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E3 2012: New Super Mario Bros. 2 Jumps onto 3DS 19th August

Posted by Mike Mason

Get your fire flowers ready

Hold onto your hats: New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be coming to Nintendo 3DS in the US on 19th August.

The latest pillar of the 2D Mario revival was scheduled at Nintendo's E3 press conference. We'll learn more about the game tomorrow at a show just for 3DS tomorrow night. It'll be broadcast live on at 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern, 2am UK time.

For now, we're told "it's all about the gold". Are you looking forward to shining with Mario once more in summer?

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Hokori said:

Can't wait I'll DL it on my 3DS that day, also Nintendo Land is looking cool, I had an idea like that 6 years ago with the wii, glad it came true, but we need a DK mine Kart Roller coaster



Not-Another-Ad said:

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dizzy_boy said:

might get this, 3D land was a bit meh. i just hope nintendo have put a bit more effort into this.



WingedSnagret said:

Even though Mario has been done to death lately, it's still nice to have the classic platforming action that he's know and loved for!



rjejr said:

Pretty impressed this will be out in only 2 months. How did they keep this secret?
And why should I buy a WiiU?



The_Fox said:

And now Wario is going to have to sue Mario for completely stealing his gimmick.



pntjr said:

mmmmm.... i can't wait to get my hands on this..... (or SM3DL, whatever game has a better review)



dynamikas said:

I can tell you the story of NSMB2! wario is turned into Mario and trying to get all coins from mushroom kingdom! that's why this is all about gold and coins. what do you think? good prediction? )



Tasuki said:

I dont know with the amount of coins this game has I just might rent it first before buying it.



mamp said:

This game looked horrible at least when the video was shown aside NSMB U



ThreadShadow said:

This looks fun. Between Mario and Wario are there any gold coins left in the mushroom kingdom? They're probably richer then House Toadstool 10x over.



komicturtle said:

The problem I see with this game is that it'll be easy to get 1ups. FAR easier...

Also.. Why is this under New Super Mario Bros U? lol

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