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E3 2012: Project P-100 Unites Platinum Games with Nintendo

Posted by Mike Mason

Mass attack

Hidden away on Nintendo's E3 press site lies Project P-100 (working title), a 'mass-hero action' title developed by Platinum Games. If bizarre superheroes, gigantic robots and defending Earth all interest you, you've come to the right game.

The planet is under attack from swarms of aliens, and your job is to trot around each stage employing the unique talents of helpless citizens. The more people under your command, the better your chances and the greater your Special Morph Powers. The trailer showed several people getting together and being used as a gigantic sword to slash down enemies, an oversized robo-hand and a helpful ladder.

Moving the Wii U GamePad around lets you glance at areas not seen on the television and solve puzzles. Heroes such as Bonzai Man, Vending Machine Man and the charmingly named Toilet Bowl Man can be ordered about with the touch screen.

Here's a trailer:

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Which hero are you most looking forward to playing with?

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JonWahlgren said:

Why the hell didn't they show this during the conference? It looks really fun and interesting, and Platinum is an impressive collaborator.



Pro-N-Gamer said:

Also don't understand why they didn't showed us this one en Game & Wario.. Instead of games like Sing and Wii Fit U!



sinalefa said:

It looks interesting, as long as it plays differently enough from Pikmin 3.



Megumi said:

Yeah dunno why they didn't show this at the conference either, looks fun.



CBattles6 said:

This is like a cross between Pikmin and de Blob. Or in other words, insta-buy for me.



LittleKing said:

So, what you're telling me, is that Nintendo failed to show off this and Game & Wario? If they had shown those two games off instead of spending the better part of the show talking about Nintendo Land, the presentation would've been way more exiting. D:



GreenDream said:

Agreed, this should have been shown instead of Just Dance 4. Platinum Games team always makes interesting stuff!

I'm beginning to wonder if EA and Ubisoft paid Nintendo to have more presence in the Nintendo presentation...



misswliu81 said:

this looks interesting. platinum did make bayonetta and anarchy reigns, so they're record is quite impressive. i don't quite get why this has got so many dislikes on youtube.



shonenjump86 said:

I'll keep an eye out for this one. I enjoyed Bayonneta, Madworld, and Vanquish. The least I can do is give this a shot.



rjejr said:

So I'm the only one who thinks it looks like When Vikings Attack (PSN)? Only better. I'll buy this.



alLabouTandroiD said:

A more action-based Pikmin?
This looks really great. It's right up there with the best games we've seen today imo. Very intriguing.



TheBaconator said:

Definitely one of my most anticipated Launch games. Platinum Games is one of my favorite developers of the past 5 years.



citizenerased said:

I have almost blind faith in Platinum Games. This'll most likely be a buy. And like the others have said, why wasn't this in the press conference.



BenAV said:

No idea what to think of this yet, but I'm certainly interested and would like to see more.
I hope it turns out well!



WiiLovePeace said:

Wow this looks heaps fun, looks (to me) exactly like Pikmin except with more action & in a city rather than a garden/forest. I like it



Henmii said:

Looks interesting! It's definitely something new! Reminds me a bit of that Japan-only Wiiware game with the line of heroes!

A pity though that the graphics are so weak, especially since it comes from Platinum games. Platinum games is praised for their awesome games with awesome graphics, right? Why can't they offer great graphics on the Wii u?!

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