One of the smaller demonstrations in today's Wii U Nintendo Direct was that for Wii U Chat, the feature briefly shown prior to E3. Using the GamePad stand — though simply holding the controller is an option — Satoru Iwata called up Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime for a chat. Reggie did even say a few lines in Japanese, even if the producers felt the need to provide a translation of his efforts for the local viewers.

After a relatively slick boot-up, Wii U Chat worked exactly as you'd expect, though with modest quality due to the low resolution camera in the GamePad. One neat extra touch was that it was possible for both sides to draw and write on the screen as the video ran; in this case Reggie drew a heart while Satoru Iwata wrote about having a good launch of Wii U. Simple stuff, but it could be fun and, in the wrong hands, ripe for some abuse between Wii U buddies.

Wii U Chat can only be used between registered friends, which makes sense, while it was confirmed that it'll be possible to use chat exclusively on the GamePad screen, allowing the TV to be used for other things. It'll be included for free on the system but, as we previously reported, a day one update will need to be downloaded and installed first.

Do you think you'll use this regularly to keep in touch with friends? You can check out the video below to see it for yourself.