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Wii U Version Of 007 Legends Canned In Australia

Posted by Andy Green

Epic Mickey 2, NBA 2K13 and Marvel Avengers all delayed

The Wii U launches in Australia on Friday and several stores will open at midnight so that eager Aussies can get hold of one as quickly as possible. However, three games that won't be available alongside the Wii U Down Under are Epic Mickey 2: Power of Two, NBA 2K13, and Marvel Avengers: The Battle for Earth, all of which have been delayed.

It's even worse for James Bond title 007 Legends, as it's now been revealed that the game will not even see the light of day in Australia as Activision has pulled the rug right from under the British spy and cancelled the game altogether in that region. The reasons for this are unknown at the moment, but it follows the unfortunate news that the studio behind the game, Eurocom, recently suffered large job losses and downsized to just 50 employees.

007 Legends is a mixture of missions from classic Bond films - including the latest box-office sensation Skyfall - but the game has not gone down too well with the critics, a real shame considering Goldeneye 007 was a reasonably impressive first person shooter.

What are your thoughts on this, Australia? Are you disappointed about not being able to play 007 Legends, or did the negative reviews put you off anyway? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Ichiban said:

Had no plans to pick 007 Legends up, so im not affected. Its pretty much 00Cod & Black Ops 2 is the better game anyway.



Yosher said:

And even -if- Aussies would want this game, they could simply import another EU copy. I have a few Aussie games on my Dutch Wii as well so I don't see why that shouldn't work with the Wii U. It's not as bad as the game not releasing in the entirity of Europe.



rayword45 said:

None of the delays besides POTENTIALLY Epic Mickey are really of too much notice, and Legends was complete butt. You'd be best off just using the backwards compatibility to get GoldenEye for Wii instead.



doctor_doak said:

Not at all. Goldeneye N64 is my favourite game of all time, and i've watched a playthrough of this game on youtube and it is garbage. They've done a good thing for Bond fans in Australia by not releasing it. It's not just that it's a poor game, it isn't actually a 'finished' game either (and i'm not talking about the Skyfall dlc either).



HawkeyeWii said:

I'm a huge Bond fan so I will definetly get it. Almost every single review I have seen isn't good, but the major complaints are that it is a COD clone (psh..Whatever...) and that the game doesn't flow well if you haven't seen the movies. Neither are a problem for me because I know all the movies by heart and you could say that about 3/4 of the FPS games that come out.



luminalace said:

I read the reviews and was going to skip it anyway. Sad though because it got released on PS3/360, I was excited or it!



Tsuchinoko said:

@Yosher That's true. So its not a complete loss for AU. Its not like when a game gets cancelled entirely, like my dream game Megaman Legends 3.



SirSmugleaf said:

I don't care about any of those games. As long as NSMBU or Nintendo Land suddenly disappear I don't mind...



1wiierdguy said:

I would still have grabbed it later, when it was cheap. Can still import it from the UK I guess.



Banker-Style said:

I might go for 007 Legends when the price hits rock bottom,but as the moment,I'm not that bothered if it doesn't get released here.




I think it was too big an ask for 007 Legends to be multiplatform and as good as Goldeneye. Goldeneye was great(not just because I loved the N64 one it was inspired by) but the Wii was the only focus for it, then after it's success was ported to the 360/ps3. For the follow up - only a year later, and now multiplatform from launch, and the Wii now abandoned - it's taken several steps backwards. The missions are often repetitive and unclear with what the objectives are, but the bottom line was I just didn't enjoy it. I thoroughly enjoyed Goldeneye on both the Wii and 360, but Legends just isn't comparable.



Chunky_Droid said:

I think it's a bit ridiculous that they just shove Daniel Craig over everything, ruins the whole Bond experience for me.

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