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Mario And Friends Wish Us All Happy Holidays

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Oops, we forgot to send a card back...

As part of the festive season it's time to exchange messages of kindness and friendship with some cards. Mario and the gang have gone for the electronic approach — a whole forest would have been lost to send cards to every Nintendo gamer — with a dedicated web page to wish you Happy Holidays. If you want to experience the cheer with seasonally jingly New Super Mario Bros. music and animated coins, simply go to We've also put a pretty version of it below, too.

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aaronsullivan said:

Huh. Money, money, money, it's all-about-the-money is the last thing I want to think about during the Holidays. But, okay cute I guess.



ShadJV said:

If they really wanna wish us a merry Christmas, they should give us a free holiday inspired coin rush pack for NSMB2.



ShadJV said:

Sorry, I should be politically correct, a happy holidays, not merry Christmas. Though the pack could have a hannukah stage, a Christmas stage, and a kwanza stage!



Shiromikio said:

A fun little e-card. I like the background music! Can easily imagine a winter wonderland-themed NSMB2 course with the music as background, and Mario bouncing across the tops of giant moving candy canes ... no, no, it's not something in my cider.

Happy Holidays to all at NL!



AVahne said:

Hm, thought we would be getting a swapnote that looks like this image.



nindocrash said:

can i have my christmas wish now?..... THAT FRIGING SNOW GLOBE!!

oh... yeah, merry christmas NL



Xerxes said:

@Guitardude7 Well aren't you an insensitive person. I'm pagan and I just hate it when people think everyone in the world celebrates their religious holidays. Anyway, I hope everyone has a joyfully nintendo filled holiday season!



Otto-Soq said:

/me wishes everyone a very happy and healthy 2013 (if there is one after 21-12-12), and a happy vegeterian Christmas



AlternateButtons said:

@Xerxes On the contrary the World kind of DOES celebrate our holiday. I don't know about you, but I don't see any Pagan TV specials, Pagan decorated houses or Nintendo making a Pagan themed snow globe. When people say "Happy Holidays" they're usually referring to Christmas. Even atheists who claim they don't believe in God celebrate Christmas. Whether you like it or not, it's the dominant holiday. Now, I'm in no way shape or form attacking yours or anybody elses holiday, but I'm sick of this Happy Holidays bullcrap. Its quite obvious they're referring to Christmas, political correctness just stops them from actually saying so.
But I digress, I do not wish to get into a religious argument with you, especially on a Nintendo website and so close to Christmas (Good will towards man) I apologize if I offended you. Have a very happy and healthy Pagan holiday sir or madam.



-KawaiiHaylee said:

How cute~! Wait a minute.... what the what?! Since when did Bowser become a friend? And where's Daisy and Toadette? xD I want that snowglobe!!

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