One of the biggest gaming events in Europe and Nintendo is nowhere to be seen, but why?

Over the years the company has had a somewhat sporadic attendance of events, often speculated within the media: a strength of character and desire to do its own thing, or perhaps it's due to a lack of games to show.

This year is important for Nintendo, the crest of the Wii-wave (™) is far up the beach and already in decline. The launch of Wii U will set the pace for the company, potentially for the next five years.

Some would expect Nintendo to be out, guns blazing, at every possible event within the industry but it seems that the Kyoto company, once again, wants to do things its own way.

When quizzed about the omittance from Gamescom a German Nintendo statement replied:

“Whilst Gamescom is a fantastic show, we have taken the decision not to attend this year’s event, We are planning a number of sampling events throughout Germany in which our fans will have the opportunity to play upcoming Nintendo 3DS, Wii and Wii U titles. Further details will be announced soon.”

A Nordic PR Manager called Patrik Johansson has also told MCV the exact same thing, practically word for word. With that in mind we'd guess that Gamescom has come along slightly too early for the launch of Wii U — Nintendo is unlikely to announce any more games before launch and seemingly want to concentrate on getting the console in front of gamers throughout the whole of Europe.

We envisage that Nintendo will embark on similar "tours" seen with the 3DS, as they say "further details will be announced soon"; watch this space for details on these potential events. What do you think though? Should Nintendo have attended Gamescom, or is it right to go its own way? Let us know in the comments below.