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The Pinball Arcade Set for Wii U Launch Window Release

Posted by Martin Watts

Pinball wizards

In a recent interview with Warpzoned, Rob Mann, community manager at Farsight Studios, has confirmed that his company is hoping to release The Pinball Arcade during the Wii U's launch window.

The pinball simulation game is notable for including a collection of real-world pinball tables, which have been accurately remade in digital form. It also includes a number of licensed tables, with new tables being added each month via DLC.

The game is already available on other gaming systems and mobile devices, but the Wii U version will offer some unique gameplay elements. Players will use the touch screen for plunging the ball and it will also display the dot matrix displays that you typically see on real pinball machines.

An exact release date is not yet known, although Mann has stated that the studio is aiming to get it as close to the launch date as possible. He also went on to discuss the issues that the team has run into with the 3DS version:

We haven’t abandoned the 3DS [version] completely, but it isn’t as powerful, comparatively, to phones that are running our game. We need a strong processor to run the emulation tech. We are still trying to get it to push an acceptable frame rate, but it is starting to look doubtful that we’ll ever be able to release the full collection for 3DS.

Is The Pinball Arcade on your to-buy list? Which licensed tables would you like to see in the final game?


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Spoony_Tech said:

If Zen can figure out the 3ds then they need to as well. I want more pinball on my 3ds now! Figure it out!!



hYdeks said:

people still care about pinball games? wow, I'm actually shocked :s



mystman12 said:

@Tech101 Zen pinball works because there tables aren't emulating anything. The Pinball Arcade emulates all the tables original ROMs, which apparently needs a lot more processing power.

I REALLY hope they can get it on 3DS. It's the only portable system I own, and it would be really cool to see the tables in 3D.



weirdproq said:

I totally want this game on 3DS. If they can't get it to work at an acceptable frame rate then I understand, but the 3DS is the only (new) portable system I have.



LittleIrves said:

This is one of my most awaited eShop games on Wii U. I've specifically avoided the Xbox version since I didn't want to double-dip (which turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as I've heard Microsoft's made it difficult to release new table packs...).
W/r/t the 3DS game, that'd be a shame, especially since Farsight put out their Williams Collection last year for 3DS and it runs pretty smoothly. I know these versions are supposed to be a vast improvement, so I can see how it'd be hard to optimize for 3DS, but hopefully they figure it out. I think I'd prefer it on the big screen anyway, as cool as the 3D is for pinball.
As for @hydeks, shame on you!
As for @tech101, you are an absolute Zen fiend. Those scores are ludicrous.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Not at all an expert when it comes to irl pinball tables. But i love the ring to it. Probably gonna download some whenever i get a Wii U.



Cranky said:

I love Pinball Arcade, it just edges Zen Pinball in my opinion, although I would not like to see this ported to the 3DS...
1. The screen is too small and the wrong shape to get the ideal view.
2. The 3DS does not have the resolution to do Pinball Arcade justice.
3. Sacrifices would have to be made for the 3DS, this is not the case for the Vita or mobile phone versions.
Zen Pinball certainly suffered from these problems on the 3DS, it is a better game in every way (including gameplay) on other formats.



DreamOn said:

I play a lot of these tables in the iPad and it's awesome. They play great on the Vita and the colors look great on that OLED display. The Williams collection was a dissapointment on 3DS after playing the IPad and Vita version and after playing Zen too it just wasn't very good comparatively so I was hoping they'd release better versions to download I'm dissapointed they can't get the quality on par with other devices.



Freelance said:

So happy I got a Vita then since it doesn't look like things are working well on the 3DS. I'm not getting Wii U. I'll stick to my Vita for all my pinball goodness. I have it on PS3 too but I prefer my handhelds.

@LittleIrves , their Williams Collection on 3DS wasn't rom-emulated so it doesn't have the same problems that TPA has.

It's too bad people weren't around when pinball was king in the arcades. They dunno what they're missing. I prefer pinball to arcade games.



RetrogamerFan said:

I spent loads of time playing the Williams & Gottlieb Pinball collections on Wii so this would be right at the top of my list of games to get on Wii U, when i pick one up.
I'm not sure if Pinball Arcade would be so great on 3DS. Clearly the developers would have to make compromises to get the game running at all, and then i just have a personal preference for playing this sort of thing on a big screen - i found Zen Pinball quite awkward with the cramped display and for me it spoilt an otherwise excellent game, I could see Pinball Arcade having similar issues if it ever got to 3DS.



defrb said:

Yes pinball is my thing, i love it. Will get this game when its out

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