows on from the PS3 exclusive Demon's Souls, and is set in a grim fantasy world where death waits around every corner. Mixing together RPG elements with a survival horror mindset, the game rightly earned rave reviews from across the globe. Having played through the 360 version we can confirm it's one hell of a game, and being able to play the sequel on the Wii U would be a massive bonus.

Will you be adding your name to the petition?

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hiptanaka said:

It would take a long time if they started now, so it probably won't happen. I'd really like it, though. I love Dark Souls and it's a good fit for a Nintendo console (the progression structure in DaS is essentially from the first Zelda, it has that Nintendo gameplay centric philosophy, etc). If not this time, let's hope From supports Wii U from now on.



Scollurio said:

Just sign it whatsoever!! No matter what you think, more games is more games. Signed!



luminalace said:

I signed. This is the perfect opportunity for Namco and From Software to find a new audience for their game. Considering the way Zombie U turned out, Dark Souls sounds like a great match for the Wii U.

I think it's also up to Nintendo to actively pursue 3rd party games that are also coming to PS3 and Xbox 360!



RetroGBHippie92 said:

@CactusJackson Stop being a cynic, I think If people want it and it's ported to the Wii U, then that's more support for the Wii U in general, the more the merrier they say!



Araknie said:

I don't want this game, the developer announced that it's gonna be far less exploring the previous two games.
Goodbye to this franchise for me.



OPOAO said:

We should start a petition for the gamecube's resident evil remake in hd. The e shop would be the perfect destination.



bambooz1e said:

Just signed I love dark souls on ps3 and I am getting a Wii U so this would be awesome.



Banker-Style said:

Signed it,Dark Souls always interested me,so I welcome this.
Would like a Bioshock Infinite petition as well.



Bulbousaur said:

Signed, the more quality games the better I say
And Demon's Souls is an amazing game, haven't played Dark Souls yet though.



hiptanaka said:


Yes, there are some worrisome facts regarding Dark Souls 2, like Miyazaki stepping down from the project. Where did you read this about the exploration bit?




Just signed. I think from software could do some amazing and unique stuff With the gamepad. Their online integration in darksouls is revolutionary and is what Nintendo is all about.



Folkloner said:

I signed it and i'm not even interested in Dark Souls II. The point is you don't have to be to sign it, strong third-party support is enough of a reason for me to support this petition.

I can't stand dismissive consumers & developers who won't purchase or develop for Wii U due to the lack of third-party support. It's a vicious circle.
Developers, you have to be BE the support and Consumers, you have to BUY those titles. If both don't happen, it's self-perpetuating.



Nintenyearold said:

Look out Namco Bandai that online petition has a little of 4,000 signatures! Got some serious movers and shakers who want Dark Souls II on the Wii U!

The bright side is Dark Souls II is going to be a casual piece of garbage. So maybe the Wii U not getting it will be a good thing.



Rapadash6 said:

If Wii U is already petitioning to get games, it's pretty much too late to hope for any kind of decent support from third parties. They've already made up thier mind about the console, unfortunately. Like Wii and Gamecube before it, however, I know Nintendo will supply enough goodness that it won't matter in the slightest. I always have my PS3 for anything else I might want anyway.



Rapadash6 said:

Also, on another note, forget Dark Souls! From Software has made a much better game that I'd like to see ported and/or sequelled on Wii U: 3D Dot Heroes! Come on, this game is a love letter to Zelda of old, and a perfect fit for the system. I think it would actually sell well on it, and perhaps turn it into a franchise.



Knux said:

Don't really care. I'll get the PS3 version if I get Dark Souls 2.



herzausstein said:

I would love to see this ported. The game already doesn't pause when managing inventory so it'd be the perfect use for the gamepad. Here's hoping it happens.



TheMaverickk said:

On the topic of "petitioning games" I'd like to see Dead Space 3 brought to the Wii U.

Dead Space Extraction was on the Wii and it's personally how I discovered the series, and since then I've purchased and played both Dead Space 1 & 2 on my computer through Steam.

With that said if they released Dead Space 3 for the Wii U, I'd more then support it with a console purchase.

I also happen to think the game would be a perfect fit on the Wii U. Specifically because you can do co-op in the same room using seperate screens. Similar to how Black Ops 2 allows.

So not sure who started this petition for Dark Souls II, but they should consider setting up another one for Dead Space 3.... I've also signed the Dark Souls II petition not, cause yeah... I want that just as much.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Sounds good and if if it doesn't continue any story from the first game i'd really like to see it on Wii U i guess.
Don't know when i'l buy the console though, so i can't really sign the petition.



Peppy_Hare said:

Sweet! I was trying to draw attention to this yesterday by posting links on the Nintendo Life Comments section. I really hope this campaign is effective.



Hokori said:

I want more GOOD Japanese games to be ported, stop with western ports, glad Tekken and NG3 are there though
So yes I want this



Eien1239 said:

I love how everyone is blindly jumping out and screaming I want this port or I want that port( I am guilty as I want bioshock infinite.) ports ports ports! I don't want them! I want 3rd party games that are made from the ground up. And until e3 rolls in I can't say third parties have given up on the Wii U. This Dark Souls II thing baffles me does noone know how game development works, does nobody understands that if the game was in the works that it would have to be worked on then released 10 months later then 360 or PS3.(to run framerate and texture perfect I might add.) or so with a 60 dollar price while other versions come cheaper. You guys are unknowingly sabotaging the Wii U.
Let say they port it and they do it on time, next thing you know bad port bad sales devs don't want to deal. I just want to be able to wait and see what's in store before I start the Wii U failed 3rd parties. I want a game made for the Wii U that if its a multiplat then it will have to be ported from the Wii U version not the other way around. I want them to try making a cpu and gpgpu based game not a cpu intensive game. The last statement is probably stupid but I digress



Lopezdm said:

I agree with some of you on the dude that devs have about the Wii u system. It's kind of lame that they are taking it out on us. Last time I checked my money is just as good as the people that own a 360 or PS3.



harman-smith said:

Signed, fingers crossed. Also how about a petition for a HD release of killer 7 or a brothers in arms collection



Alucard83 said:

Signed as well even though I still will get it for the xbox 360. Still my favorite console since Dreamcast. Just like Dreamcast . It has almost everything! nuff said



Bankai said:

I'll just play it on the PS3. The console the series was designed on.

I find it amusing that the Nintendo fanboys want this. Seems they forgot that Sony was directly involved with the series original, Demon's Souls.

Oh. I just ruined the game for you Sorry!



jack-slick said:

This petition will probably have all 100,000 signatures in a month it got 14,000 in five days

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