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Legend of Zelda LEGO Project Falls At The Final Hurdle

Posted by Damien McFerran

Back to the Future wins instead

Everyone has cool ideas for custom LEGO sets, and thankfully since 2008 these concepts have had a chance of becoming reality thanks to LEGO CUUSOO.

An official partner of The LEGO Group, CUUSOO's objective is to produce community-supported LEGO sets. Ideas are submitted via a website and members of the public vote for the best ones - if an idea gains 10,000 supporters, it is reviewed by LEGO and could be manufactured as a retail product.

Previous success stories include LEGO Minecraft and a set based on the real-life submarine Shinkai 6500.

LEGO recently announced its review of potential CUUSOO projects, with the eventual winner being the awesome Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine. Sadly, this descision meant that the equally amazing Legend of Zelda set was denied the green light.

LEGO has posted the following comment on the project page:

First and foremost, congratulations again to MINGLES for reaching 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO, and toward everyone for all of the support of the Legend of Zelda project! The Summer LEGO Review has concluded and the LEGO Review Board has arrived at its decision about the four projects in review.

The Legend of Zelda project shows broad support among gaming enthusiasts. This project has provided great inspiration and concept work for what could be a very nice product.

However, multiple new element molds would be required to create the minifigures for such a product, and the expense of these molds means that the Legend of Zelda project unfortunately does not pass the LEGO Review on the basis of the business case.

MINGLES has been a pleasure to work with throughout this process and has shown a lot of passion and enthusiasm for his idea and LEGO bricks. We also recognize the intense interest of all of you who supported this project, and we are sorry to deliver this disappointing news.

LEGO-loving Zelda fans need not depair, however - another Zelda-themed project is in the works and currently has over 6,600 supporters. There's chance we may see a yellow-faced Link yet.

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User Comments (42)



RR529 said:

Oh well. At least it lost to an equally worthy franchise.

At least it looks like it has another chance.



SilentHunter382 said:

Disappointed that the Zelda ones didn't win but at the same time I am happy to see one of my favourite movies of all time as a lego form winning.



Banker-Style said:

I welcome a Lego Back to the Future range,but I want even more is a video game.
The best Back to the Future game ever,much?



47drift said:

Not only is that Back to the Future set incredible, but this other Zelda set based on Twilight Princess' designs looks even better than Mingles' to me! Sure hope it gets made!



Mk_II said:

darn! i was really looking forard to this. Nintendo AND Lego in one toy would have been like a dream come true.



ThreadShadow said:

Sad. I hate how this has become a contest and hate how LEGO has tightened up the rules and the way CUUSOO works. New molds are too expensive? Hello? Your sets already cost an arm and a leg! And you're making new molds for your own sets anyway. Won't fans buying the sets cover the cost of the new molds like it does for every other LEGO set?

Despite all this, it's really not a thing that fans should have to be begging for. This is something Nintendo should have been on the ball about with LEGO years ago. Zelda is the perfect addition to the medieval/fantasy sets. LEGO, instead of wasting your time on stupid harry potthead sets, you could have done Legend of Zelda instead.

storms off ranting and raving



ThreadShadow said:

One more thing. Just because a set can't be produced, why can't instructions for that set be created and released?



ShadJV said:

Such a shame, if I have to step on a Lego in the middle of the night, it should be the Master Sword.

On a more serious note, I do like the other Zelda set more anyways, but I feel like it will get the same reaction from Lego. Too many new molds. Still, even though I don't buy Legos anymore, I would buy the crap out of these and probably spend hours making atop motion movies. So amazing.




I love Back to the Future but much prefer Legend of Zelda. Anyway, fair dues. I heard they were beginning development of Marvel Avengers range (I get LEGO magazines as a LEGOland pass holder)



Game0ver_Gavin said:

GREAT SCOTTS! I like Back to the Future! Does this mean theres gonna be a LEGO Back to the Future game?



UnseatingKDawg said:

Meh, if I were younger, I'd be more inclined to pick Back to the Future anyway - not a fan of Legend of Zelda. But, I do say that's a shame that they can't make the Zelda sets. Plenty of fans would've bought. And I have to agree with ThreadShadow - LEGO sets' prices have friggin' skyrocketed over the years. I remember when a Bionicle canister set was only about $5-$6. Near 2008, they were up to $13. 2007 was especially a bad year for that franchise due to poor quality of the pieces.



ToxieDogg said:

Bah. I'd have loved Zelda Lego. Back To The Future Lego still sounds awesome though and will appeal to more people I suppose.



zoroarkrules25 said:

I don't think the back to the future one was that good. It is small and legend of zelda can get more sets( and money for lego) out of it.



SteveW said:

Wow, I love back to the future but that car looks really stupid compared to the Zelda characters.



Klunk23 said:

Legend of Zelda Lego sets would of been awesome. But I can't complain about a back to the future Lego set. A Lego version of The Doc would be pretty cool.



