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Live Action Zelda Video Has Poe Trouble

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A moody adventure

After showing you a rather quirky take on finding a real life Master Sword yesterday, today brings another live action Zelda production onto our radar. In terms of approach, it's a very different proposition, with a very literal and moody representation of Link, Epona and accompanying fairy — Navi, it seems.

This one is from Somewhat Awesome Films and is short and relatively light on action, but does a good job of portraying a Poe with some reasonable effects; Link promptly deals with the Poe in the only way he knows how. The same YouTube channel also features a live action Luigi's Mansion video, including the obligatory iffy false moustache, and the Zelda video is below.

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User Comments (13)



KAHN said:

it looked cool, until link showed up. his shield looked like either plastic or foam. and for some reason, people always seem to make link cosplays look terrible.



Wamtu said:

That was much better than that nonsensical "Master Sword" thing.

I thought Link was fine...



Trash-Boat said:

But Epona can't go into the graveyard :(

Anyway. Not bad, but Link still doesn't look very "serious".



kobe1724 said:

The link "Finding a real life Master Sword" is broken. Might wanna fix that :)



Kage_88 said:

@0LD_SK0OL_PUNK - I was gonna say the same thing. The Link outfit looked like a dodgy cosplay, and the shield looked as though it was never used.

Still, besides that, I was actually very impressed with the film!

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