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Unexpected Wii U Nintendo Direct Details Storage And Online

Posted by Orla Madden

Nintendo loves surprises

Nintendo is always great at surprises, especially when it comes to not letting anybody know about its forthcoming Nintendo Direct presentations. True to form, Nintendo Japan uploaded a new video literally just minutes ago without telling anyone, so excuse us if we seem a little dazed.

We'll be breaking down the video and discussing its details in a feature very shortly, but in the meantime have a look for yourselves:

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PeterW77 said:

Hopefully this will answer any questions about playing games directly from external hard drives, etc.



19Robb92 said:

I hope they'll do a translation video soon. Lots of useful information in this video it seems.



Bluezealand said:

At least, there is finally the confirmation, there will be a Wii U Virtual Console and its games will be (as far as I understood) playable on the Gamepad.



uximal said:

This Nintendo direct has shown up just in time to explain all the rumours regarding storage.



Shining-Void said:

Well from this we can assume NSMBU is 2gb. Nintendo land is 3.2. Also it looks like you can't use all the memory for games. It sucks, but whatever.



Cipher said:

Much better. Now we can stop the witch-hunt.

@Bluezealand Yup - Nintendo has plans for Wii U Virtual Console and those games will be playable on the GamePad.



shingi_70 said:

So there is going to be a new Wii U Virtual Console. Expected and I hope the rollout is fast.

HDDs used in the wii have to be formatted to not work with PCs and are only guarntted to work with the a Y style cable.

the nintendo network points can be used on the 3ds eshop. Meaning the 3ds will probably get a firmware update to have NN as well as NN is replacing club nintendo.



PeterW77 said:

Looks to me like anything from the Wii can only be stored and played from the sd card and can't be controlled from the gamepad. Well that's the gist I get anyway.



snax007 said:

Thanks but no thanks. Only 32GB storage. No HDD option. No wired LAN. No in-game voice chat as standard. No Gamecube compatibility. Lo-res pad screen. No multi-touch.



Shining-Void said:

It said you can't play Wii downloads on the game pad. Good lord that stinks. I'm not surprised though.
@snax007 you do realize that the 360's voice chat came later on as a update. I don't even think multi-touch is that big of a deal. The gamepads screen are low-res because you wouldn't see a difference if it was HD. I'm pretty sure there will be a lan adapter later on. Oh yeah, the memory can be expanded too. (almost forgot)



19Robb92 said:

What do you mean 'no HDD option'? They just confirmed you could use up to 2tb HDD's..

And the GamePad screen has a high PPI ratio (of about 158) which is going to look gorgeous.



dudey300 said:

Keep an eye out for more details guys, we're working hard to bring all the information to you!



NintyMan said:

You have to like good surprises. This is certainly one we can welcome!

Nice to see a confirmation for a Wii U Virtual Console, and that the games can be played on the GamePad.



snax007 said:

@19Robb92 I ment internal HDD. Besides, you can't play games directly from external HDD.

People defending the lo-res screen with "can't see any difference" should wake up. it's only 480p (=standard def). This is 2012, not 2007



antster1983 said:

Only Wii U Virtual Console games can be played on the Gamepad; not Wii Virtual Console or WiiWare games as you can only play them on the TV.



Cipher said:

@snax007 You CAN play games directly from external HDD. One of the main points of the Nintendo Direct broadcast was to clarify that - watch the video, you'll see Iwata clearly point out on the Wii U Menu an icon for New Super Mario Bros. U, stored on the Wii U console, and an icon for Nintendo Land, stored on an external HDD. That would NOT be displayed if you couldn't boot games right from the external HDD. Forget everything you learnt from ONM's shoddy journalism earlier in the week, because frankly, most of it was bull.



19Robb92 said:

You can't? Where'd you get that? I know it's not possible with SD cards anymore, but I'm pretty sure the whole point in formating the HDD to suit the WiiU system is due to being able to play games off of it.

But why does that matter to you? The consoles streams a HD image to the pad, the PPI is all that will matter. As long as the PPI is high, it'll look great. It's not like the pad is standalone hardware, the console is doing all the processing.



