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Pokémon Train Hitting The Rails This Holiday

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

In Japan, obviously

Sometimes the Western world just isn't enthusiastic enough about video games. Sure, gamers in Europe and North America in particular buy an enormous volume of video games on a yearly basis and pay plenty of cash for new consoles, but do we, in our various individual cultures, love gaming enough to have anything as awesome as this Pokémon train?

We've shared some fun gaming culture from Japan before, such as themed restaurants or even quirky games that'll never see release in the West, but an actual video game-themed train is a stand out. It's being run by JR East from 22nd December, apparently, and will be in service around the Tohoku area. To be perfectly honest, none of that is as interesting as the fact that it'll have a play area, making it roughly 100% better than boring old trains full of people going to work.

The images really say it all, and the fact that this seems to be very real — it was originally found on the official Pokémon website — with the train set to be in service during holiday periods in particular, makes it all the better. Some lucky children — and grown-up children-at-heart — will no doubt be lining up for a ride.

As this is a story about a train, we'll leave you to make various choo-choo-choose a Pokémon jokes in the comments below.


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ShadJV said:

If only I was in Japan. That looks like the perfect place to train my Pokemon.

lame rim shot




That's why I'm moving to Japan. we should make the dood who translates stuff on NL ride it and take pictures for us! >:0



Aqueous said:

Lucky, I like trains. Hopefully we'll get some more images or some video of the inside



Zombie_Barioth said:

Never been on a train before myself, but it is something I'd like to do if I ever get the chance.

Sadly while Japan enjoys displaying their love of games the rest of the world seems to think they have to hide it, even popular series like COD never mind niche ones.



V8_Ninja said:

@Zombie_Barioth Admittedly, Pokemon has become more of a cultural phenomenon than "A Game". Call of Duty and Mass Effect, despite being enormous franchises that have made millions of dollars, are still culturally considered "Games" rather than huge, multimedia-expanding phenomenons which the likes of Pokemon and a handful of other properties have reached.



Auracle said:

I hope a wild Aron doesn't eat the tracks!
Anyway, that looks very cool. I love how Japan fully embraces its video games.



StefyG said:

@Zombie_Barioth First of all COD sucks, it is popular but isn't a real game and yes why is there no nintendo related restraunt at least in NA like come on!



DarkNinja9 said:

i thought it was a mini game or something xD but aww the fact that in japan it seems to be cool to have real world items from games into the culture while we here in the US have boring stuff -.- ooo yey a new museum opened yey -_____-



Freelance said:

Oh dear lord. Am I the only one who thinks this is just a stupid idea? Who's actually going to be playing on a train? Japan is very crowded.



JuanitoShet said:

I also thought this was a game! Haha, but this is pretty neat. Definitely not something that'd happen here in the US or Mexico.

Which is too bad. I's go for a ride in a train like that.



OorWullie said:

Thats off the rails!I'll be able to use my Platinum card.Wonder if I can Pika seat?



DrDaisy said:

Yes. I've also heard that people pick pockets and grope women on Japanese trains because they know they can get away with it since there are too many people to move or determine who's feeling you up.



DrDaisy said:

Good God, I thought this was another video game! Even so, I think Nintendo is really milking the whatever you call it. The pictures look like video game screen shots.



Tsuchinoko said:

@C-Olimar You're right about the busiest areas. The only place I have ever experienced the packed-like-sardines trains was in the very heart of Tokyo, in rush hour. That's the only time. Other than that, even in Tokyo I never really see it.

Touhoku? Most of Touhoku is countryside other than a few smaller cities like Sendai (where the earthquake happened), Akita, and Aomori.

I see the cartoon themed trains all the time, like Doraemon, Pokemon, Anpanman, and several others, and of course for events like the olympics. This Pokemon train is a little more done up than what we usually see though, usually its nothing more than a paint job and the tv screens inside play videos relating to the theme.



Tsuchinoko said:

@DrDaisy I've never heard of pick-pockets. That's a thing that happens more in European cities and in New York. The groping thing? Happens a lot less than websites like Kotaku would make you believe, nothing comparable to a major city in any country in the western world.



Vehemont said:

Looking at the screenshots of the train I first thought this was going to be a 'new' Pokemon game spinoff, but to see it as an actual train is kinda neat and different.



Marioman64 said:

watching anime, I get why they would make a game like this. it seems like the train to and from school is a central part of japanese kids lives, and adding pokemon to the mix seems like a great idea.
no one in the west will understand though, if it ever comes over here

edit: oh its not a game... well I'd buy it anyway if they made it



Handy_Man said:

The play area is cool and all, but wouldn't it also be a bit dangerous? There doesn't seem like there would be enough room for the parents to supervise their kids, and all of the kids that play there will most likely be strangers in each others eyes. Plus, there's that rare chance of something going wrong with the train itself, and there doesn't seem like there is any way to protect the kids if something like that were to ever come up. No to be silly or scary or anything, but these are very real possibilities, and it just gets me thinking.

The train as a whole is still a cool concept, though, I just hope that they thought out and aknowledged the problems I mentioned above, and I hope that the play area is safe.

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