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The Complete 1986 CES NES Brochure For Your Viewing Pleasure

Posted by Damien McFerran

Another retro gem from the vaults of ex-employee Howard Phillips

Howard Phillips has been raiding his collection of Nintendo-related memorabilia again, this time coming up with an awesome NES brochure from the 1986 CES.

The promotional material focuses heavily on R.O.B. the Robot, Nintendo's ill-fated attempt to give the fledgling NES a little something that would differentiate it from the previous crop of home consoles in the US, namely the Atari 2600 - the system which caused the catastrophic video game crash of the early '80s.

Check out the full brochure below, and be sure to click the images to appreciate larger versions.


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iphys said:

I love how they put the education series next to the light gun series, because education and guns mix so well. Uh, never mind, just shoot that Math game instead.

I wish we could get a R.O.B. replica as a Club Nintendo reward.



A1234 said:

Nintendo went to Atari to publish the NES. Atari declined.
wish Kung Fu and Popeye were out on VC.



TruenoGT said:

So nostalgic seeing all of this. It's a missed opportunity to not be able to bring back many of these games to VC due to licensing or technical limitations. At least ROB still lives on somewhat in Mario Kart DS.



NESguy94 said:

I still have my ROB, he doesn't get a lot of use but it sure is a great collector's piece.



bro2dragons said:

I found a R.O.B. by complete accident a few years ago. I don't have a NES or any controllers, but as a Smash player who specializes in the character, I do have him sitting above my TV charging his gyro.



Squashie said:

Nice, It was funny when I saw the Facebook links in it. I thought wait, Facebook wasn't around in 1986, then I realized!



LittleIrves said:

I wonder what prompted Sir Phillips to start spreading his collection around... A hypothesis: What if Nintendo got in touch and is making him something of a viral marketing guy for Wii U? Think about it — sends out all these old promo images, gets older people remembering the good times they had with NES, then Wham! — Phillips starts talking about Wii U on The Today Show, and Matt Lauer talks about reading the Howard & Nester comic books back when he was younger. Hmmm.....



aaronsullivan said:

Hmm... Gumshoe was awesome. Did that ever get any love in Animal Crossing or VC?

I remember this stuff. I'm old.



KingMike said:


And Nintendo made two other "education" games, but one was only released in Japan (Popeye English, which was pretty much just an NES version of Hangman) and the other was completely canceled (Donkey Kong Music).



Ras said:

I though my ROB was lost, so I threw away the accessories. Then, I found him. So now I have a naked ROB.



ItalianBaptist said:

Am I the only one that finds "The Video Game System that comes with a friend to play with" absolutely hysterical? Marketing to lonely children, eh?



MeloMan said:

I remember all those "series". LOL @ Education series... good ol' DKJr. Math

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