Cipher said:

@Magnet_Man018 It's not quite as complicated as it's made to sound. The vast majority of HDDs should and will work, but from what Iwata's saying, it sounds like any external HDD that has its own power cable will definitely work, and if you use a Y Cable (with 2 USBs on the end), that's also a pretty good bet. Might be an idea to wait for NOE/NOA to offer some guidance here, though.



Peppy_Hare said:

What! So they'll be two tiers of VC games: those original VC games not playable on the gamepad and new VC games that are? Is Nintendo expecting me to reinvest in VC games that I've already purchased just for the privilege of playing them properly on the gamepad?!



Cipher said:

@Peppy_Hare I literally JUST replied to that on the GamePad thread. You're misunderstanding, I've explained why in the other thread.



Peppy_Hare said:

@Cipher thanks for the response Cipher, but I understand perfectly well. Two tiers (catalogues) of VC games: one playable on gamepad, one not. My old VC downloads playable, but defunct, and not playable on the gamepad. Nintendo is strong-arming us to repurchase VC games for the privilege of gamepad support. It's infuriating!



rjejr said:

@19Robb92 Thanks for that.

My biggest take-away - only about 3.8 GB usable after OS install on the 8GB. But I wonder if that is before all the day 1 updates such as Miiverse and backward compatibility. And I need to buy a Y cable, b/c I'm not hooking up a USB external HDD that needs to be plugged in.

If I plug in Wiispeak or my Wii USB ethernet connector does that mean I can't use a USB powered HDD? (I forget how many USB ports there are.)



Peppy_Hare said:

Not being able to play Wii VC games on the gamepad stinks! Not, however, simply because the WiiU won't beam the game image to the pad, but because Nintendo seems to be confirming that, going forward, there will be two tiers of VC games (Wii VC and WiiU VC). Old Wii VC downloads will be playable, but in a "second-class citizen sort of way". You will be encouraged to purchase WiiU VC games and your old VC games will eventually go unsupported.



9th_Sage said:

To whoever wanted to also store stuff on the could in theory make a second partition. Only way to know if it works is to try it when the system comes out.



Ren said:

hmm. I like the visual demo. basically universal language for: "There ain't room for squat in here, do we have to say it again? Oh, and retail games will soon be available to put on the external HD that you will have to buy, surely it'll look cute crammed under your tv as long as it doesn't have our logo on it."



stevan5150 said:

So did it state that whether or not the USB ports will power an external HDD that doesn't have a power supply? I think my hdd is USB 2.0 and 3.0 compliant .



Kirk said:

WHY is Nintendo making all this stuff so convoluted and complicated?!

There should be one central online eShop where I should be able to buy ANY WiiWare or VC games and play them on my GamePad (obviously excluding any Wiimote motion controlled specific games). This should all be simple, intuitive and fun. Not confusing and frustrating.

Instead they split the store in two, don't let us use the GamePad for WiiWare and VC games...ask us to boot separately to play Wii games, don't let us save games on SD card, make us load games saved on USB onto the system before we can play them, take up half the available memory with day one updates and system resources...

The list of stupid and utterly confounding decisions goes on and on...

They do actually want me to buy this system, right?



Funkynugget said:

These Japanese directs just annoy me. No offense to people who do understand but the system releases in Japan last so I dont understand why they haven't included an english version of this direct first. Furthermore english speaking systems sold would of course outnumber japanese systems sold.



U3N said:

@Funkynugget Because the headquarters are in Japan. Japan usually gets games first, too. Don't worry. It'll be clarified in English soon enough.



U3N said:

I'm waiting until the system is actually released and people are actually using it to really decide. If anything, I'll wait longer, because 1) I don't have much money at the moment, and 2) systems aren't really up to speed at launch. Don't know why people expect full potential at launch when they know that consoles tend to have features added and issues resolved over time. Keywords: over time.



Moshugan said:

From what I gathered, you can play software straight from the hard drive, but not from SD. The internal flash memory sure is sucky, but it's good to see Nintendo admitting it's shortcomings in such a visual way. Now to get a decent HDD...

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