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More Nintendo Characters Heading To Scribblenauts Unlimited

Posted by Orla Madden

Guess who?

5th Cell could be giving us Nintendo fans a special treat with the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of Scribblenauts Unlimited according to a promotional teaser image posted on the GameStop Facebook page.

We're guessing Yoshi and Peach are in there on the left side. Yoshi's tail seems to be poking out to the far left, while Peach's crown is clearly recognizable. To Maxwell's right, we can only make out Epona, Link's trusty partner in The Legend of Zelda series.

We want to hear who you think the mystery characters are in the comment section below. The one who gets the most correct gets a well deserved pat on the back from us.


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TysonOfTime said:

Yep. Sounds what you said. Right of Peach is Luigi, then Mario, and after Epona is Zelda.

Dang. I need to go preorder this, if not just for the hat.



Aqueous said:

Wait nintendolife will track us down, and give us a pat on the back?
Right - Epona, Link, Zelda.
Left - Yoshi, Peach, I can't make out or figure out the last one or two characters



shinpichu said:

I think I can make out Mario/Luigi on the left.

Man, Nintendo characters are turning up everywhere. I personally hope Kirby characters show up, so that old BitF strip can become a reality.



NintyMan said:

Here's what I think:

To the left of Maxwell: Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi
To the right of Maxwell: Epona, Zelda, and Link

Third-party Wii U games are really giving Nintendo some appreciation, and I'm not the only one who believes that. They must be rewarding Nintendo for finally making an HD console that can do more than just provide better visuals. Hopefully there will be more diverse Nintendo characters rather than the typical Mario and Zelda ones. If they put the likes of Pit, Kirby, and Donkey Kong in there, I'll be pleased.



KAHN said:

left: i see peach's crown, yoshi's tail, and a visor, a mario brother, and a hump, so another mario brother.
right: i can see epona, possibly link and zelda.



WingedSnagret said:

I'll laugh if Pikmin are among the other cameos. That would be cool.

As for my guesses, pretty much what everyone else has been saying (Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Epona, Link, Zelda).



Skinnyflip said:

Looks like Diddy Kong's cap on the far right of the left side. Guess it could be a Mario Bro too though...



Supremeist said:

I think I see Diddy Kong on the left. The right side is probably Epona.. I can't think of any other Nintendo Horse character to fit in. This is awesome, Scribblenauts is an amazing title.



Detective_TeeJay said:

Wait a minute. October 17? As in TWO DAYS FROM NOW? The 3DS version or the Wii U version? Because the Wii U version is out on the 18 of Novemeber according to NL and the 3DS version's release date is not up.



Furealz said:

Paper my fav game series. The whole crew? Consider the game sold by this Christmas 5th Cell!



Prof_Clayton said:

Darn, I was hoping for Layton.
Left I see Bowser, Peach, Luigi then mario. Right I see Epona, then Link and Zelda.

On the left I think the tail is obviously bowser, yoshi isnt lumpy! >:[



Grodus said:

On the left, What the heck? Peach and Yoshi!? That doesn't look like Yoshi's tail, and did you forget about the rest of the bubble!? I mean, you cant just ignore the 2 hat shapes in there! Phhhggt!
Anyway, from left to right, it's Peach, with Bowser in front, then Luigi, then Mario.



iBazly said:

Did it specifically say they are Mario and Zelda characters? If I were to guess I would say they're Pokemon. I totally see an Arcanine and either a Bulbasaur or an Ivysaur on the right. Not sure about the left though.



RedBlueSpot said:

From the Left: Yoshi (you can see his tail and saddle/shell), Peach (hair and crown). Then I guess it's Mario and Luigi. And to the right it's Epona, Link and Zelda.



Wonder_Ideal said:

I wonder if Kirby and King Dedede will show up? If they do, and Kirby beats Dedede, I'm throwing my copy away! LOL. Love ya Brawl in the Family!



dudey300 said:

@Bazly Pokémon could be an interesting one too. I can clearly see how it could be Bulbasaur/Ivysaur on the right. All will be revealed tomorrow!



blkpaladin said:

It looks like there is three on the right and four and the left. Probally Epona, Zelda and Tingle or a goron on the right. (The raddish shaped cap is kind of a give away. Plus there is an Hyrulian ear slicking out of Epona's back. Link could be in there if you look at the profile under Epona's head it seems there another person there.

The left look like Princess, Yoshi, Mario and Luigi, (You see a cap on the right of that group.

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