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Amazon Distributes Nintendo Land Codes For Missing Bundle Copies

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

You may have to ask for a physical copy

During the European Wii U launch shenanigans a few days ago, we reported that some gamers were receiving their Wii U systems a day early from Amazon and other online retailers, but that some Premium bundles were missing their copy of Nintendo Land. This must have been particularly frustrating for those buying that set with the intention that Nintendo Land would be their only game on launch day, and we can only assume it was due to some hiccups at the packaging facilities.

In that original article we reported that Amazon was sending legendary games designer John Pickford a replacement copy, allowing him to order it for £0 from the website. That was no doubt due to a friendly customer service advisor trying to help, but it's now being reported on Twitter and elsewhere that Amazon is emailing customers with download codes so that they can get their copy of the game from the eShop. The email says the following:

It's been brought to our attention that a small number of orders for this item may have been delivered without the advertised game, Nintendo Land, due to supplier error.

In the event that your order was one of the small number missing the game, please use the following code and instructions below, to download the game.

John Pickford, for his part, seems to be onto a winner thanks to his early initiative.

Are you one of the unlucky ones in Europe that didn't get a copy of Nintendo Land with your Premium console, and if so are you happy to be compensated with a download code? Sound off and let us know in the comments section.


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Coldheat said:

A download code is a nice way to get the game as quickly as possible. The downside is it's a 2.8GB Download, and you've paid for a physical copy.



tardis10 said:

I had the precise opposite problem - I went out on Friday, bought Nintendoland, got home and received a call from Asda letting me know that their Wii Us hadn't been delivered, and that I would have to wait until about December 15th.

I Envii U



aaronsullivan said:

How could this possibly be Amazon's error? Unless people were stealing the games out at a warehouse or something?

I always thought Nintendo Land would make a great digital copy for a quick few games... but I got the pack-in so... I'm so torn with this digital download stuff because Nintendo is so stingy with its use: locked to one piece of hardware, but this shows one great use for it.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Think i'd be quite happy if i got the download code instead of the physical version. I don't really like the boxart so the convenience of not having to swap discs would be very welcome.



SCAR said:

Does anyone that didn't get their Nintendo Land game still want the disc, instead of the code? I would have rather had my copy missing for a couple days to get the DL code... All anyone should care about is it's fixed, and let the fight happen between Amazon and Nintendo, instead of it's 'fans' fighting someone they say never cares.



Mk_II said:

I didnt get any Club Nintendo points with my Premium Pack. According to the Nnitendo Helpdesk, i am not alone



citizenerased said:

Amazon's customer service is truly legendary. Once or twice I've had items lost in the mail, for some reason Amazon takes full responsibility and sends replacement/gives a refund with no hassle involved.



SanderEvers said:

@Mk_II You get the points after you registered your WiiU with an Nintendo account AND filled out the survey on the Nintendo website.



Tasuki said:

Figured that they would fix it, thats Amazon for you. On a side note does anyone know why Amazon US doesn't deal with Nintendo anymore?



citizenerased said:

Apparently it was over the 3DS launch that caused many problems and didn't sell enough. It's not known whether as a result of the fight, Nintendo's refusing to sell to Amazon, or Amazon is refusing to buy from Nintendo.



Tasuki said:

@tealovertoma: Ah kinda stupid on both parties side. I like to do most of my online shopping through Amazon but when it comes to Nintendo products I either have to go elsewhere or go through a seller and usually pay a higher price.



morphballer said:

I guess those "unlucky" few are feeling pretty lucky now...

I don't get a download code because my system actually came with the game?



StarDust4Ever said:

Yeah, it sucks that you people got shafted. If I lived in the Pal regions, I would definitely check my box now before my mom wraps it for Christmas. I plan on keeping digital downloads and retail games completely separate. I use downloads for smaller non-retail games (eshop) and Virtual Console. In fact, I often buy VC copies of games I already own in cartridge format. The only way I would download a retail game is if it came as part of a hardware bundle, and it will suck if I'm forced to buy a future 3DS xL that comes bundled with a digital copy of a game card I already own, especially if I worked hard on the save file. Obviously NintendoLand was meant to be a retail disc. I'm trying to support future retro gamers as much as possible, and hold back the inevitable day when retail games become a thing of the past, which is a very real possibility for the future 9th generation video game hardware and beyond...



WrongChops said:

I ordered from Amazon on Sunday and emailed ahead of delivery to see if they were now checking all Premium packs before dispatch. I also said that I would not be happy with a download code should my WiiU come without Nintendo Land.

Thet have since emailed back saying that I can order a copy of the game and they will give me a full refund. This doesn't actually answer whether they've solved the isssue outright however, but at least I know I can get a physical copy of the game if worst comes to worst.



Henmii said:

Don't except the code guys! Amazon just HAS to deliver a physical copy!! It's your right!!



WrongChops said:

Had another email from Amazon. They've said that they're unable to confirm whether my inbound WiiU will have a copy of the game. The console was dispatched on Sunday, after they would have been aware of the issue, so this response makes things all the more puzzling. I would have thought they'd be checking to make sure once the games were in there. Oh well...the plot thickens.



WrongChops said:

Arrived with the copy of Nintendo Land today. I'm a happy camper.

Ordered from Zavvi on 18th September, they missed release date and couldnt tell me when it arrived. Ordered from Amazon on Sunday andnit arrived in 2 days. So much for forward planning.

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