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Miyamoto's Ideas for Metroid can be Found in Nintendo Land

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Not a bad starting point

As you no doubt saw over the weekend, Shigeru Miyamoto recently conducted an interview with, during which he shared some views on Wii U and Nintendo's most iconic characters. Some additional translated comments now provide Miyamoto's views on the Metroid franchise, and he's suggested that Wii U launch title Nintendo Land could provide gamers with useful hints on the future direction of the series.

You know, the kind of ideas I have on Metroid are already reflected in the mini-game that is devoted to the series in Nintendo Land, Metroid Blast.

That doesn't make it so, of course, as the Metroid franchise has been in the hands of Retro Studios and Team Ninja in recent years, with other Nintendo figures apart from Miyamoto providing most first-party management. That said, documentaries for Metroid Prime Trilogy showed that Nintendo's most senior development figure played a major role in directing the early concepts for that series, such as prompting Retro Studios to include swappable scanning visors.

Would Nintendo Land's gameplay provide a good foundation for a solid Metroid experience? Quite possibly, and you can read our thoughts on Metroid Blast in our Nintendo Land hands on impressions. While the controls were fairly tricky in the context of this release, the third-person action and aiming on the ground was intuitive and fun, while the GamePad was put to good use when flying Samus' ship. The challenging flying controls didn't seem suitable in a competitive multiplayer environment, but as a tactical part of a Metroid title to, for example, bomb space pirate outposts, it could potentially work very well.

Of course, there's not long to wait before millions of gamers can try Metroid Blast for themselves, so its merits as a foundation for a future Metroid title will no doubt come under full scrutiny.


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BlatantlyHeroic said:

I really want to play Metroid blast, it sounds like it would be a fun game to play when I have friends or family over. I think I'll buy Nintendo Land then.



19Robb92 said:

Multiplayer & CoOp modes are the first things I think of. Which would both be nice addition to the Metroid series.



ThomasBW84 said:

@MeowGravy Not sure it was a guaranteed thing. I hardly thing Mario Chase is the blueprint for future 3D Mario games, for example! It's interesting that Miyamoto was, according to the quote anyway, so heavily involved in some of the Nintendo Land games. It's hard to tell nowadays what projects have his full attention, and which ones are merely on his list of games to keep an eye on.



Kid_A said:

The critic in me wants another Prime or Super Metroid.

The fanboy in me wants to fly Samus' awesome ship and bomb pirate bases.



Bliquid said:

Too long since the last Metroid.
Stop teasing and start showing.
And go back to the lonely, silent and dangerous atmospheres, ty.



wcb123 said:

Im going to be mad if they don't give it back to Retro. Why would you not? They were some of the best games ever made. The guys saying the Prime series had run its course are numpties, you don't see Halo/Unchartered changing their direction...Give it to Ninja and they go **** it up. Lessons should be learnt.



aaronsullivan said:

So... third person, but behind the shoulder? I can get behind that. <snicker>. Would be interesting to see Retro do that. Maybe the increased fidelity led to a decision to try and pull that off? It's interesting that the Metroid Other M Style would probably work BETTER with the GamePad. Raise the controller to aim with missiles or scan? Control with the analog stick and plenty of buttons rather than the sideways Wii remote. That's clearly not what Miyamoto is suggesting here, of course. Hmm...

@Bliquid Hasn't been THAT long since Other M. It's just there are a good deal of people who wish it was something else. Fair enough.



Xilef said:

I'm guessing the 3rd-person perspective and the ability fo freele controll your ship on a battlefield is the ideas he is talking about. Both of these ideas could work in a new Metroid. Or maybe it's something other, smaller idea.

@wcb123 And have them stuck making Metroid forever? No thanks. After a while both the ideas and motivation would run out for them. Don't get me wrong, i would love for them making another Metroid, but they have only made one non-Metroid game. I, and many others, want to se them working on other Nintendo franchises and new IPs.



Auracle said:

No, I think the people saying the Prime Series has run its course know that it needs to quit while it was ahead. One of the points of the series that was critiqued was the fact that all three games were remarkably similar. As for Other M, it was a better game than many people give it credit for. Granted, it had its flaws, but with some more work and Wii U innovation, another Other M styled game could be fantastic.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@wcb123 The reason that game turned out the way it did was due to Yoshio Sakamoto heading it. The story wasn't written by Team Ninja (whether that's good or bad is up for debate).

Now a new Metroid game headed by Miyamoto may turn out good. Metroid Blast currently looks fun and he did head the creation of the Prime Trilogy as well.



citizenerased said:

I wouldn't want the multiplayer components to be the main feature of the Metroid series — I feel what sets the series apart is the feel of desolation as you enter a new alien world (or space ship). That being said, Metroid Blast looks like a ton of fun and I wouldn't mind a full game focused on it... as long as they keep the deep single player experiences coming too. I'm sure they will.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

excuse me for my noobiness but has miyamoto ever worked on a metroid game before? Or even helped at least?



DerpSandwich said:

If Nintendo played their cards right, Metroid could be their answer to Uncharted. Not a direct derivation of the idea (Tomb Raider, Star Wars 1313), but an epic, action-packed adventure. Think about it; if there's one IP Nintendo has that's massively popular and is closest to being what the "hardcore" audience likes in games, it's Metroid. As long as they kept the proper tone and style, I think they could have something huge on their hands. Shooting, exploration, collecting, cool aliens, awesome story... Dang.



Varia01 said:

Metroid Blast is the first thing I'm playing when I get Nintendo Land! Many thanks to Mr. Miyamoto support for Metroid!



MitchVogel said:

Hey, I'm just glad they're talking about metroid! Maybe this year at E3 we'll see some news...



MYCO said:




AntiGuy said:

I want a new Metroid Prime Hunters! the multiplayer was insanely fun! but it's almost impossible to find anyone online nowadays...



misswliu81 said:

i can definitely see a metroid wii U game looking and perhaps playing in a similar fashion to metroid blast. an over- the- shoulder type experience but where you get to see samus in full, not just her arm cannon. it can work well.

and with the 4-player mode in metroid blast, maybe it might be good to throw in anthony from metroid other M as a playable character, not just samus. the second player controls him by holding the wii-remote sideways or using the wii U pro controller.

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