Tasuki said:

What a surprise. I dont know what it is with Lego but they are making some dumb moves when it comes to popular franchises. I mean they lost World of Warcraft to Mega Blocks and now they pass on LoZ?? Well I guess Nintendo could just go to Mega Blocks like Blizzard did.



Jukilum said:

Hey, making a new mold isn't cheap. New molds cost between $15,000 and $100,000 to make depending on the complexity of the part. LEGO set prices aren't inflating either, they've remained largely the same with the exception of the action figure lines (Bionicle and Hero Factory.) The pricing averages at 10¢ per piece and have for at least a few decades. Licensed sets usually cost more because they have to cover the licensing costs as well as paying for the parts, extensive set design process (they have to pay their employees, LEGO sets don't appear out of thin air) including graphic designers for any printed parts.

There will not be a Back to the Future LEGO game as a result of the set passing the review. LEGO Cuusoo is for one-off products, not extensive product lines. Those take several years to plan and produce and is not what Cuusoo is intended for.

Lastly, if a LEGO Legend of Zelda set were produced Link would not have a yellow head. For several years now all licensed sets use skin colored minifigs. Many fans don't like this which is why the older Star Wars and Harry Potter sets are so expensive on the second hand market.



Emaan said:

That's a shame. Zelda deserves to have its own LEGO series arguably more than any other video game franchise.



Boo_Buster said:

Don't get me wrong, I was born in the mid 80's so it is nice to see Back to the Future getting some love... but I would have seriously bought that Zelda set!!! I haven't bought Lego's in... forever lol



SCAR said:

I don't really give a crap about whether or not these sets are based off of games or not, I just want one that takes a while(lots of pieces), and has interactive pieces that you can move around and change the way the set looks w/o building something completely different, or changing parts. The last set I got was the ultimate basketball set w/ halfpipe walls to keep the ball in the court. These days, Lego sets have like 20 pieces that build big objects, and aren't that rewarding to build, unless you go to the Lego store and buy an actually cool set like the VW bus or other sets that actually build things from smaller pieces. To me, Lego sets pretty much have turned into Duplo... I love Legos, but they need be cool like they were again. The Zelda set didn't even look like it had a set at all besides the characters, so I can see why it didn't win, but I would have rather had the western set, because of the amount of pieces and complexity compared to a small BTtF car.



SCAR said:

I understand sets are expensive to make, and licensing is hard, but that's exactly why they need to make original sets FROM Lego ONLY that use pieces they already make. I can only imagine how much money they've wasted building crappy molds, for sets they make few of, and aren't even worth building. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Starwars, etc. are old, and I don't even like sets based off things in the first place. Legos are about creativity, so build sets, and make pieces that are actually worth mixing in with the rest of the Legos I have, so I can build one really cool thing myself. I could build a town, car, spaceship, etc. better than any of their sets w/ all the Legos I have, from all the sets they've made. No offense.



SCAR said:

Also: Lego Co., you need to make a Lego game where the player can actually build things in the game, and make the game themselves based off of Lego blocks and stuff. You could make a platformer, sandbox, RPG, shooting game, etc. with Legos in the game. Lego City Undercover is cool, but I'm pretty sure people have wanted a DIY Lego game for at least a decade and a half now...



krunchykhaos said:

@scar392 they have made a lego game where you can do that.
Am i the only one slightly relieved that they didn't approve an LoZ lego? Call me old fashioned but I'd rather zelda be just a game. (Granted i have a few link figurines from the 90s)



Jukilum said:

@SCAR392 LEGO generally doesn't generally make one time use parts. Indiana Jones whips have been used as building decorations, Battle Droid arms have been used for innumerable purposes, the turban that debuted in the first wave of Harry Potter sets went on to feature prominently in other themes such as Orient Expedition, and lightsaber hilts have had transparent yellow 1x1 round plates added to them to make flashlights in police sets, among many other examples I could list.

DIY type LEGO games used to be the norm in the 90s and early 2000s. That pretty much only started to change when Traveller's Tales took over the reins of the LEGO videogames. For example there were LEGO Racers and LEGO Racers 2, both of which featured the ability to build custom cars from scratch.



Raylax said:

Lego Minecraft remains the most pointless Lego concept ever. And I'm not knocking Minecraft here. Minecraft is itself based on LEGO. Creating LEGO based on Minecraft is more-or-less the same as making LEGO based on LEGO.



mikeyman64 said:

Kinda figured this would be canned, and for the very reason it was. The set looked great, but there were just way too many new molds.

Honestly, I'd be happy with merely a few LoZ minifigs.



Whopper744 said:

Sad....big Zelda fan...I have to say, Back to the Future is a great choice as well though



Raylax said:

@Alphalchimoru I don't think you could have missed what I was saying any harder there. I wasn't debating who first invented toy building bricks (that honor would fall at the very least to John Locke in 1693, but has almost certainly been around since stone-age children have been picking up rocks).

As I said, Minecraft is based on Lego. The idea of creating a videogame world where you can build infinitely, like having the world's largest lego set. This is the concept that Minecraft is built on - Lego on a grand scale.

So mixing Lego with something based on Lego achieves nothing. The output product is just Lego.


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